12 Best Rose Scented Candles To Light Up

The scent of rose is one we all know and love. And it’s actually very diverse. Rose can take on many different scents, and they work great in scented candles!

With the holiday season coming up, it’s becoming harder and harder to know what to get for the special people in your life. Between the worry of buying something they already have and the worry of getting an item that doesn’t go with their tastes, it can be hard to find the perfect gift. With these twelve candles, the search is over, as any one of these magnificent creations is sure to please even the pickiest of holiday gift receivers.

Rose scented candles are omnipresent in the marketplace, but there is so much room in that category. Beyond the different smells they can be paired with to create unique aromas, different variants of rose can be used to create slightly different smells, each ranging in sweetness or floral aroma.

And even still there’s the process of making them where so many different skills and tools can be used to produce the most different of candles even from the same base ingredients.

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But how do you know that the rose candle you’re buying is of the highest quality, with the best rose-based smell available to you? With these twelve options, there is no cause for concern. Each of these flowery products is guaranteed to light up the smells of even the darkest of rooms.

1. Dual Crossroads Rose Petals

This homemade candle is a perfect addition to anyone who loves the flaming eminants of aroma’s collection. Infused with bits of rose petal, this natural candle is made using soy wax and a coated wick that ensures even burning.

With homeopathic elements that are said to aid in calming and emotional healing and an eight ounce size with a forty hour burn time, this candle soothes as well as enriches. With a look that reminds one of a magical fairy garden and a smell of pure delight, you can’t go wrong with a candle like this.

Made using the finest of organic ingredients, this candle offers an exclusively rose scented smell. The petals used to mix in with the wax give the whole aroma a more natural smell that is long-lasting and permeates any room it is placed in.

Never overwhelmingly sweet, this candle is a great antidote to the more chemical-based rose candles you may find in a general store. Perfect for any room in your home but especially the bedroom or kitchen, these candles are great to place around a table as a centerpiece. They’re sure to make your dinner guests ask where you found such pretty candles.

2. Tom Ford Private Blend Cafe Rose

Tom Ford, a brand known internationally for their classical designs and eye for men’s fashion, is now offering one of their distinct scents in candle form. Private Blend denotes that these aromas are not possible to be found in the same presentation anywhere else, and the Cafe Rose certainly lives up to that reputation.

The candle’s sleek, brown-tinted glass design is charmingly masculine, a quality that candles rarely seek or achieve. A rich, creamy candle with a luxurious forty hour burn time, this candle was inspired by Ford’s journeys into Parisian cafes, full of alluring smells and dark atmosphere.

It is easy to imagine oneself inside one of those little corner bistros as the smoke from the candles wafts up to your nose. Resin, amber, and woods back up the floral aromas emitting from the rose, and tinges of coffee bean can be detected by the most observant of sniffers. Spices add an element of what feels like danger to the candle, while three different species of roses are used to create an entirely unique essence for the product.

Place these in your home office or den to give it the energy of a man (or person) about the world, one who knew that these were the smells of Parisian cafes personally.

3. Sonoma Goods For Life Spa Happiness Peony And Rose

A combination of floral scents that arouse interest in even the least smell-conscious of people, this Peony and Rose candle from Sonoma Goods for Life is an experience unto itself. With a mix of the titular peony and rose with peppermint to give it a little extra sweetness, Sonoma has crafted a wonderful addition to the world of rose-scented products.

As the name suggests, happiness is one of many suggested homeopathic results from smelling this delicious aroma. It is hard to imagine anyone not feeling joy spread across them as they deeply inhale the special fumes from this creation.

A frosted glass case and wooden cork top adorn this candle, while a large white label covers the face of it, imprinted with a soft pink font and drawing of flowers. Holstering three wicks which will release the subtle floral aromas three times as quickly or as powerfully as a single wicked model, this thirteen ounce candle offers a burn time of fifty hours.

Part of Sonoma’s Good For Life series of candles with homeopathic properties like relaxation and optimism, Happiness Peony and Rose raises above the ranks as this line’s star product. Put in your bathroom for a little extra aura of joy.

4. Byredo Burning Rose

Burning Rose is a classy candle, with deep rich scents that support the central floral one, a complex mix that allows for distinct elements to come to the forefront at different times. Rose petals, leather, violet, birch tree, rose absolute, ebony woods… the list goes on and on with the decadent scents Byredo included in this one product.

