Fragrance Decants

Fragrance Decants

Fragrance decants are a wonderful thing. They are the perfect way to try out different fragrances or save a little money when purchasing your fragrances.

A fragrance decant is basically a small bottle that is filled up with a fragrance. When you purchase a fragrance decant, you can expect to get a glass vial filled up with your fragrance of choice. These bottles do look different from the actual bottle of the fragrance, but the juice itself is the exact same!

Below, I’ll go over some of my favorite places to purchase your decants. All are great and you can’t really go wrong with any of them!

The Fragrance Decant Boutique

The Fragrance Decant Boutique is my personal favorite place to purchase my decants. The Fragrance Decant Boutique is a shop that sells decants of pretty much every fragrance imaginable.

Seriously, with the sheer number of fragrances they carry, there will hardly be a time where you cannot find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a decant of a high-end niche fragrance, a designer fragrance, or a simple cheapy that you want to try out, chances are The Fragrance Decant Boutique will be able to provide it to you!

Overall, this is an amazing place to purchase your decants. They ship high-quality bottles with authentic fragrances. You’ll also be able to choose from many different sizes, ranging from 2ml all the way to 30ml or more.

Lastly, The Fragrance Decant Boutique utilizes a ‘Reward Spray’ system. With this system, you’ll receive ‘sprays’ with every purchase. These ‘sprays’ can later be redeemed for various discounts.

In short, The Fragrance Decant Boutique will be able to handle all your needs. If you’re in need of decants, this would be an amazing place to purchase them. You can find them by following this link here!

Fragrances Line

Fragrances Line is a fantastic place to get decants of all the newly released fragrances. Pretty much every new high-end fragrance will be featured on the Fragrances Line website, making it a great place to get your hands on these newer releases.

What makes this especially great is the fact that most of these newer releases are often not yet on discounters or other decant sites. Being able to get decants of them so quickly is a huge plus.

Fragrances Line also offers a large selection of high-end niche fragrances. Brand ranging from Nasomatto, to Roja Parfums, to Initio Parfums.

If you’re looking for high-quality decants of niche fragrances, Fragrances Line is an amazing place to go. You can find them by following this link here!


If you’re wanting to try out a bunch of different fragrances, MicroPerfumes might be your best bet. MicroPerfumes offers a large selection of fragrances in small little bottles.

The smallest bottle size of a MicroPerfumes decant (or rather sample in this case) is 0.75ml. This is the equivalent of around 8 to 10 sprays, giving you a good 2 to 3 wearings.

However, they also offer 5ml decants, as well as full bottles, so these can be bought here as well!

The great thing about MicroPerfumes is that you can order a bunch of these smaller bottles and try out a large number of fragrances for a very low price. And they also carry many different brands, ranging from Tom Ford to Paco Rabanne to Frederic Malle and Creed.

MicroPerfumes is another great place to get your samples or smaller decants from. You can find them by following this link here!

How Do Fragrance Decants Save You Money

A decant is nothing more than a small bottle filled up with the original fragrance. However, sometimes it seems as if the price of a decant is much, much lower than that of the original fragrance, even if they’re the same size. How does that work?

It’s actually quite simple. A decant seller purchases the largest bottle available and decants that bottle into the smaller ones. This way, he gets the lowest cost per ml. In other words, he gets the cheapest version of the fragrance possible, which he can then pass on to you.

For example, a 100ml bottle of Creed Aventus costs $435,- according to the Creed Boutique website. If we calculate the price per ml, you’ll get $4,35 per ml.

However, a 1000ml bottle of Creed Aventus costs $1600 according to the Creed Boutique website. If we calculate the price per ml of this bottle, you’ll get a price per ml of only $1,60.

This is almost three times cheaper. So, you see now how a decanter is able to provide the decants for a much lower price. Even if the price at first seems too good to be true.

You also see this in stores as well. A 100ml bottle is only a little bit more expensive than a 100ml bottle, even though it’s twice the size. The larger the bottle, the cheaper the fragrance will be.

Why Purchase Fragrance Decants

Fragrance decants are probably the best way to try out new fragrances. Instead of having to purchase a full-sized bottle, which can be quite pricey for just testing out a fragrance, you can purchase a decant.

These decants come in multiple different sizes. Some commonly used sizes are 5ml, 10ml, and even 30ml. Now, you can purchase these decants, try out the fragrance, see how you like it, see how it works with your skin, and see how others like it before committing to a full-sized bottle.

Which Fragrances Are Best To Purchase As Decants

Fragrance decants are great for the more expensive fragrances. These expensive fragrances are usually from niche houses, and they don’t lower their prices that often, nor do they have discounts going on.

So instead of purchasing a large, expensive bottle, you can go for a smaller, cheaper bottle of the same fragrance. Instead of purchasing a 100ml bottle, go for a 10ml, see how you like it. You can even go for a bunch of 10ml bottles, this will often save you money as well.

Of course, you can also purchase decants of the more affordable fragrances. They are still a fantastic way to test out the fragrance while saving a little money.