8 Best Lavender Scented Candles For Your Home

The scent of lavender offers a relaxing, soothing alternative to the smells of your house. The flowery, sweet aroma works to make any guest feel right at home. With these eight candles, it will be easy to create the environment of casual familiarity you want around you.

The candles included in this list range from simple delights to complex, full-bodied aromas. Some have lavender as the dominant scent, while others use it in support of others, such as sea salt or even the smell of old books.

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Each candle represented is unique and offers its own qualities as well as those necessary for a lavender candle. No matter what your fragrance needs are, there is a candle here to fit them.

1. Paddywax The Lavender + Thyme Candle

This simple folksy candle comes sealed in a mason jar for a little extra boost to your rustic aesthetic. The bright purple color of the wax and the old-fashioned charm of the twine used to hold the label give the candle’s appearance a down-home, Southern energy.

Lovingly crafted and hand-poured in the United States of America, this little candle hails from Nashville where every step is done by a human being, from the making of the wax to the labeling of the jar. At Paddywax they use exclusively natural ingredients, mixing lavender with the earthy herb smell of thyme, exuding a natural scent that is sure to delight. 

The two odors combine into something greater than the sum of their parts, offering a deceptively simple aroma that manages to manufacture an environment that feels entirely natural, as if one found themselves in a field of lavender and thyme.

Offered in two sizes of small and medium, Paddywax’s candles make for a perfect relaxed casual setting, whether that’s a charming log cabin for you and your sweetheart or a gathering of friends in a homespun setting. It’s a gentle candle that doesn’t need to be the star of the show, but put front and center, makes a room’s smell and its own.

With a gentle breeze wafting the smell of flowers and herbs around your guests, what event could go wrong?

2. Chesapeake Bay Reflection + Clarity Candle

Here’s one that offers something a little different than your typical lavender candle. This piece by Chesapeake Bay is part of their Mind & Body series which works to create an aromatic atmosphere that heals and enriches one’s self.

Here, the homeopathic elements are to help with peaceful thoughts, allowing for a more pointed sense of perspective and clearer consideration. The natural essential oils contained in the candle are what give off this effect as well as make for a soft, soothing scent.

The smell of this candle is created using a mix of eucalyptus, lavender, and sea salt which pool together to create an aquatic scent that still offers connections to the world of flora. Inspired by Maryland’s coast, Chesapeake Bay set out to create a candle that would capture the specific memories the creators had of that stretch of shoreline.

Designed and poured in the USA, this candle is perfect for a luxurious beach house or anyone who wants to foster that kind of energy in their own home. The design of the candle is elegant as well, with a smokey finish and clean wood top. Holding a burn time of approximately fifty hours, the Reflection + Clarity candle will fill your home with the smell of a sweet sea for a while to come.

3. Emanate Essentials Lavender Fields Crystal Bliss Candle

The only candle on this list with a prize inside, Emanate Essentials makes candles with crystals inserted in, simply remove the crystal once the wax frees it for a new little rock for your collection. Amethyst and Rose Quartz are just two of the many gems that can be found inside this product.

The candles themselves are beautiful, both aesthetically and aromatically, with carefully designed ingredients to make a candle that belongs in a magical world. These long-lasting candles are perfect for anyone who feels a connection to the more mystical parts of the world; it isn’t hard to imagine a fairy gently sitting on the rim of this wax and gem creation.

The smell itself is just as magical. The lavender creates an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation, while also releasing a smell that encourages expression. Made with coconut wax in Massachusetts, this candle burns smooth and long. Offered in both four and eight ounces, these little candles are perfect decoration for your child’s fantasy-themed party or just to add a little extra magic in your life.

Emanate Essentials is a small batch company, meaning you aren’t just supporting some faceless corporation. Each purchase directly supports this business and makes it possible for them to continue making these sweet-smelling, magical candles.

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Soy Candle

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, a company named after the founder’s mother, is dedicated to providing natural smelling cleaners and candles that are just as powerful as the chemical-based ones. They accomplish this with aplomb, each of their scents is both earthly natural while still packing the punch to clean out even the strongest of enemy odors.

Lavender remains the gold standard, and this candle will waft the sweet aroma throughout your home with ease. Coming in two sizes, with a twenty-five-hour burn and a thirty-five one respectively, the candles are all made of natural ingredients, ranging from soy wax to cottonseed.

The lavender scent is created with a blend of many ingredients, but an experienced sniffer may notice hints of mint in the top notes of this candle. This essence is a practical scent, useful in all kinds of scenarios, from a relaxed dinner party to trying to air your house out. The smell is powerful enough to expunge any unwanted odors but subtle enough to not overpower a guest who walks in.

