Fragrance Decants

Fragrance Decants

Fragrance decants are a wonderful thing. They are the perfect way to save a little money when purchasing your fragrances.

A fragrance decant is basically a small bottle that is filled up with a fragrance. When you purchase a fragrance decant, you can expect to get a glass bottle which isn’t the same as an original, full-sized bottle. Instead, you get a different glass bottle, but the fragrance inside is the exact same.

A fragrance decant seller has lots of glass atomizer bottles. He also has a bottle of the fragrance he sells decants of. Usually, these decant sellers purchase the largest bottles available, as they have a lower cost per spray. You can see this when you look at the difference between a 50ml bottle and a 100ml bottle. Usually, the difference in price is very, even when you get double the amount of the fragrance.

So these sellers purchase the largest bottles available to keep their costs lower. They then fill their smaller glass bottles with the fragrance from the original bottle. This way, you get multiple spray bottles of a certain fragrance. They then proceed to sell these.

Fragrance decants are probably the best way to try out new fragrances. Instead of having to purchase a full-sized bottle, which can be quite pricey for just testing out a fragrance, you can purchase a decant. These decants come in multiple different sizes. Some commonly used sizes are 5ml, 10ml, and even 30ml. Now, you can purchase these decants, try out the fragrance, see how you like it, see how it works with your skin, and see how others like it.

Another big benefit of these decants is the price. Because the seller has lower costs, thanks to the larger bottles, he can also sell the decants for a little less. This way, you pay less for a fragrance while still getting the original fragrance.

Which Fragrances Are Best To Purchase As Decants

Fragrance decants are great for the more expensive fragrances. These expensive fragrances are usually from niche houses, and they don’t lower their prices that often, nor do they have discounts going on.

So instead of purchasing a large, expensive bottle, you can go for a smaller, cheaper bottle of the same fragrance. Instead of purchasing a 100ml bottle, go for a 10ml, see how you like it. You can even go for a bunch of 10ml bottles, this will often safe you money as well.

As I said, the best fragrances to purchase these decants from are from the more expensive fragrance houses. Think houses like Creed or the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection.

Of course, you can also purchase decants from the more affordable fragrances. They are still a fantastic way to test out the fragrance while saving a little money. But there is a line. Purchasing decants of inexpensive fragrances might not be worth it.

What Is The Best Place To Purchase Fragrance Decants

Fragrance decants are sold in many, many places. You can find multiple individual sellers on platforms like eBay or any other online marketplace. You can find them in Facebook groups, and some are even found on Amazon.

The main benefit of a large number of sellers is that there is a very good chance you find what you’re looking for. Someone on the web must have the fragrance you’re interested in. However, with a large number of sellers comes a large number of fake sellers. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing your fragrance decants from shady sellers on the web. If you want to purchase them, go with a well-known seller with lots of positive reviews.

However, there are also companies that exclusively sell fragrance decants. There are multiple websites that sell these fragrance decants and are well-known to be reliable and provide the real deal.

One of those companies that I use is called The Fragrance Decant Boutique. This company has a large selection of fragrances to choose from. They have fragrances from the more mainstream brands like Dior or Chanel, but they also have quite a few of the more expensive houses, like Creed and Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection.

Overall, this is a fantastic company with lots of great deals. They have pretty fast shipping, multiple different sizes, ranging from as small as 2ml to as large as 30ml, as well as a ‘reward spray system’. This system rewards you with sprays after every purchase. You can later redeem these sprays for various discounts!

If you wish to purchase decants, you can find them over here!