Let the delicate aromas waft over you as the aromatic fumes fill your head, relaxing and engaging as you chill out next to a candle with a good book. A powdery aroma will make sure your abode stays a peaceful place to be.

A French-based company, Byredo hand blows the glass used to keep their products safe and tight. A dark tinted mason jar with a large white label, this classically designed product has an alluring presence when placed on a shelf or small table.

The cotton wick will burn cleanly and efficiently, releasing the maximum amount of smells into the air to properly ensure you have a fulfilling candle experience. A perfect candle for a gentle spring day with nothing to do but stay at home.

5. Artisane Mademoiselle Rose

A top seller for Artisane, the Mademoiselle Rose candle was inspired by the smells of fresh flower clippings, leading to a gentler and more peaceful rose scent. The Mademoiselle line offers two other varieties of flowers, Jasmine and Tubereuse, but the rose is the most purely reminiscent of the flower that it comes from.

Another addition to this collection that offers the pure aroma of rose with no backing, Mademoiselle Rose will transport the smeller to a world of pure nature, blooming flowers to be discovered around every turn. The roses practically speak to the buyer, making for a truly wonderful experience.

Made with a coconut and soy wax blend that promises a smooth and even burn, this candle is perfect for adorning a spring time cocktail party or outdoor event. Handmade in New York City, this little creature clocks in at eight ounces.

The adorable gold metal tin the candle comes housed in is impressive, but nothing compared to its burn time of over forty five hours. A perfect replacement for a freshly cut bouquet of flowers, this candle will serve the flowers’ aromatic purpose with aplomb. A good gift for the upcoming holidays, or a nice little treat for yourself!

6. Paddywax Statement Rose And Santal

A candle that lives up to its name by making a statement wherever you place it, this unique mix of rose and santal aromas is a full-bodied aroma that is sure to delight. Offered in two sizes, or with both packaged as one, this candle is long burning and has a strong aroma sure to fill even the largest of areas it is placed within.

A company dedicated to providing candles that can be used anywhere to its maximum result, Paddywax uses smartly designed containers that can be recycled into glasses or holding vessels for jewelry or other odds and ends after the candle has burned out.

Statement Rose and Santal combines the aromas of that sweet flower and the rich woody scents of sandalwood to make its intoxicating concoction. The top notes of bergamot, lemon, lime, and nutmeg make for a disarmingly citrusy aroma, backed by a bit of earthy spice. The rose exists entirely in the middle and base notes, using rose geranium and rosewood, respectively.

This gives the candle the sweet backing of the delicate flower, though the smells are brought to the forefront often by backing notes like amber and patchouli. A great fall time candle, this makes a great addition to any dining room or breakfast table.

7. Jo Malone Red Roses

A company founded in London, Jo Malone is known for its take on luxury candles. Red Roses falls right in line with that reputation, a gentle breeze of a smell that will charm and entice. Encased in a world of classy silver and rich frosted glass, this candle would look excellent above your fireplace or inserted as a bit of pop on a dining room table.

A perfect summer candle for relaxing the days away, Red Roses will bring to mind gentle romantic days spent out in the natural world. A perfect gift for the candle lover in your life, make it a surprise for them this holiday season.

Blending seven different varieties of rose to manufacture a rose essence that is impossible to recreate, Red Roses by Jo Malone mixes other natural aromas to give it more of a general garden vibe. Violet leaves and little bits of lemon create this effect, and adding in a more fruit based aroma allow the flowery elements to have a supportive ally to fall back on.

A soothing scent that allows one to slip away into a state of pure relaxation, this seven ounce candle contains a forty five hour burn time. Place it in your kitchen to give it an extra aura of peaceful energy.

8. NEST New York Rose Noir And Oud Classic Candle

The Rose Noir and Oud candle from NEST New York assuredly brings to mind the city that never sleeps, in a decadent packaging that would impress anybody through its clean black box with gold patterns and within, a glass tower with frosted stripes. One is absolutely assured that this candle is going to burn cleanly and evenly as it uses only propriety premium wax. 

The candle contains an over fifty hour burn time locked into its eight ounce product size, meaning this candle is both classy and efficient, sure to keep things smelling sweet for as long as possible. Its flowery aroma extends throughout your abode without ever being overpowering, a rare feat for a candle of this much power.

