Summer Fragrances

Summer Fragrances: My Top Picks For 2019

A very good summer fragrance is a very important piece in your fragrance collection. Summer is a season when, generally, the temperatures are higher than normal. The weather is hot, and for most people, they’ll have their summer break. This leaves room for a wide variety of activities. Therefore, I’ll try to list some that fill a wide variety of roles and are generally really good in the summertime.

If you have trouble finding your summer fragrance, this may help you make the right choice.

What should you look for when finding your summer fragrance?

You might think that any fragrance works well at any time if the year. This is not really true. Some fragrances excel at a certain time of the year or at a certain event or meeting. These are some important things to look (or smell) for when finding your next summer fragrance.

  • A summer fragrance should be a fresh scent. Never go for a very sweet fragrance in the summer. This really doesn’t work.
  • A summer fragrance shouldn’t be offensive and overpowering. You want to go for a delicate, subtle scent that won’t bother anyone who picks it up.
  • A summer fragrance should work really well with your skin. in the summer it is quite common to work up a sweat more easily. You also won’t always be wearing a shirt, like when you go to the beach. That’s why the fragrance should work really well with your skin.
  • A summer fragrance should have a fresh, aquatic vibe to it. These kind of vibes and scents are awesome in the summer.

What is the role of a summer fragrance?

The role of a summer fragrance is quite simple. You want it to smell great, without it being overwhelming. You want it to smell fresh, clean and welcoming.

You know how some people wear really sweet fragrances with hot weather. Those two just don’t go together. The heat and sweetness really clash and it is not pleasant to be around. That is why there are summer fragrances, and that is why you should definitely have at least one in your collection. Their role is to enhance you during the summertime.

Best Fresh Summer Fragrances

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo: 

One of the best summer fragrances, at least in my opinion. This fragrance is one of the most sold fragrances on the market, and with good reason. The scent of this fragrance is just incredible. It is fresh, it is strong, it is masculine. It has it all.

The top notes of Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo are bergamot and aquatic notes. The middle notes are geranium, sage, and rosemary. The base notes are patchouli and incense.

What these notes provide you with is a really fresh, yet strong scent. The opening is very lovely with a strong citrusy dose. This quickly dries down to a fresh, floral scent with a highly masculine vibe. This scent is very good and has a massive appeal factor. You’d be best off wearing this fragrance when you’re dressed a little nicer, as it has a classy masculine vibe. It would also work wonders during the night. Overall, one of the best summer fragrances with a mass appealing and masculine scent.

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Creed Virgin Island Water: This fragrance is a tropical island in a bottle. The scent of this fragrance is fruity, fresh, tropical, and relaxing. The inspiration behind this fragrance is actually the tropical islands in the Bahamas. Safe to say that it is definitely noticeable.

The top notes of Creed Virgin Island Water are Sicilian white bergamot, Jamaican lime, and Sicilian mandarin. The middle notes are hibiscus, ylang ylang, and Indian jasmine. The base notes are tonkin musk and tropical wood.

These notes provide you with a fantastically tropical fragrance. It opens fresh and fruity with a nice coconut vibe. It is almost reminiscent of pina coladas and mojitos. The dry down then proceeds to add some sweet floral notes that stay quite fresh. Then, you start getting some more tropical goodness. This time in the form of woods. Overall, this fragrance is the perfect tropical fragrance with a nice, summery scent.

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Versace Man Eau Fraiche: This is a very easy to wear summer fragrance. The scent is very safe, yet very pleasant. It has a nice, aquatic-like scent while still being strong and noticeable. It has the same vibe around it as you would find near a seaside beach.

The top notes of Versace Man Eau Fraiche are star fruit, lemon, cardamom, rosewood, and bergamot. The middle notes are tarragon, pepper, cedar, and sage. The base notes are woody notes, musk, saffron, amber, and sycamore.

These notes provide you with a very fresh, citrusy opening, while also having this aquatic feel to it. When this fragrance starts to dry down, you start getting a soft edge of spices. Notes like pepper are starting to become noticeable. You also start getting a slight woody touch, along with a salty touch of the musk. This enhances the aquatic, seaside scent even more. The added saltiness and spiciness creates an interesting fragrance with a safe, easy to wear scent.

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Best Sweet Summer Fragrances

Rasasi Hawas: This fragrance is a very sweet, fruity fragrance without it being too offensive. Actually, this fragrance has a perfect balance between being sweet and fresh. A sweet summer fragrance like this is perfect for younger guys or men dressed casually.

The top notes of Rasasi Hawas are cinnamon, apple, bergamot, and lemon. The middle notes are plum, cardamom, watery notes, and orange blossom. The base notes are musk, driftwood, patchouli, and ambergris.

