7 Best Candles With A Woody Scent

Woody scented candles are perfect for the fall and winter season. These products warm up your home and create an inviting and cozy environment in your living spaces. There are many great woody candles to choose from, though, so in this post, we have narrowed down your options. We’ve chosen seven of the best woody scented candles and will review them here. Keep reading to find out which candle is right for you!

The Aroma Of Woody Scented Candles

If you like the smell of a campfire or a roaring fireplace, you should purchase some woody scented candles. Woody candles have all kinds of essential oils and natural ingredients placed in them to help create their warm and rich scent.  

The base of these woody candles is created with earthy tones. They usually consist of some kind of wood or naturally musky plant material. Usually, though, sandalwood, cedarwood, evergreen, or vetiver is used, as these have rich and powerful scents.

Other scented candle products might have hints of citrus or similarly sweet aromas too. You are likely to find tones of lavender, amber, and even pepper as well! There’s an endless range of different combinations.

Woody scented candles often have a smoky and comforting aroma. So, if you are into this kind of scent, you should try out a woody scented candle. We’ll talk more about these candles in the next section of the post. We’ll introduce some of the best products currently on the market.

1. Bath And Body Works Mahogany Teakwood

The first candle we will introduce you to is the Bath and Body Mahogany Teakwood candle. This product has a great woody scent that fills your home completely. The Teakwood candle has three wicks and is a soy-based product, so the wax burns evenly and cleanly whenever it is lit.

Natural essential oils are also used to create the scents found in your candle. Mahogany, black teakwood, and dark oak are the main base of this candle, but a hint of frosted lavender is added to the wax as well. All of these ingredients are combined to create the rich aroma of this woody candle.

You get hours of burn time with the Mahogany Teakwood candle. And, the scent and look of this product generate a relaxing vibe in your home.

2. Byredo Woods Candle

The Byredo Woods candle is on the expensive side. However, if you want to treat yourself to a luxury candle, this is an amazing product! This woody candle from Byredo uses the finest ingredients to create the best aromas and a long-lasting candle.

In particular, the Woods candle uses white cedarwood as a base along with Ambroxan. It also has hints of raspberry, jasmine, and Tuscan leather. The mixture of these scents creates a forest-like atmosphere in your home. Making it so you can enjoy the scents of nature without venturing into the outdoors.

On the whole, if you like luxury candles or want to give someone a luxury candle, this is a great choice. This particular candle burns for up to 60 hours and is handmade in France. It has a lighter scent, but it smells wonderful when it is lit!

3. Jo Malone Incense And Embers Candle

The Jo Malone Incense and Embers candle is a stylish product with a smoky fragrance. The base of this candle is golden amber, white pepper, and vetiver. It also has hints of sweet and earthy silver fir and Nappa leather.

This elegant looking candle will be the perfect touch to your home decor. The Incense and Embers candle also uses a cotton wick and will burn for up to 45 hours. Overall, we would describe this item as a luxury candle with a mysterious and aromatic scent.

Really, the name already suggests that. Incense is, of course, warm and smoky, and embers are, well, embers. The name and scent fit each other perfectly and on top of that, the candle itself looks great as well.

4. Sydney Hale Co Woodsmoke + Amber Candle

Sydney Hale Co Woodsmoke + Amber candle brings the smell of an open fire right into your living room. This American made candle is soy-based and offers up to 50 hours of burn time. It comes in a glass container that can be reused or recycled after you burn all the wax down.

This woody double wick candle is not overpowering, though. It has light tones of wood smoke and amber, done in a light but noticeable manner. In addition, Sydney Hale Co Woodsmoke + Amber is a handcrafted candle.

Its high-quality ingredients are combined to bring you the best possible woody scents. This product is also all-natural and environmentally friendly. The soy is harvested ethically and taken from a renewable source. And this is a cruelty-free item!

Really, though, if you are looking to relax and unwind after a long day at work, this is an ideal woody candle! It will feel like you are warming up to a fire every time you light up this simple but effective candle product!

5. Simple Soy Northern Woods Candle

Simple Soy Northern Woods candles are basic but well-crafted artisan candles. This is probably one of, if not the most affordable candles on this list. Simple Soy is well priced and offers plenty of value to customers, making it a fantastic pick.

These candles are made of 100 percent natural soy wax and are hand-poured. In addition, all Simple Soy candles are placed in glass jar containers that are reusable. These jars are small and compact, but they burn for upwards of 40 hours.

In regards to the aroma, the Northern Woods candle scent has a lovely natural smell. The base of this candle scent is evergreen and woodsy spruce. These two scents combine to bring you right into the heart of a forest!

Really, you cannot go wrong with this candle product. The Northern Woods candle is made from the highest grade essential oils and it has a lead free cotton wick. In short, this candle has a nice clean burn that brings a hefty burst of fragrance into your home!

6. Parks Black Magic Candle

Parks Candles has been in the candle making business for over twenty years. This company is known for its high-quality candle products and they have created some of the purest and most aromatic scents in their candle line. Their Black Magic candle is no exception to this high standard of quality.

The Black Magic candle is fully organic and natural. It is free from soot and has a great woody scent. In particular, Black Magic has hints of cedar and vetiver. It is also mixed with hints of sandalwood and orange to give it the ultimate woody scent with just the right amount of sweetness!

You get great value out of this product, as well! The Black Magic candle can be burned for upwards of 45 hours. The wick is made from cotton but it burns evenly and cleanly!

7. Otherland Kindling Candle

The final candle we will be talking about in this post is the Otherland Kindling candle. This candle offers up to 55 hours of burn time and is made from a mix of soy and coconut wax. This candle is 100 percent natural and organic so you will not get any artificial dyes or chemicals in this candle. And, the smoke that rises from this candle won’t be smoky or sooty either.

In addition, the mixture of ingredients in this product creates a nice organic and woodsy smelling scent. It smells just like a kindling campfire. It has a mix of scents in it that make it smell powerful and rich. The base of this candle includes Alaskan cedar, smoky embers, and incense.

Overall, if you want a strong-smelling candle, with aesthetically pleasing packaging, this candle is a great option for you. It sells for a reasonable price, and is made with the best ingredients!

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