8 Best Ring Candles (Top Picks For 2022)

When you are shopping for candles, there is a range of products you can choose from. Different scents, looks, and materials are used in candles. The combination of these elements makes for a great smelling item that enhances your home. Still, if you are looking for something extra special, there is one type of candle you should consider buying.

Ring candles can be the perfect present for a loved one. You can also get one of these candles for yourself! We’ll talk more about ring candles throughout this post and we’ll discuss some of the best ones out there!

What Are Ring Candles

Ring candles are like normal candles, but they come with a special surprise inside them. In the wax of these candles, there is a ring buried. You light the candle and when enough wax is burned away you will find a beautiful ring.

The price of these rings usually ranges from fifteen dollars to as high as five-thousand dollars. There are even some companies that offer rings that are up to ten-thousand dollars in value. In addition, the type of ring you can get will be a surprise, as well. The style and gem encrusted into your jewelry can differ depending on the candle you choose.

Most people will not find a five-thousand-dollar ring inside their candle. Still, lighting this candle to find a ring is an easy and inexpensive way to have fun. And luckily, you can get your ring candle in several varieties!

Some ring candles are made with soy wax. Other ring candles are made with paraffin and coconut wax. Ring candles are also made in several different scents and colors. You can even get wooden wicks in your ring candle. The options with these candles are limitless. This is what makes them such great products and gifts!

Besides being a great gift for a loved one, a ring candle is also just a great addition to your home. Most ring candles are scented with the most beautiful scents that will truly lift up your home. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best ring candles you can choose from!

1. Beach Bum Ring Candle

The Beach Bum Ring Candle is the first product we will be talking about. This candle is made by Jewelry Candles and offers some great ring options. The ring found in this particular candle can be priced at anywhere from 15 dollars to 7500 dollars.

This is a great price range that really gives you a return on your money. The size of the ring can be chosen, as well. Ring size ranges from 5 to 11. You can even get other types of jewelry in your candle if you want something different. 

In terms of the candle itself, this is a 21-ounce vegan candle. The scent of Beach Bum has orange, jasmine, and ocean scents. Since this candle is so big it can take some time to see the ring. But other than this, the Beach Bum Candle is a great choice.

2. Cinnamon Bun Jackpot Candle

Jackpot Candles is another popular company that makes ring candles. This particular candle is made with a wooden wick and has the scent of a cinnamon bun.

Really, these wood wick ring candles are a great way to relax. Not only do they give off amazing scents, but they also have a very soothing crackle to them. If you want to know more about woodwick candles and why they crackle, you can read this article here!

You get a nice fireplace crackle as you light up your sweet-smelling purchase. And when you are done with your candle, you get a nice ring! The ring in the Jackpot Candle is valued at 15 dollars all the way up to 5000 dollars. You can also get your ring in sizes 6 through 9.

The candle itself is 15 ounces and made from soy. It burns clean and long because of the wooden wick and high-quality wax.

3. JewelScent Jasmine Flower

JewelScent ring candles are great products made with high-quality ingredients. The JewelScent is 100 percent natural and hand-crafted with coconut wax. This Jasmine scented candle is also floral yet musky. And, it comes in a 10 ounce to 18-ounce candle size.

The rings from JewelScent range from 20 dollars all the way up to 7500 dollars. This particular ring also comes in a purple color. You can get this ring from size 6 through 10, as well.

Overall, JewelScent Jasmine Flower is a great ring candle with a lovely ring and an equally lovely scent.

4. Secret And Scents Blueberry Cheesecake Soy Ring Candle

The next candle we will talk about offers exceptional quality! If you want a candle that has a potent scent and burns for hours and hours, the Secret and Scents candle is a great choice.

The company that makes this product claims that you can burn this candle for up to 150 hours, which is an insanely long burn time. And alongside a long burn time is a stunning, sweet scent of, well, blueberry and cheesecake.

With such a long burn time, it can definitely take a long time to get to your ring with this candle. But the ring is priced at 10 dollars all the way up to 5000 dollars, making it well worth it! And it comes in sizes 6 through 9.

5. Kate Bisset Sheer Lilac

Kate Bisset’s Sheer Lilac candle is made from coconut wax and comes with a cotton wick. This 22-ounce candle burns well with up to 120 hours of use. It also has a light but fragrant scent that is pleasing to many buyers.

You can choose other scents, as well, but the lilac is particularly popular. Lilac has a fresh and aromatic scent that, just like most scented candles, appears a little smoother and waxier. This makes the scent slightly less aromatic, but also more pleasant and soothing.

In terms of the ring, the candle has a size 5 to 10 ring buried in the wax. It comes in a pink color and has a price range of 25 dollars all the way up to 7500 dollars.

6. To Me Your Perfect Candle And Bubble Bar Set

If you are looking for an extra relaxing candle set, the To Me You’re Perfect candle is a great buy. This candle has hints of lavender, peach, pineapple, and sandalwood. It is also made with coconut wax and comes with a bubble bar. These two items are the perfect way to treat yourself after a long day!

This 12-ounce candle is small, but the ring inside is made with gold. The cheaper rings are dipped in rose gold, while the more expensive ones have more gold. A ring size of 9 is the only size option, though.

Still, this makes for a fantastic ring candle, especially if you have the fitting ring size.

7. Fragrant Jewels Birthstone Candle

Fragrant Jewels Birthstone Candle is a great birthday present. This candle comes in 12 different scents and has 12 different rings options. These candles each correspond with a month of the year and their birthstone.

At ten ounces, this coconut wax candle is not that big. But the value and variety of this product are great! The rings come in size 5 through ten and are valued from 10 dollars up to 10,000 dollars. There are tons of colors for the rings as well. They match up with the birthstone of the month you picked.

In addition, on the Fragrant Jewels website, you can also get your candle bundled with a bath bomb.

8. Ice N Fire Sweet Pea

The final ring candle on our list is the Ice N Fire Sweet Pea candle. This ring candle is made from soy wax and has an extra scent infused into it. It has a floral scent mixed in violets, apples, and musk.

The great thing about this candle is that you get up to sixty percent more fragrance than you would with other candle products. So, if you like strong smelling candles, this is a great option. And, the sweet pea scent smells clean and fresh!

The Ice N Fire candle ring comes with a ring in sizes 5 through 10. There are also four potential ring styles you could end up getting. The rings themselves are valued at up to 5000 dollars, as well. They are made from silver and come with either pink, topaz, or clear gems.

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