Fragrance Discounters

Fragrance Discounters

A fragrance discounter is an online webshop that sells fragrances for a discounted price. The prices of the fragrances on this site are already a bit lower than you would find in retail, but these discounters usually have a running discount code.

This way, you can purchase the fragrances you like online, while also saving some money. The discounters I recommend are all thoroughly tested and have already sold thousands of fragrances. If you use these discounters to purchase your fragrances, you’re sure to get the real deal.

But, before you actually purchase a fragrance online, you should make sure to test it beforehand. You can go to a store near you and test it over there, or you can purchase a decant of the fragrance, but testing beforehand is probably a good idea. This way, you can avoid purchasing a fragrance you don’t like.

There are many discounters on the web right now, but not all of them sell the real stuff. So make sure you know where you’re buying from. With the discounters below, you’re sure to get the real deal.

Why You Should Use Them

This should be pretty obvious. A discounter will save you quite a bit of money. Over the course of your fragrance-buying life, you’ll probably spend quite a large amount of money on them. By purchasing from these discounters, you will save a large portion of that money.

However, purchasing online is not for everyone. If you’re easily unnerved by online purchases or if you don’t 100% trust these websites, it might be better to just go to a store and purchase your fragrances over there.

But if you’re not in that category, be prepared to purchase your fragrances for much lower prices!

Best Discounters To Save Money


MicroPerfumes is a fantastic place to purchase your fragrances. With a wide selection of both niche and designer fragrances, you’re sure to find the fragrance you like!

With the large selection of fragrances also comes a great shipping policy. With orders above $35, you’ll get free shipping in the United States and you’re fragrances will be delivered in 2-8 days. Do make sure to read the Shipping Policy over at the MicroPerfumes site as well, just to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Even though MicroPerfumes guarantees its products are 100% authentic, there might be a time where you’re not satisfied. Luckily, MicroPerfumes offers a great return policy of 30 days. This does go for the full bottles, but, understandably, this does not go for samples and/or decants.

Overall, MicroPerfumes is a fantastic place to purchase your fragrances for a little cheaper. With a great selection of both designer fragrances and niche fragrances, I’d recommend everyone to give them a try! You can find MicroPerfumes over here!


FragranceNet has a large selection of fragrances. They claim to have over 17.000 brand name products, so there is a good chance you find what you’re looking for.

All of these products are all priced fantastically. The prices are lower than you would find in retail for sure. And to top that, there is often a separate discount code live that you can use to spend even less! You can just Google ‘FragranceNet discount code’ and there is a good chance you’ll save another 30%.

Besides the great selection of products and the fantastic prices, FragranceNet also has great shipping times and nice return policy.

If you order within the United States, you can expect your package to arrive between 2 and 8 business days. You even get free shipping if your order is over $59! But, if you order outside of the United States, it will take a little longer. You can expect your package to arrive between 4 and 15 business days. There also isn’t free international shipping with orders over $59, but they do offer free shipping codes from time to time.

Their return policy is also quite nice. They have a 30-day return policy, meaning you can return your product within 30 days. When you return your product, however, make sure to read their return policy to avoid any mistakes or miscommunication!

If you’re interested in ordering your products from FragranceNet and start saving your money, you can find them over here at!


FragranceX is another fantastic discounter that is a little better for anyone not from the United States. They also have a large selection of fragrances, from the cheaper ones to the more expensive ones.

Their prices are equally fantastic. They offer a generally low price, as well as constant discount codes. They also run sales for certain fragrances every now and then, which can be as high as 80% off. Overall, their prices are fantastic, and paired with their discount codes, they are one of the best discounters.

When you order from FragranceX within the United States, you can expect your package to arrive between 2 and 5 business days. Your shipping costs will also be free from orders higher than $35! Internationally, this will take between 4 and 12 business days. However, there is no free shipping internationally without the application of a free shipping code.

The return policy of FragranceX is just as good as the one from FragranceNet. A nice, 30-day return policy. However, you should always read their return policy on their website to avoid any mistakes.

If you’re interested in ordering your products from FragranceX and start saving your money, you can find them over here!