Incense, black leather, and patchouli keep the backbone of this candle upright as it brings to the forefront the smells of Rose de Mai (a species of hybrid rose produced by Dutch botanists) and oud. Oud is formed from the heartwood of aquilaria that gains a certain mold, fermenting the wood into this powerfully earthy smelling mixture that gives this candle a bit of woody smell all to itself.

It is merely the background for the Rose de Mai, however, a variant designed to be used in perfumes and such fragrant products. The sweet and unique creation of Rose de Mai aroma is sure to make any guests in your home ask where it comes from.

9. Skandinavisk Rosenhave

Offered in two sizes of seven and two and a quarter ounces (with burn times of fifty and twenty hours, respectively) this creation from Swedish company Skandinavisk offers something a little different. Started with the idea in mind to create scents inspired by travels across Scandinavia, Skandinavisk has been operating since 2013.

The Rosenhave candle, made entirely out of recycled material, is one such product, designed with Nordic gardens full of blooming flowers, especially roses, in mind. A rapeseed wax blend with a pure cotton wick guarantees this candle is made with care and love, another part of the Skandinavisk promise.

Alba rose is the species used to make this candle, as it is the most common found in those countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. Elderflowers, geraniums, and blackcurrant buds all are used to provide the backing to the domineering aroma of the rose.

The combination transports the consumer to a garden full of variety, each smell unlocking a new portion of it in the smeller’s mind. Offered in diffuser and hand cream form, the Rosenhave smell is one you will want to carry with you everywhere.

10. Voluspa Rose Otto

Coming in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of needs, this rose-based aromatic creation from Voluspa recently launched a new design option for the jar. Covered in a three-dimensional geometric cube pattern, this pastel pink creature makes for an impressive addition to a mantelpiece or any surface needing an extra splash of color.

This new jar, perfect for being utilized for a new purpose when the candle runs its course, comes in an eighteen-ounce size, boasting one hundred hours of burn time. Handpoured in the United States of America with no animal testing, this is a moral and practical buying decision.

Made using a hybrid species of rose named Rosa Damascena that is primarily used for perfumes or other scented products, Rose Otto also uses the oils of the Bulgarian Rose to create its own blend of the sweet flower’s scent.

A coconut wax blend will ensure this candle burns evenly and for an extended period, making it a perfect addition to your next dinner party. Simply place the candle in the middle of any room to give it the pleasant smells of flowery deliciousness, sure to make even your pickiest of guests come around to the odor of roses.

11. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Love In Paris

As the name implies, this company began as a tea producer before expanding into other scent-based markets. Founded in 1872, this is easily the longest-running company on this list, passed down through five generations of family to still be running today.

The Love in Paris candle keeps its legacy alive by being an impressive candle both in design and aroma. With packaging reminiscent of shipping boxes from decades past, the actual candle is about an ounce in weight, with a clean sharp design that ties it back to the company’s roots. Burning for approximately eighteen to twenty hours, this little guy packs a lot of punch.

Another scent inspired by the aromatic streets of Paris, this candle mixes together the smells of savory chamomile and flowery rose. A romantic candle, this is perfect for when you need a little something extra for a special date night.

Promising to recall to mind nights spent longingly looking into one another’s eyes, Love in Paris is sure to create an atmosphere full of romance and passion. The chamomile soothes while the rose opens one up to a romantic evening. Give these as a gift to your significant other or someone you have a crush on.

12. Shortie’s Candle Company Rose Petals

Offered in sizes from six point five (sixty hour burn time) to sixteen point five (one hundred and ten hours) as well as in tealight form, this candle from Shortie’s Candle Company is an affordable yet still powerfully scented addition to this list. An incredibly soft blend of paraffin petrolatum wax holds a low melt point and high amount of smell diffusions throughout your house or apartment.

Hand-poured right in America, the fragrant oils used to manufacture this product are phthalate, a plastic-based additive, free. With a one hundred percent money back guarantee, these candles are a safe investment in the future of your home smelling great.

A pure scent of just rose, this smell manages to be both subtle and alluring. Get a larger size to make your living room complete, or order a few seats of the tealight variety to adorn your house with.

A holiday party could hardly be more festive than with a dozen or so of these odd creations sprinkled in every corner, lighting up your guests’ faces with joy and rose scented smoke. Give them out as party favors when the night is over to guarantee your party is one they will never forget.

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