8 Amazing Candles That Smell Like A Fireplace

Scented candles come in many different shapes and sizes, and scents. One of the more popular scents for a candle is that of a fireplace. But what are the best scented candles that smell like a fireplace?

A Scented Candle That Smells Like A Fireplace

Scented candles are often associated with sweet or even flowery scents. However, a commonly loved scent, such as that of a fireplace, will always work great in a candle as well.

These types of candles will have a warm, woody, and smoky scent to them that is sure to elevate your home. A warm and cozy scent such as this will always be perfect for any home, especially during the cold winter days.

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Besides just smelling great, they also make for great gifts. Who wouldn’t love to receive such a cozy-smelling candle? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best scented candles with a fireplace-like scent, in no particular order!

1. White Barn Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity

Made with natural, essential oils and soy wax blend, this candle is a comfy addition to any home. The jar’s glossy black finish with a gold font printed clean white label makes this candle not just alluring for its nasal qualities. Use in either summer to recall the winter spent well or during that cold season to make it a little cozier.

Boasting three wicks for more burning power, this 14.5 ounce behemoth is sure to fill any area in your house to the brim with the rich scents of mahogany and oak.

A cologne like odor, this candle mixes together a plethora of woody aromas to create its unique sensation. Besides the rich mahogany and earthy oak scents, teakwood and a hint of lavender are added to give this a full bodied smell.

Perfect to recreate the sensation of curling up in front of a roaring fireplace with a good book or on a soft rug with a loved one, with the Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity candle, any home is a veritable log cabin of smells. The three wicks work to push this aroma out further and further, making your entire abode smelling of deep, rich woods. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

2. NEST New York Hearth Classic

Perfect for a celebration, this candle by NEST New York has a holiday quality to its smell and presence. The boxed packaging recalls a wrapped present with its shiny stripes and symmetrical design. Even the candle’s glass container reminds of joyous winter celebrations with bold lines that expand out at the top, a decoration in and of itself.

The eight ounce product holds a burn time of over fifty hours, sure to last for even the most extended of holiday visits from friends or family. The warm smells will entice at any kind of event, be it a lowkey cookie making hang out or a more classy dinner affair.

The smell itself is enough to sell the candle on its own merits. Formed with premium wax to ensure even and clean burning, this creation will release wafts of frankincense, a subtle note, to add to that holiday feeling in the air. Smoky embers add to the fireplace nature of this concoction and they swirl in the air with the other scents, playfully dancing across the nose as your guests enter your home.

Your party will be the talk of the town after filling it with the Hearth Classic candle by NEST New York. Perfect for recreating a wintery evening in the Big Apple, as well. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

3. Illume Noble Holiday Woodfire

Another list entry that has the decadent days of winter in mind, this creation by Illume is forged with a mix of smells ranging from cedarwood to warm vanilla. Mixing woody and sweet smells to create a uniquely festive experience, this candle from the Noble Holiday collection is just one of many Illume offers to recreate the feeling of those special winter days.

Patchouli leaves are also used in the process, adding an earthy backbone to the candle so as not to overwhelm with sweet and woody smells. With the vanilla and cedarwood firmly supported by the patchouli, this candle is perfect for any winter event.

Offered in both the Demi Tin and Mercury Glass (with burn times of twenty and a hundred and twenty hours, respectively), the Noble Holiday Woodfire candle has options to suit whatever your needs may be. Both charmingly elegant, the tin has a false wood patterned exterior, whereas the glass sports a rich, dark metal look.

Good for gifts ranging in prices between the two options, no matter how much you’re looking to spend, this could be it. A luxury scented candle, Woodfire is sure to bring a little extra special to your man’s bedroom, or the den of your shared home. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

4. Backyard Candles Fireside Soy Wax Candle

A smaller candle company for this list, Backyard Candles is dedicated to continuing to work to protect the natural world. The containers used to hold and ship the candles are all recycled, and the process to make the creations uses only natural ingredients with no additives. Not only is their product built to be zero waste, but they also give back five percent of all profits to organizations dedicated to cleaning up the environment.

Their candles are hand poured in South Windsor, CT and come in sizes of four, five, six, and seven ounces, the last with two wicks. Coconut wax is used, for sustainability, but also to offer a clean even burn.

