7 Best Cinnamon Scented Candles

Spread the warm fragrance of cozy, autumnal bliss in your home with the perfect cinnamon-scented candle. One of these 7 best cinnamon candles may be your new favorite!

The Scent And Atmosphere A Cinnamon-Scented Candle Gives Off

Nothing heralds the coming of chilly weather better than the scent of cinnamon–why else would every holiday beverage and meal be laced so generously with this sweet, aromatic bark? From cinnamon-spiced breakfast oatmeal, to cinnamon-peppered latte, to cinnamon-infused chocolates and cinnamon-infused roasts–just a whiff of the stuff is enough to transport anyone to the holiday season!

However, not everyone has the time to whip up their own cinnamon-infused feast, which is why the simplest way to spread the warm fragrance of cozy, autumnal bliss is by lighting one of these 7 cinnamon candles.

Usually, cinnamon gives off a wonderful aroma that smells both sweet and a little spicy. The scent of cinnamon is always connected to the cozier, colder seasons, and rightfully so.

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When lighting a cinnamon-based candle, you can expect a wonderful, cozy aroma that sets a beautiful mood in your house. Whether you’re home alone and looking for a comforting scent or you’re having guests over and looking to set the mood, a cinnamon candle will always be amazing. Below are listed 7 amazing cinnamon-scented candles, in no particular order!

1. WoodWick Candles Cinnamon Chai Hourglass Candle

Our best memories of autumn may just be sitting near a warm fireplace, sharing drinks and laughter with loved ones. This Cinnamon Chai candle by Woodwick candles may be able to let you relive those memories and make new ones, even if you don’t have a fireplace of your own.

The Cinnamon Chai candles use Pluswick® Innovation wooden wicks that pop and crackle when lit, much like a fireplace, but with much less firewood. This charming feature is what makes the Woodwick Cinnamon Chai candle stand out, and its pleasant cinnamon and vanilla-scented soy and paraffin wax mix is an easy favorite for cinnamon lovers. 

The Woodwick Cinnamon Chai candle comes in three different sizes: medium hourglass, large hourglass, and ellipse, which burn up to 65 hours, 120 hours, and 40 hours respectively.

2. Colonial Candles Cinnamon Bark M. Baker Scented Jar Candle

Transport yourself into the old world with this vintage-style M. Baker Cinnamon Bark Scented Jar candle. Known for making scented candles since 1909, you can be sure M. Baker brings you only good stuff: a meticulous blend of fragrances containing cinnamon bark, allspice, and a cheeky little hint of orange zest, using only essential oils from natural botanicals.

This ensures a scent that has the perfect balance between the warm spices and a little sweetness from the orange. Spices and a sweet touch of fruits is a proven combination that never fails to amaze.

Not to mention it comes in a striking red apothecary jar to complete that old world charm. It not only smells good, but looks good as well. The flickering flame against the red glass is an instant mood-setter and looks great on its own as a decorative feature. Its cotton wick is embedded in a soy wax blend and burns for approximately 60 hours.

3. P.F. Candle Co. Smoky Cinnamon Soy Candle

Lovingly created by P.F. Candle Co., this Smoky Cinnamon Soy candle is an immediate holiday staple for eco-friendly cinnamon fans. It is made with 100% vegan soy wax, and is mixed with aromatic bitter orange, cinnamon, and patchouli–a blend that brings a cozy, smoky scent.

The mixture is also free of parabens and phthalates, and is guaranteed to have never been tested on animals. It also has a cotton core wick that burns approximately 40-50 hours.

Eco-lovers will also love its recyclable and/or reusable, apothecary-style amber glass jar complete with a brass lid. It is completely recyclable, and plastic-free, so you can keep the fragrant jar even long after you’re done with the candle.

And on top of that, the actual scent itself is also wonderful! Hints of rich and warm cinnamon, paired with a slightly sweet touch of patchouli make for a truly fantastic scent to light on a cold winter night.

4. Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple

The Yankee Sugared Cinnamon Apple candle is a universally loved scented candle, made up of fresh vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, apple, cinnamon cider, and sugar. All these ingredients come together and create what some might see as the best cinnamon scented candle.

In addition to a wonderful scent, this candle is made with Paraffin Wax and will burn for a whopping 110-150 hours. Safe to say you will be enjoying this wonderful scent for a long time.

As you might expect, the actual scent of this candle is almost apple pie-like. You’ll get hints of fresh apple, paired with cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. This leaves you with a fruity, cozy, gourmand scent, perfect for any cold fall or winter night.

5. Jackpot Candles Cinnamon Bun

Lovers of both fine jewelry and cinnamon-scented candles can now enjoy these two passions simultaneously with this Cinnamon Bun scented candle by Jackpot Candles. It is made with a non-toxic soy wax and has a wooden wick in the middle, and once lit will make any room smell like the stickiest, gooey-est of cinnamon rolls.

Made with a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla, the tempting cinnamon roll scent serves as a happy distraction from the fact that there is a surprise waiting deep within the candle itself.

After you enjoy the candle and drool over its cinnamon bun scent, there will be a small, foil pouch waiting at the bottom of the glass jar: a surprise ring that can be worth anywhere between $15-$5,000!

This ring candle not only smells incredible but also leaves you with an added extra. This makes it not only great to purchase for yourself, but also makes this a fantastic gift for a loved one. Just imagine receiving a wonderful candle, only to find out it has a ring buried in it as well!

6. Village Candle Red Hot Cinnamon

Village Candle Red Hot Cinnamon is a wonderful scented candle with a soft, yet noticeable scent of pure cinnamon. Really, this candle smells pretty much like actual cinnamon. There are some other notes added to this candle, such as allspice and vanilla, but these aren’t too noticeable.

However, that’s what makes this candle so great. This one is for true cinnamon lovers! For the people who are looking for a wonderful, cozy, and warm scent of pure cinnamon.

This candle is made with Paraffin Wax and is colored red. The candle itself comes in a nice glass jar, and paired with the color of the wax, makes for a rather good-looking addition to any home.

7. Burning Magnolia Co. Apple Cinnamon

Everybody loves a warm apple pie, but for everyone’s health, we can’t be gorging one down for every meal. Enter Burning Magnolia Co., with its Apple Cinnamon scented candle. It comes in a simple, unassuming glass jar and premium soy wax mix, but packs a nostalgic wallop of baked apple aroma with its green apple scent mixed with hot cinnamon and clove oils. On second thought, your grocery list might actually see an uptick of apple pie after lighting this candle.

Lovingly created in St. Louis, every Burning Magnolia Co., candle is made in small batches, using all-natural wicks that don’t contain lead, and uses no artificial dyes. Burning Magnolia Co., operates primarily on Etsy and even offers personalized calligraphy for their candle labels.

Overall, this candle would be a great addition to anyone’s home. It smells amazing, looks great, and definitely knows how to set a mood.

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