The simple packaging of a clean, recycled mason jar and shiny black top recall a simpler time of product marketing, with a clear label advertising the natural making process and lovely flowery scent. Promising no animal testing and a plethora of natural ingredients, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day candles are a humane, value-conscious choice.

5. Wax And Oils Lavender Holiday Cookies

A perfect odor for the coming holiday season, this sugary scent plays on the nose like a cookie smell should. The top note of lavender here is supported by cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean, creating an aroma that is sure to remind you of a childhood spent baking sugar cookies and waiting anxiously for gifts to be opened.

A small eight or sixteen-ounce candle, these are perfect to get a handful of to decorate for a holiday party or give out as stocking stuffers. Its festive packaging recalls a snowy evening, one best spent cuddled up smelling the sweet aroma of lavender supported by other holiday scents.

A family-owned business started in 2014, Wax and Oil are local to Sterling, Vermont. A business with a conscience, all the package is one hundred percent recycled material, with foam inserts being sixty-five percent. No harmful additives are included to make sure you receive the best candle possible, not just in terms of appearance and scent, but for your health.

They aren’t just good for the world, they’re delightfully aromatic. This sweet cookie smoke will bring a smile to the face of any guest in your house lucky enough to inhale a little bit of these holiday delights.

6. WoodWick Lavender Spa

Another candle that holds the classic pairing of eucalyptus and lavender, this design from WoodWick is specifically manufactured to recreate the peaceful feeling and aroma of being in a spa. With lavender as top, middle, and base note, it is supported throughout with cedar, rosemary, green leaves, and the previously mentioned eucalyptus.

The overarching lavender scent works to soothe as the supportive players create an atmosphere a little more complex than your typical lavender candle. Offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, WoodWick has the version to suit your exact needs. The clear glass with a small, smart label makes a professional and classy look for this candle.

The perfect candle for the bathroom, the Lavender Spa is a soothing aroma that manages to relax with nothing more than a calm scent. While many other lavender candles offer relaxing properties, the WoodWick has a sensation like no other, allowing for a peaceful environment to almost seem impossible to break.

Used by spa professionals the world over, WoodWick is a subsidiary of Yankee Candle that offers a slightly more upscale version of that product, but don’t let the connection mislead you. These candles are hard to match in terms of recreating the spa experience and will relax you like few others do.

7. Fly Paper Products The Library

Easily the most unusual candle on the list, The Library is a unique product that boasts the ability to turn any room into one full of books, or at least one that smells like it is. Sold on the Etsy shop of Fly Paper Products, this homemade candle mixes lavender and eucalyptus with other scents to create the smell of the library of your childhood.

Made with soy wax to burn longer, these eleven-ounce candles offer a burn time of ninety hours. Hand-poured with love, this candle is perfect for the literary friend in your life or to light while you lay in bed with a favorite book.

The clean white text on a black background makes the item a perfect fit on a bookshelf or desk as well. Its simple design allows it to blend in without getting lost, and the sweet and earthy smell of books is to die for.

A rich scent that never gets overwhelming, Fly Paper Products has crafted a product that has a calming effect as well as a delightful aroma. The receipt comes as an old library card for a little bit of extra fun.

The shop offers a range of literary scents, from The Philosopher to Book Lover. Whether you’re a bibliophile or just looking for the perfect gift for the special one in your life, this is the candle to get.

8. Levitate Lavender Bouquet

Our final candle on the list, here we have a simple but very enjoyable addition to the ranks of lavender-scented candles. With a purple frosted glass container and folksy wooden top, the packaging is charming with a similarly whimsical stamp-like label.

A hand-poured soy blend, Lavender Bouquet offers supportive notes of chamomile and warm tonka that collaborate into a beautifully gentle aroma. They swirl around the air like floral dancers, transforming your home into a gentle garden and transfixing any guests with a disarmingly sweet aroma. Each player has an equal part in the dance, save lavender, the clear star of the show.

It’s not hard to imagine yourself frolicking through a field of wildflowers while sipping on this sweet scent, even from the comfort of the most removed from nature living rooms. Levitate is a company dedicated to making the best floral aroma tones possible, and the Lavender Bouquet may be their best candle yet.

It’s subtle without being noticeable, a perfect companion to a lazy day around the house. Put it in a room after cleaning to give it a warm, healthy smell, or stick it next to your bed for a little extra sleep aid. You’ll be sure to drift off with ease. Just make sure you put it out before actually falling asleep!

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