As you can see in the notes, the sweetness is mostly coming from fruity notes. Things like apple, plum, and patchouli can provide a nice sweet dose. This also makes it so the fragrance isn’t overpowering or cloyingly sweet. It makes it just perfect for the summer, as it has a fresh sweetness. Besides the fruity notes, you can also see aquatic notes and driftwood. These give it that extra summery splash by giving it a cooling, watery touch. Overall, this is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the summer.

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Coach For Men: This fragrance is basically the softer version of Dior Sauvage. This softer version makes it much more wearable during the summer. Instead of the sharp edge you see in Dior Sauvage, you get a much softer touch, while still having a great, crowd-pleasing scent.

The top notes of Coach For Men are green nashi, bergamot, and kumquat. The middle notes are cardamom, coriander, and geranium. The base notes are vetiver, suede, and ambergris.

The opening if this fragrance is very fresh. This freshness is the staple throughout this fragrance’s lifetime. When it starts to dry down, you start to get the florals and spices. These give the fragrance this edge I was talking about. So instead of a truly fresh fragrance, you get a fresh fragrance with a spicy edge. This gives it more of a personality. Overall, this fragrance has an extremely crowd-pleasing scent. There is hardly anyone who won’t like this fragrance and it would be a great one to wear during the summer.

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Creed Millesime Imperial: 

This fragrance is a different take on a summer fragrance. This time, you get a fruity, sweet fragrance with a salty mix. This creates an interesting and unique fragrance which actually works amazingly during the summer.

The top notes of Creed Millesime Imperial are bergamot, green mandarin, and lemon. The middle note is iris. The base notes are sandalwood. amber, and musk.

These notes provide you with this sweet, fruity, salty fragrance. The opening is extremely fresh and fruity. Due to the citrusy notes used in the opening, you get a very fresh opening. The iris as middle note adds a sweet touch to this fresh, citrusy opening. Now, you’re left with a fruity, sweet scent. In the base notes, you can see the note of musk. This provides the fragrance with the salty vibe. There is also sandalwood and amber. These notes give the fragrance a strong scent without altering the fruity, salty mix. Overall, a fantastic summer fragrance with a unique scent.

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Other Great Summer Fragrances

Creed Aventus: This fragrance is an overall all-star. Creed Aventus works in basically any situation imaginable. It has such a versatile scent with a fantastic performance, that this fragrance is wearable in any situation.

The top notes of Creed Aventus are bergamot, apple, pineapple, and blackcurrant. The middle notes are birch, rose, jasmine, and patchouli. The base notes are vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and ambergris.

These notes provide you with an incredibly nice and fresh, fruity opening. This fresh, fruity scent then dries down to a woody, masculine scent with an incredible, sweet touch of vanilla and musk. The combination of all these notes creates such a masculine, long-lasting fragrance with a very distinguishable scent. Because of the fresh opening and the woody, masculine dry down, you can wear this fragrance during the summer without a problem.

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Prada l’Homme: This fragrance has a very clean, soapy scent to it, which works perfectly during the warmer days. This soapy scent has quite the luxurious vibe around it, making it smell rich and clean.

The top notes of Prada l’Homme are neroli, carrot seeds, cardamom, and black pepper. The middle notes are geranium, iris, mate, and violet. The base notes are sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, and patchouli.

The opening of this fragrance is really nice and fresh. This then dries down to the floral scent, which actually has this soapy, clean, luxurious scent to it. The dry down is also very nice and fresh, thanks to the woods and the patchouli. The amber in this fragrance gives the scent a bit of power and strength. Overall, these notes create a fantastic fragrance to wear during the summer. The clean and safe scent is perfect for warm weather and is also great to wear to the office.

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Versace Dylan Blue: 

Versace Dylan Blue is just like Creed Aventus a very versatile fragrance. The scent of this fragrance is very safe and pleasant and it can be worn all year long. But, it works especially well during the summer. This is thanks to the freshness in this fragrance.

The top notes of Versace Dylan Blue are Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit, fig leaves, and aquatic notes. The middle notes are violet leaves, black pepper, papyrus woods, ambrox, and patchouli. The base notes are mineral musk, tonka bean, saffron, and incense.

These notes provide you with a very nice and pleasant scent. The opening is very fresh and aquatic. This is thanks to the citrus notes, as well as the aquatic notes. After a little while, you’ll start to get a very slight powdery sweetness, coming from the iris. Besides that, you also get a peppery edge, along with some noticeable woods. This aquatic, citrusy scent gets enhanced by the musk in there and stays quite linear from there. Overall, this is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the summer.

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