Even without the ecological conscious business practices from the company that makes it, this candle would be hard to resist. With a top note of saffron, supported by woody aromas like sandalwood, birch, smoke, patchouli, amber, and clove, this little guy packs a big aromatic punch. A complex smell that never overwhelms, it’s easy to pretend you’re aside from a huge burning fire in the sweet outdoors when enjoying this candle.

Offering a twenty hour burn time on the smallest sizes, these creations are both charmingly cute with their coconut shell containers and offer a delectable aroma to fill your abode. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

5. Brooklyn Candle Studio Woodsmoke Minimalist

Not just minimalist in name, this candle is a simple delight. Brooklyn Candle Studio wastes no time in package design, eschewing the look of their product for its olfactory purposes. Still, the simple visual of the candle is quite pleasant, the all-white candle, jar, and label with clean black font makes for a striking image on its own.

Made vegan and cruelty-free, this 7.5 ounce candle has a burn time of fifty hours. Made right here in America in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, this product is perfect to pair with a small display atop a bookshelf or desk, perhaps with plants or curios.

Don’t let the modern design fool you, this candle is full of the woody smells of a nice peaceful evening spent in a cabin somewhere far off into the woods. With elements of leather, incense, labdanum, and cedar leaf, the smoke will fill your home with the subtle aromas of easy days laid up next to a roaring creature with tongues of fire.

The candle certainly recalls the smell of burning wood, but with none of the smoky bitterness. In its place, this creation has fruity notes that come through with the labdanum that work to soothe as well as comfort. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

6. Diptyque Feu De Bois

his little creature comes complete with a hand-blown, green glass container. Offering a burn time of over seventy hours, the Feu de Bois is sure to create an effect of a fiercely powerful monster of wood and fire, which is no coincidence, considering the name translates literally to “wood fire”.

Diptyque is a company that keeps its secrets close at hand, so little is known as to what exactly goes into this candle to make it smell so delightfully of a flaming evening, but one waft and you can be sure that whatever goes into it does its job admirably.

A small store started by a group of friends, Diptyque first opened its doors in 1961. From quirky containers to glassware that could be found nowhere else in the area, they only wanted to display the oddest of little artifacts for the French passerby. Eventually, the store’s distinct flavor of product became so specific, they began to develop products that would fit those needs themselves. Mostly manufacturing goods for homes and businesses like these lovely candles, Diptyque has made a name for themselves the world over for their unique vision of products.

The Feu de Bois is just another addition to the long list of stellar candles and other accouterments offered by this boutique. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

7. Beffermade Fireplace Scent Candle

A completely handmade candle, the Fireplace Scent from Beffermade is sure to add to the homey atmosphere in your place of living. With top notes of smoked woods and base notes of crackling embers and charred woods, this candle completely encapsulates the smells and sensations of raging fire inside the hearth of an old stately home. 

The supportive notes of red berries add a little sweetness to the mix, allowing for something other than wood to shine through in the aroma of this product. With each eight ounce candle boasting a burn time of up to forty hours, these delights can be enjoyed in just about every room of the house.

 Reminiscent of holidays spent with frostbitten noses and cookies being made in the oven, this holiday candle will bring the warmth of spirit you need. The one hundred percent soy wax will burn evenly and longer than alternatives, and make for a richer candle-enjoying experience.

Made in the New Jersey based kitchen of the owner of the store, this is a product where you know your money is going directly to the producer of the item. Because of this homegrown process, the wax color may change slightly from candle to candle, but each is full of brilliant hues and shades. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

8. Hearth And Hand Seasonal Ceramic Fireside Candle

These candles, part of an exclusive collaboration between Magnolia and Target, come in possibly the most charming container on this list. Offered in 6.2 and 15.8 ounce sizes, these candles come in little brown ceramic pots, perfectly suited for the aesthetics of any house, be it cozy or classy.

Buy a few of the smaller sizes to go around the fifteen ounce one to make for a charming centerpiece at your dining room table. Perfect for those days where autumn is turning to winter and a petite chill is in the air or when the winter is beginning to slip away into spring.

The wonderful aromas of fir, wood, and clove will fill your house with these little workers doing the most to diffuse it throughout your abode. A sixteen hour burn time for the smaller sized candles is still plenty to make an impression and the way these little guys spread the good scents, you would think they were three times the size.

Imagine these covering your bookshelves or bedside tables, making for a cozy spot to enjoy a book or just a quiet moment to yourself. The smaller sizes make for perfect stocking stuffers, while the larger ones could be the perfect gift for a candle lover you know. If you’re interested in this candle, you can find it here on Amazon!

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