10 Best Candles With A Scent Of Vanilla

The smell of vanilla is one that recalls back memories of the sweet and savory smells of a kitchen full of baking. Its gentle aroma wafts over you as you reminisce about the taste of your mother’s best baked good. With any one of these ten candles, you can revive and relive these memories any time your heart desires.

Each of these candles has a main scent of vanilla, but they are all unique, each pairing it with supportive notes to make a unique olfactory experience for each consumer. The candles on this list range from small delights to place in your bathroom or kitchen to elaborate constructions that would make a lovely centerpiece for your living or bed room.

Almost all are lovingly handcrafted in the USA, and you can tell in their elegant designs and packaging. Their smells are powerful without being overbearing and have long lasting burns. Vanilla is an odor designed to comfort and you can be sure that each of these selections will fill your abode with a lovely atmosphere that soothes and relaxes. It may be hard to get your guests to leave after these candles have done their job!

1. Le Labo Santal 26

Le Labo always makes a classy candle. The Santal 26 is no exception, with its petite design and thick glass exterior for the tumbler the product comes in, this personable candle is perfect for a study or den. Imagine the room of your choice filled with a leathery, sweet scent that relaxes as well as enriches.

At 8.6 ounces, it’s hardly the biggest candle on the list, but it more than makes up for that in smell power. An enticing aroma made up of full-bodied scents, Sandal 26 is also available in cologne, diffusers, and scented journals. But the candle remains supreme.

Le Labo is a French company that hand pours their candles in Mississippi. Dedicated to creating scents that are made personally, they currently offer a selection of over eighteen distinct smells. Sandal 26 may just be their best, however, mixing vanilla and sandalwood with more secretive ingredients to create a blend that can’t be found anywhere else.

Each note dances across the smeller’s nose, creating an experience they are sure to remember. Made of soy wax with pure cotton wicks, this is a candle built to please and be enjoyed. Simply light the flame and lay down to relax over this soothing smokey air.

2. CANDLOVE Vanilla Bourbon

This design, made by CANDLOVE, is one for the rustic candle lover in your life. The shop offers a variety of options, with choices to sort candles by color, size, smell, and appropriate season for usage. The Vanilla Bourbon candle refuses to be categorized by this last group, however: it’s a perfect candle for summer and spring with its vanilla sweetness, while also being a strong contender for a fall or winter aroma considering the bourbon base notes.

A versatile candle sure to make any audience swoon, simply place the Vanilla Bourbon at the centerpiece of your next event. It is sure to be the talk of the evening.

Woody, fruity, and musky in the background, this candle works to create an aura that cannot be matched. Gentle without being unassuming, the vanilla creates a soothing atmosphere that the bourbon punctuates without taking over the smell entirely.

Full of subtle aromas to aid in these two powerhouses, this soy wax candle was carefully hand-poured in the United States, in Tennessee at CANDLOVE’s official plant. A sixteen-ounce candle, the lovely pink hue enclosed in a simple mason jar is unassuming yet alluring. With a wide variety of smells and colors, CANDLOVE is a business for every candle lover.

3. Byredo Bohemia

One of the most prestigious candle makers included in these ranks, Byredo is a company that makes a fancy candle for a fancy consumer. The Bohemia candle from this company is one such elegant creation, sporting a classy black exterior. Its sleek design using mouth-blown glass and a smart white label makes this candle unmistakable for any other.

Handmade in France with the best wax available and cotton wicks, this candle is known for having a long-lasting burn, going for sixty hours with a size of 8.4 ounces. It is not only a beautiful choice, but a wise one as well.

The Bohemia is a classy candle, with deep rich scents that support the central vanilla. Opopanax, rum, geranium, sandalwood, rosemary, moss, labdanum… the list goes on and on with the decadent scents Byredo included in this one product.

It smells like a magic garden, impossibly full of beautiful scents and aromas. You can almost picture the flowers if you close your eyes and breath in deep, savoring every last bit of earthy goodness. All the while, there’s this sweet aroma of vanilla present as well. It is hard to resist and easy to let yourself go with this scent. Picture yourself lounging by a heated pool or cozy reading nook as these smells waft around you.

4. Craft And Kin Vanilla Bean

Part of their series of white frosted glass candles that also include Lavender and Eucalyptus or Oakmoss and Leather Noir, this vanilla bean containing scent is sure to intrigue and impress.

Easy to love, Craft and Kin make these with only the finest essential oils which create a more powerful and longer-lasting smell. The Vanilla Bean is sweet without being sickeningly so and has a real earthy sense of belonging to the natural world. Made with natural soy wax, this clean-burning candle is perfect for the entryway into your house. There are few better ways to greet a guest than with the intoxicating, relaxing smell from this candle.

Its adorably simple design is part of its charm as well. The previously mentioned frosted glass creates an almost magical effect, and the gold embossed logo feels like something you might find in a queen’s candle collection.

Craft and Kin’s mission is to fill your home with objects you can love, and the Vanilla Bean candle is certainly one of those. A gentle and sensitive creature, this candle makes for a perfect gift for the fancy lady in your life or to add a little extra class to your living circumstances. Sure to fill any room with sweet air, you can’t go wrong with a candle like this.

5. Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille

Inspired by the London Gentlemen’s Clubs, Tom Ford created this scent as both a candle and unisex cologne. The tobacco and vanilla, seemingly aromas that would be at odds with each other, mix together into something akin to a battle of smells: but with you as the victor.

