6 Best Coconut Scented Candles For Your Home

The fresh scent of coconut is always a nice addition to your home. With its tropical and creamy scent, they never fail to amaze. But what are the best coconut scented candles?

The Aroma Of Coconut Scented Candles

When you think off a scented candle, chances are you think of a candle that smells like vanilla or a certain flower. However, there are so many more amazing scented candles out there! One example, a coconut scented candle.

The scent of a coconut candle can be described as tropical and relaxing, as well as sweet and creamy. Many coconut candles use a combination of coconut and soy wax to enhance their smell. In addition, coconut essential oil is poured into the wax to really bring out a powerful coconut scent.

A coconut-scented candle adds a nice summer vibe to your home. This is not to say that these candles are only great for the summer, as these candles are perfect for any time of the year!

Coconut candles often bring out scents associated with the beach and tropical weather. So, as you can imagine, sitting down and breathing in a coconut candle can be extremely relaxing! 

And oftentimes, other scents are paired with coconut candles as well. These additional scents can range from fruity to floral, to anything else. You can find pineapple, lime, vanilla, certain florals, and many other scents combined with a coconut candle. This creates a toasty and fresh fragrance in your home!

1. Yankee Candle Coconut Beach

The first coconut candle we will talk about comes from the famous candle making company Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle is known around the world for its strong scented candles. And, with their Coconut Beach candle, you can expect to get your money’s worth!

Coconut Beach is made of paraffin wax and burns for upwards of 150 hours. The original jar is 22 oz and will last buyers for a substantial amount of time. This cotton wick candle is made from natural materials and smells great.

This candle gives off a warm and sweet aroma. Coconut beach has a base of coconut but also has hints of blossom, musk, and vanilla. Pineapple and salty air scents top off this candle. Really, the mixture of this candle brings you right to the beach!

2. Chesapeake Bay Sea Salt Coconut Candle

The next coconut candle on our list is the Chesapeake Bay Sea Salt Coconut candle. This product does not burn as long as a Yankee candle, but it does give off a more pure scent of coconut.

If you are looking for a more simple aroma without a ton of different scents, this is a good option. Chesapeake Bay Sea Salt Coconut candles are made with pure coconut essential oil and they have a light hint of sea salt in there as well. These are light but fragrant three-wick candles that come in multiple sizes.

These candles also come in frosted jars. So, they look quite nice when they are lit in your home. In addition, the cotton wick of these soy candles is self-trimming. So, you won’t have to worry about trimming the wick yourself!

3. Urban Concepts Island Coconut Candle

Urban Concepts Island Coconut candle is another well-priced candle that will bring a great coconut scent into your living spaces. This is a smaller candle that packs a powerful punch. Urban Concept candles are highly fragranced with essential oil, so if you like stronger candles, we definitely recommend this product.

The Island Coconut candle is only 6.7 oz. But, it comes in a nice glass jar and is covered with a thick cork lid. These candles are made with soy wax and contain a cotton wick. The wick can get a little smoky if you make the flame too hot.

But overall, for the price, this is a worthwhile coconut candle. It looks stylish and trendy and its fragrance can fill your entire house!

4. Aromascape Coconut And Berry Candle

Aromascape Coconut and Berry candle is an eco-friendly product with a fruity scent. The Aromascape is made by the Chesapeake Bay candle company. It is also manufactured in the United States and uses organic materials and ingredients. This soy-based candle is crafted with essential oils and has a few different aroma hints within it.

The base of the Aromascape is a coconut base, of course, but a berry scent also heavily features in this candle. In the mix, you also have amber, tonka bean, and sandalwood. This creates a headier, heavier, and creamier coconut smell.

In addition, you get between 60 and 80 hours of burn time with this larger candle. And, when you are finished with it, you can recycle every part of this product. Aromascape Coconut and Berry Candle is another great coconut candle product you should consider purchasing!

The design of this two wick candle is simple but minimalistic. You can even give this candle away as a gift! Most likely, though, you will want to keep the Coconut and Berry candle displayed in your own home!

5. Woodwick Island Coconut Candle

WoodWick Island Coconut candle is a wood wick candle with a nice creamy coconut scent. This product has a wooden wick and helps bring ultimate relaxation and comfort to any room it is placed in. The crackling sounds of this candle are perfect for destressing and these dancing ambient flames will remind you of an open bonfire.

In truth, this ellipse candle is a popular candle product. It comes in a large glass container that looks great. In addition, the circular ellipse shape of the candle holder helps create a more even burn and creates a nice visual in your home.

Paraffin and soy waxes are combined to enhance and prolong the burn time of your candle. You get up to 50 hours of burn time with this particular item!

In regards to the scent, the Island Coconut candle mixes two main base scents together. Essential oils are used and combined. You have a rich coconut scent which is then blended in with a juicy pineapple scent. This fragrant mixture is tropical and pleasing to the senses.

WoodWick candles are some of the best wood wick candles you can get on the market. The price is great and you can get these candles in a lot of different sizes.

6. Coconut Bowls Coconut Soy Candles

The final coconut candle we will talk about comes from a company called Coconut Bowls. Coconut Bowls are dedicated to using 100 percent natural ingredients and materials in their candles and other products. They are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly.

For this particular candle, though, they have poured coconut soy wax into an actual coconut. The coconut shell creates a nice and relaxing aesthetic. The shape and look of the coconuts also add to the comforting aroma of this candle.

The main scent of this candle is a tropical coconut fragrance. Natural essential oils are used in this product and create a strong scent. However, you can also get this coconut candle mixed with other scents as well.

On their website, Coconut Bowls offers tropical fruit hints with coconut and even lime with coconut. So if you want to mix up your coconut candle aroma try out one of their alternative mixed coconut fragrances.

Finally, a wooden wick is used for this product, as well. So you will hear nice ambient crackling sounds every time you light your coconut shell up. This handcrafted product burns for up to 45 hours. So, you will get plenty of use out of your coconut bowl candle.

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