6 Best Jasmine Scented Candles For Your Home

Opposite of its delicate flower, jasmine is known for its inviting rich, floral, and warm scent. It’s no wonder that many candle makers opt to use it in their candles as jasmine has many aromatherapy benefits, such as an antidepressant and a relaxing aid, making it a great addition to any home for added ambiance. Jasmine-scented candles could even aid in a better night’s sleep!

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There are so many candles out there, many with a focus on jasmine, that it can be a challenge to find the best ones. Not to mention find a candle that looks as gorgeous as it smells. If you’re a jasmine lover, look no further. We searched for the best quality and most distinctive jasmine candles. Check out the best 6 jasmine-scented candles below. 

1. Tom Ford Private Blend Jasmine Rouge

Turn heads in your household with Tom Ford’s stunning spiced floral Private Blend Jasmin Rouge candle. Irresistible, iconic, and luxurious, with an ingredient never used before in perfumery, called jasmine sepals absolute, or Arabian jasmine, this candle is truly one-of-a-kind.

Native to India, the jasmine sepals absolute is obviously in the floral aroma family, but also has an alluring sweet, green, and fruity scent, with rich undertones of honey and tea. It is not as sweet as regular jasmine. 

The scent softens beautifully with Clary Sage, a flowering herb that’s grown native to the Mediterranean Basin, and often used as an essential oil, with dusky, rich notes. Together, these scents mix into a gorgeous aromatic blend that is sure to invite a sensual experience — we think it’s well suited for the bedroom. 

Wherever you put it, make the candle a centerpiece in your home. Encased in a deep brown glass jar, you’ll be able to enjoy this delight for 40 hours of burn time. Made in the UK, this comes in a size 21 oz. Saturated, sensual, and luxurious, Jasmin Rouge unleashes a new experience for the jasmine-lover.

2. Diptyque Jasmin Candle

Lovers of art history, the three founders of the luxury Parisian fragrance company Diptyque set out to create a comprehensive line of synthetic-free fragrances for the home and body. Now a world-renowned perfume house and an iconic candle maker, the company is known for its synthetic-free, powerful, long-lasting fragrances. Their Jasmin Candle is certainly iconic.

If you like sophisticated, elevating, yet powerful scents, give this beauty a try. The Jasmin candle evokes a mood that’s happy and warm, like a tender summer evening in a delicious sunny climate. It sets the scene for any occasion. Your guests will be dying to know what that smell is in your house.

With a fashionably stylish and classic design, wrapped with an oval-shaped, ancient Rome-inspired seal, Diptyque’s candles are smaller than most, weighing at 190 grams, or about 7 ounces. They burn longer than some of the larger ones on the market, and if properly taken care of, such as ensuring that you trim the lead-free wick to the proper length with special wick trimmers and checking that the wick is centered and in the upright position when extinguished, they will burn up to a whopping 60 hours.

You also don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients as Diptyque uses a proprietary blend of wax made from vegetables and pure paraffin, which also ensures that the candles burn evenly. 

3. l’Artisan Parfumeur Souffle De Jasmin

Founder Jean Laporte was named l’Artisan Parfumeur, or the craftsman of fragrance, by perfume enthusiasts after creating his own line of original scents. Since creating his business in 1976, Laporte has been creating minimalist candles to the highest standards, making a memorable scent for any room in the house. 

With tantalizing notes of jasmine, neroli, and tonka beans, l’Artisan’s Souffle De Jasmin is a popular luxury candle that transports you to the luscious South of France with one intoxicating whiff.

Inspired by the intoxicating aromas you’d surround yourself within a blooming field of flowers, this candle is layered with soft jasmine, bright and sparkling orange blossoms, and a faint layer of spicy and sweet tonka beans for extra warmth. 

l’Artisan’s candles have a minimalist design, housed in a glass vessel with the brand’s logo at a small space at the center bottom. The Souffle De Jasmin looks sleek, contemporary, and effortlessly sophisticated. It comes in a size of 250 grams, or about 9 ounces, and if you order it through the l’Artisan website, you could have the jar personally engraved, making for a stunning gift.

4. Cire Trudon Madurai

Exquisite and old-worldly, the Madurai candle by Cire Trudon will give you an addicting taste of the “splendour of Indian jasmine.” The Trudon brand has a long history dating back to 1643 in Paris, and today is known for its unconventional home fragrances, mixing diverse notes to tell stories through scent and design. It wasn’t until 2007 that the Trudon candles were born as “emblematic products,” showing off the masterful skills from candle makers in their Normandy workshop.

Cire Trudon created the eye-catching and charming blue design as a “geographic odyssey,” and spanned the globe to include ingredients in their vegetable wax such as ylang-ylang, as the head notes, sambac jasmine absolute as the heart notes, and benzoin resin as the base. The Madurai candle is sweet and exotic with a touch of warmth. 

You can choose from three different sizes, with the Classic at 9.5 oz., the Intermezzo weighing at 800 grams or a little over 28 oz., and the Great, which weighs a whopping and sturdy 105 oz. The Great burns for over 300 hours, while the Classic can burn between 55-60. Cire Trudon’s candles always burn clean — they don’t produce that soot you commonly find on the side of a recently-lit candle. 

5. Bond No.9 New York Saks For Her

Bond No. 9 is the first New York perfumery to have a woman founder and CEO in an industry that has been long dominated by men. The company has been known to revolutionize the fragrance world, being the first to create a scent collection that pays homage to a city and its hometown, New York City.

The founder, Laurice Rahme, also became the world’s first perfumer to win the 2015 United Nations’ Women for Peace Award for her campaign to spread love and peace internationally through their popular Scent of Peace perfume. 

Everything about Bond No. 9 revolves around a New-York centric concept, from their scent collection to the boutique designs, to the shape and aesthetic of each fragrance and candle. Their Saks For Her scented candle certainly captures the unique essence of New York in a stylish black and white design with a detailed, chic-looking lid. Close the lid when you’re finished burning and your guests can marvel at your sophisticated, high-end home piece that you’ll enjoy looking at too. 

The Saks For Her boasts vibrant and energizing jasmine, as well as sweetly-fragrant tuberose, gardenia, vanilla, and vetiver, an earthy, woody fragrance from perennial grass. Blended, it’s an iconic and memorable scent that really captures the beauty of the jasmine flower and the vibrancy of one of America’s most beloved cities. You can buy this in one size at 6.4 oz and enjoy it anywhere in your home.

6. Halcyon Days Parterre Jasmine Lidded Candle

If you’re looking for a candle that looks as sophisticated as it smells, the Parterre Jasmine Lidded Candle is a fantastic choice. This candle has a delicate jasmine scent that will bring a peaceful, harmonic atmosphere to your home.

It features symmetrical and geometric shapes inspired by the planting of gardens during the French Renaissance of the 15th and early 17th centuries, with gold gilding and in black or gold colors for a simple, classic, French-inspired vibe. It’s made from fine bone china with an eye-catching harlequin pattern and hand-poured in England. 

The Halcyon Days shop first opened in London’s Mayfair in 1950, reviving the lost English artform of enameling on copper 20 years later with the debut of their Enamel keepsake boxes. The boxes feature delicate details done by hand, with hand enameling and hand painting. Today, they are prized by collectors as modern heirlooms. 

Once you’re finished enjoying the royal scent of soft jasmine and it’s empty, store your jewelry or cotton toiletries inside. Protect them from inevitable dust with the gold-accented lid. 

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