About Fragrance Today

About Fragrance Today

Fragrance Today is a company that provides people with information about fragrances. This information ranges from general tips to best fragrance recommendations for certain occasions or seasons. With this website, Fragrance Today aims to help as many people as possible with any fragrance related problem, issue, and question.


The domain FragranceToday was bought in December 2018. From the moment this domain was bought, it had a slow start. With only a few updates and new posts every month, it was a slow crawl. However, I was invested in the topic itself and wanted to make it work.

In December 2018, Fragrance Today saw its start and to this day, is build and managed by me, Jasper Pieterse (more about me here!). I’m a Dutchman with a huge passion for fragrances. This first started off with just men’s fragrances, however, over the years, I started to develop an interest in women’s perfumes as well. Nowadays, I’m hugely invested in pretty much everything that smells nice, ranging from fragrances to scented candles.

Fragrance Today first started as a passion project. An outlet to share my findings of the fragrances I tested or purchased. However, only shortly after starting Fragrance Today, I noticed a large number of people visiting. That’s the point from where I decided to take this a little more seriously. Although Fragrance Today is quite young, it has established itself nicely.

However, this didn’t happen overnight. There’ve been many, many hours of work put in Fragrance Today. And this work started to pay off after only a few months. Not only did Fragrance Today reach over 40.000 pageviews a month after only 6 months, but it also gained the attention of some of the largest influencers in the fragrance community. On the 15th of August, YouTube star and influencer, Jeremy Fragrance contacted Fragrance Today and sent his compliments.


The goal of this company is to continue providing the best fragrance-related information possible. Not only will Fragrance Today expand on its categories for men, but it also has made its start in women’s perfumes. Fragrance Today will continue to provide people with the best fragrance-related tips, as well as recommendations to some of the best fragrances.

Fragrance Today is also preparing to share its knowledge of scented candles, as well as how to use fragrances to enhance certain situations. Exciting times are ahead and I hope you will join us on this journey.