Are Creed Fragrances Worth The High Price?

Creed fragrances are highly popular, mainly because of their amazing scent. However, they do have a high price tag.

Are Creed fragrances worth the high price? Creed fragrances are of high quality with amazing scents. This does reflect in the price. The high price has to be worth it to the buyer. If not, the buyer might be better off with something else.

But should you spend so much money on Creed fragrances? There might be some better options.

What Makes Creed Fragrances So Expensive

Creed is one of the many houses that makes fragrances. However, Creed fragrances are made mostly by hand. They weigh their ingredients by hand, they mix them by hand, and they macerate them by hand. They do this because they want to keep up the tradition. See, Creed was created in 1760 and has been passed down from father to son ever since then. Therefore, they want to keep the tradition and the original spirit alive.

After all the ingredients are weighed and mixed, they all go through Creed’s unique infusion process. Here is where the magic happens and where the actual fragrance is created.

Furthermore, fragrances created by Creed have a whole story behind them. If you want to read more about that, I suggest you take a look at another article I wrote: ‘The 16 Best Creed Fragrances For Men‘. In there, I go into full detail about Creed fragrances, explaining the notes and the backstory.

But besides the backstory and the unique infusion process, Creed also uses high-quality ingredients. As you can imagine, these cost more. That is why the price will be higher than most fragrances that are used with lower quality ingredients.

What this all comes down to is this. Creed uses high-quality materials, weighed an mixed by hand, and then put them through a unique infusion process. These ingredients all represent an inspiring backstory. For example, one about the exploring of the Vikings, one of the success and power if Napoleon, and many more.

Is The High Price Worth It To You

When asking the question ‘is a fragrance worth it’, the main thing to find out is if the fragrance is worth it to you. A $300 dollar fragrance might be the best one on the market, but $300 is a lot of money. There are definitely other great fragrances that cost way less.

So take a good look at what you want. Do you just really want that bottle of a Creed fragrance, and are you prepared to spend quite a bit of money, or are you fine with the fact that you’ll just wear other great fragrances? Make sure that that is clear for yourself.

If we look at Creed fragrance quality-wise, they are surely worth it. Great quality fragrances with the most amazing scents. If every fragrance would be priced the same, these are the ones you should get. However, all fragrances are not priced the same. Some are of higher quality, making the price go up. Others are hyped up because of a well-known brand, and the prices go up.

Just make sure you have a clear vision of what you’re actually buying and if it is worth it to you.

A Great Way To Get Creed Fragrances For Cheap

You might have come to the conclusion that around $300 is a bit too much for a fragrance. Luckily for you, there are some great ways to get your hands on the real fragrance, while paying much less. The way to do this is to buy fragrance decants.

A fragrance decant is a small bottle filled up with the original fragrance. These decants are not sold by the companies of the fragrance, but rather by individual sellers or websites dedicated to decants.

Fragrance decants are usually small bottles from around 3ml anywhere to 30ml. They can be sold for pretty cheap prices. The way these sellers can sell them pretty cheap is as following.

The larger the bottle you purchase, the lower the cost per spray will be. For example, a 100ml bottle of Creed Viking costs $495. A 250ml bottle of Creed Viking costs $820. The price per ml of the 100ml bottle will be $4,95. The price per ml for the 250ml bottle will be $3,28. This is a pretty big difference.

These decant sellers purchase the larger bottles, so they have a lower cost per ml. They then divide those large bottles into multiple smaller ones. Then, they can sell these smaller bottles for cheap, allowing the buyers to get the fragrance for a more reasonable price, while still making a profit.

If you’re interested in purchasing these decants, you can look for them on eBay or on websites dedicated to selling fragrance decants. To find some of the best places to purchase these decants, and save some money, you can check out this article I wrote over here!

Purchasing decants instead of the full bottle is an amazing way to get your hands on the original, while paying way less!

What Are Some Great Clones Of The Popular Creed Fragrances

We talked about decants of Creed fragrances. However, those are still pretty expensive compared to other fragrances. Even though you’re only paying like $30 to $50 for a decant, you can actually get a whole bottle of a different fragrance for that money.

Instead, you might want to buy these clones of Creed fragrances. These clones are not replacements of the original Creed fragrances, but more like alternatives. They are much more affordable with a similar scent.

Creed Aventus

Let’s start off with the most popular Creed fragrance. Creed Aventus gained so much popularity over the last few years and this fragrance is probably the reason why Creed is such a popular brand right now.

As for a clone for this fragrance, the best one at the moment is Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man. This fragrance is almost the exact same as Creed Aventus, the only real difference is the first few minutes, which can come off a little stronger. The opening does have the same fruity notes, though, and the dry down is almost the exact same. This is truly a great alternative for Creed Aventus

If you’re interested in more Creed Aventus clones, I wrote another article called: ‘What Are The Best Creed Aventus Clones‘.

Creed Green Irish Tweed

This is another very popular fragrance from the house of Creed. It has been around for a very long time now and it has always been able to stand its ground.

A great clone or alternative for this fragrance is Armaf Tres Nuit. Another Armaf fragrance that is very similar to a Creed fragrance. Armaf Tres Nuit is almost the exact same as Creed Green Irish Tweed. So much so, that there is no need to look for any other clone of Green Irish Tweed.

Creed Original Santal

Creed Original Santal is a spicy, woody fragrance. It works amazingly in the colder seasons because of the warmth it projects.

The clone for Original Santal isn’t actually a clone. This fragrance was created before Original Santal. It actually looks like Creed created their own version of the alternative. The alternative being Montblanc Individuel.

These two fragrances are so similar. They are both amazing. The only difference is the price. Creeds version is so much more expensive that you might be better off with Montblanc Individuel.

Creed Royal Oud

Creed Royal Oud is a fantastic take on the oud fragrances. The fragrance has a sort of Western vibe to it which is really great.

A clone for Creed Royal Oud is Lomani Black Intense. This is a very inexpensive fragrance with a striking similarity to Creed Royal Oud. For the price of Lomani Black Intense, it is almost worth it to try it out regardless.

Be Careful When You Buy Creed Fragrances

Creed fragrances are very popular and many people want some of those fragrances. Luckily for us, there are many people who can provide us with Creed fragrances for a bit more affordable price. Sadly, there are also many people who sell fake fragrances.

I recommend that when you purchase a Creed fragrance online, you do your research. Look up the website you’re purchasing from. Look up the seller on eBay. Whatever you need to do to verify you have a reliable seller.

Especially with the high prices of Creed fragrances, it would be devastating to buy a fake one.

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