Fragrance One Date For Men, A Complete Review

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Fragrance One might be one of the most polarizing fragrance brands out there. Since this is the brand of popular YouTuber Jeremy Fragrance, people tend to give negative comments on the fragrance without even trying it. Are these negative comments justifiable or not? Here’s a full review of Fragrance One Date For Men!

The Brand Of Fragrance One

The brand of Fragrance One is the brand of the popular fragrance YouTuber and influencer Jeremy Fragrance. Ever since 2014, Jeremy has poured a lot of time into the world of fragrances. Spending countless hours trying out different fragrances, smelling fragrance oils, and, of course, making reviews and other fragrance videos for his YouTube channel, Jeremy truly knows a thing or two and it became a true passion of his.

For me, fragrances started being associated with simply easily improving yourself and finding your signature style. When understanding that I dedicate most of my life to this goal I felt the inspiration to leave something extraordinary with this pleasant intriguing scent venture.

Of course, starting his own fragrance brand didn’t happen immediately. In the years prior, Jeremy shared his knowledge through many videos, posted on his YouTube channel. After 4 years of reviewing thousands of fragrances, Jeremy decided it was time to put another venture into motion.

In 2018, Jeremy Fragrance announced that he has started a Kickstarter campaign for the creation of his own fragrance brand, called Fragrance One. This was received with encouragement and it raised a large sum of money. At this moment, Fragrance One was born.

The goal of Fragrance One is to create fragrances that excel in certain situations. For example, the first fragrance, Office For Men, was designed to make you smell like a true CEO and to be the perfect fragrance for in the office. The second fragrance, Date For Men, is designed to be the perfect date fragrance for men. This is a new and unique angle to fragrance creation, and ultimately, will save you some time, as there is no longer a need to go through your collection, figuring out which fragrance to wear.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a nice fragrance collection. Fragrance One fragrances just make it a little easier to pick which one to wear.

The Perfumer Behind Fragrance One Date For Men

AS everybody knowns, Jeremy Fragrance is the face of Fragrance One. However, he himself does not actually create the fragrances. Fragrances are made by perfumers, experts in the field of fragrance creation. Although there are many different perfumers, Fragrance One has the honor to work with one of the best-known, most well-respected perfumer, Alberto Morillas.

Alberto Morillas is a Spanish perfumer, known for creating some of the best fragrance on the market. The immensely popular fragrance CK One and the best-sold men’s fragrance Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio are only a few examples of Alberto’s crafts.

Ultimately, though, Jeremy does decide the direction of the fragrance, and Alberto creates it. With Fragrance One Date For Men, the idea is to create the perfect date fragrance for men. This means it needs to be seductive, alluring, and overall a pleasing fragrance.

The Packaging And Presentation Of Fragrance One

Fragrance One currently utilizes a simple, yet sleek bottle design. However, this was not always the case. With the first fragrance of this brand, Office For Men, the bottle was a bit different. Firstly, it came in a square, transparent bottle. Secondly, it came in the same bottle as it comes now, but that was also transparent. Now, all Fragrance One fragrances come in this black, oval bottle.

This bottle design is almost finalized. The only thing that’s left to be changed is the cap, which is planned to be black as well. As I said, the bottle design, as well as the box, are very simple, yet they do look somewhat elegant.

Overall, the bottle itself looks very modern and will fit in nicely in almost any place you decide to store it. However, the thing I like the most about this bottle is that it will look very cool when you have multiple fragrances of this brand. Since all their fragrances will come in this bottle design, you’ll have a row of different fragrances, all in a uniform bottle. This will have a very clean and classy look.

Of course, Jeremy Fragrance can change the bottle design whenever, and however he likes, but I believe this design to be final.

Another important factor about the bottle is the atomizer. he atomizer is the sprayer of the bottle. With Fragrance One Date For Men, you get a really good atomizer, guaranteeing you an even distribution with the appropriate amount of fragrance.

How Does Fragrance One Date For Men Actually Smell

The most important part of a fragrance, is, of course, the scent itself. The bottle can be the best bottle possible, with the best atomizer, but if the fragrance inside is not good, there is no point in purchasing. However, with Fragrance One Date For Men, I can say that the scent itself is great. It has a fruity, sweet scent with a seductive, attractive vibe around it.

In order to best understand the scent of a fragrance, it is important to know the notes of the fragrance. The top notes of Fragrance One Date For Men are mandarin, bergamot, lemon, artemisia, and cardamom. The middle notes are ambrox, extreme woods, and juniper berries. The base notes are musk, patchouli, oud essence, and vetiver.

How Fragrance One describes Date For Men:

The fruity opening of Date is the flintiness on a date, the laugh and smile, the rich mids through patchouli and cardamom brings the seduction, then we have the immortally masculine oud, and super seductive vetiver.

Fragrance One Date For Men opens with an incredibly sweet and strong scent of fruits. This opening is, in my opinion, a little too strong, but luckily, it settles down quickly after. Still, though, you do get a very sweet scent of multiple fruits. This creates a somewhat mysterious scent, which is perfect for a date, as you’ll immediately leave a great impression.

When this fragrance starts to dry down a bit, you can notice the more masculine notes. You can get some spicy notes of cardamom, as well as some masculine notes of vetiver and patchouli. These notes add a new layer of seductiveness to the fragrance. They even add to the mysteriousness, as these spicy, more masculine notes clash with the flirty, fruity notes. And this is what makes Fragrance One Date For Men so well in a dating situation. When you’re wearing this, you’ll come across as a sophisticated man, who also smells like he is in for some fun. It’s a great combination!

One of the notes listed in this fragrance is the note of oud. Although it is listed, and it surely helps make the fragrance what it is, I personally can’t really pick up on an oud scent.

Overall, this fragrance smells great, however, it is a bit linear. Even though I just described the changes in this fragrance, form the fruity opening, to the clash with the base notes, most of these things happen quite quickly. You can either say this is a bad thing, but I think it works better for this fragrance. The opening on its own isn’t too great, as it is overly fruity. However, the addition of the other notes creates a true masterpiece, perfect for your dates.

Besides smelling fantastic, this fragrance also lasts very long. When you spray this on in the evening, right before your date, you can expect to still smell it in the morning. This is definitely a great positive, as nobody wants a fragrance that you can no longer smell after an hour.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth Purchasing Or Not

Fragrance One Date For Men is a long-lasting, seductive fragrance, perfect for a date. Scent-wise, this fragrance is definitely worth it! Even though this fragrance is made to be the best dating fragrance, I can also see this fragrance work great during the night, regardless of the occasion. It’s sweet and strong, but when it has dried down a bit, not overpowering.

Besides nighttime wear, this fragrance can also be worn during the winter. Sweet fragrances usually work very well in the colder temperatures, and this one is no exception!

Overall, this fragrance has a lot of positives going for it. However, there is one noticeable downside. This fragrance is quite pricey. For some, a little too pricey, and I can’t blame them. Luckily, though, Jeremy Fragrance often has sales and promotions going on, ranging from certain percentages off, to a full-on buy one get one free sale. When you take these sales into account, the fragrance becomes much more affordable. These sales allow everyone to try out Date For Men!

So, the final verdict. Is Fragrance One Date For Men worth it? In my eyes, yes, it is worth it. Although expensive, you do get a high-quality product which will last you a long while. And with the often ongoing sales, the argument of expensive becomes less strong as well. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can find it on the official website of Fragrance One, which you can find here! I also recommend you take a look over at the YouTube channel Jeremy Fragrance. Here you’ll find out about any ongoing sales, and, if there aren’t any, you can always watch his informative content!

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