These two dominant odors are supported by notes of tonka bean, cacao, dry fruit accords and wood sap which create a woody aura perfect for a variety of circumstances, be it a professional home office or rustic log cabin. Each waft one gets of this compelling and alluring scent plunges one deeper into the world of British gentlemen, full of hushed up doings and barbed pleasantries exchanged over tea.

With its dark brown glass encapsulation and smart, square design, the Private Blend Tobacco Vanille is a beauty to behold not just through the nostrils. Ford’s eye for design is not squandered here, making the packaging just as much a selling point as the aroma.

A smartly designed candle is almost as important as a good smelling one. Offering a forty hour burn time, Private Blend Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is a candle that will not disappoint. If you’re at a loss as to what to get for the man you know with no candle opinions, here the pick for you. He’ll have some after this.

6. La Jolie MUSE Soy Vanilla Coconut

The only candle on this list that offers aromatherapy, the Soy Vanilla Coconut candle by La Jolie MUSE is a charming little creature that will delight even the hardest to please of house guests. A 6.5 ounce beast with a charming white container overlaid in gold plant pattern, this little charmer is sure to impress.

With a burn time of at least forty hours, thanks to the natural soy wax, this candle contains a lot in a small package. This, once again, goes to show to quality of this product. Its a long burning, yet compact candle that just goes on and on.

This is all without mentioning how lovely the candle’s smell itself actually is. By pairing two sweet scents together, La Jolie MUSE has created something that feels as if it was handed down from the heavens to delight your nose.

The coconut and vanilla pool together wonderfully, like two animals at play. Supported by tonka bean and balsam bourbon, this candle is a devilishly decadent delight. Place it in the room in your house that causes you the most stress and watch it drift away to be replaced with odors of sweet vanilla and gentle coconut.

7. Voluspa Santal Vanille

Boasting a fancier take on the classic vanilla candle, this offering from Voluspa lives up to the claim. The packaging certainly does so, Santal Vanille comes in a glossy white jar imprinted with seashell designs. The label is a glossy black with gold lettering, promising a coconut wax blend from the company established in 1999.

It’s an elegant design, but the strongest elements of this candle aren’t in its appearance. The 18-ounce bottle holds a hundred-hour burn time, sure to last for even the longest of your candle needs. And the smell is one you want to keep around, to be sure.

Another candle with two primary scents, here vanilla and its compatriot santal don’t so much as do battle or play together as they do merge into one being. The scents fuse together in this candle to create a singular aroma that is much more than the sum of its parts.

The sweet vanilla is weighed down in some ways by the woody santal, but it is not to either’s detriment. Rather, both soar on each other’s wings, a team of beautiful smells. A perfect present for the special someone in your life with a plethora of vanilla candles looking for one that will scratch that same itch while also offering something fairly different.

8. Diptyque Vanille

Diptyque, a boutique started by three passionate friends, began in 1961 with one mission: they wanted to sell the oddest and most desirable of curios. From Indian incense burners to carefully designed sugar holders, the business flourished throughout the decades, to the point where they began developing their own products.

Keeping that original spirit in mind, the candles and home decor they created were unique and fascinating, with their vanilla candle being no exception to this rule. Contained in a simple glass design, this product is simple yet delightful, with a seven-ounce size that boasts sixty hours of burn time.

The simplicity of a pure vanilla-scented candle may seem a little boring after the more extravagant nose flavors elsewhere on this list, but a simple smell can have a big effect when done right. Made using black vanilla pods that must be waited on patiently for months to produce their powerful scent, this candle is a pure vanilla odor that never tires.

The natural process releases the smell from these powerful natural beans in a way that you can use to spice up your house’s smell prowess. Never worry again about your house having a dull scent when two or three of these little powerhouses can clear that up in a matter of minutes.

9. Bond No.9 Nuits De NoHo

A candle dedicated to reproducing the smells native to New York City, Nuits de NoHo created by Bond No. 9 is a candle unto itself. Offered as both a perfume and body silk, Nuits de NoHo has notes of jasmine and sheer patchouli as well as the classic creamy vanilla.

While it may seem hard to believe that these sweet odors can make one recall days and nights spent in NYC, Bond No. 9 seemingly makes the impossible happen. A scent both obscure and alluring, Nuits de NoHo’s name suggests everything about it: a powerful combination of French sensibilities with New York City knowhow.

The deep midnight blue of both the packaging and the candle itself is evocative of a dreamy New York sky. The gold lid and label are reminiscent of New York sewer lids, making for a cheeky reference to a part of the city one would never want to smell like.

A sixty-hour burn time for a 6.4 ounce container is nothing to sneeze at, and the smell that pillows out of each little candle is enough to fill a few rooms in anyone’s homestead, no matter the size. Perfect for a homesick New Yorker or anyone who wants to be reminded of the city that never sleeps.

10. Frères Branchiaux Vanilla Spice

A candle designed to bring to mind memories of a loved one baking, this scent mixes vanilla with cinnamon to create the unmistakable aroma of cooking. Clove, buttermilk, sugar, and cream are all supportive additional scents to add to the effect of someone making cookies or a cake for a special event.

A nostalgic candle for old deserts eaten and memories made, this is a great present for the baker you know. Alternatively, keep it for yourself and keep it in the kitchen to give the appearance of constant baking (even if you never are).

A candle made entirely with vegan ingredients and testing procedure, Frères Branchiaux offers it in two sizes, four and eight ounces, with fifteen to twenty-five hours and twenty-five to forty and up for burning times respectively. With a reused and recycled glass jar, this vanilla spice candle not only looks smart, but it’s also made using sustainable practices that will ensure a brighter future. And it smells great!

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