Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t; A Complete Review

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Aaron Terence Hughes is a British independent perfumer who’s becoming more and more popular lately. One of his more controversial and hyped releases is his fragrance called Sl*t, but is this fragrance actually any good? Here we’ll review Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t!

About Aaron Terence Hughes And His Brand

Aaron is a perfumer from the United Kingdom who makes fragrances for his own brand, Aaron Terence Hughes. Aaron himself seems to be a unique and caring person who pours a lot of love into his creations.

Even though Aaron has been making fragrances for some time now, I personally first saw him in a video by FragMental, a fragrance Youtuber. The video was called Meet the perfumer | Aaron Terence Hughes, a video where he and his creations were introduced.

After appearing on the FragMental YouTube channel, Aaron also started his own YouTube channel where he gives in-depth reviews of fragrances. These videos are extremely informative and provide you with the perspective of an actual perfumer, someone who creates fragrances. In his videos, you can clearly see how knowledgable he is and he can provide insights you never would have thought of.

One more thing to note about Aaron and the brand is his charity. Aaron has created two different fragrances of which 70% of the proceeds go to a charity. Aaron also only uses ethical and natural ingredients. You won’t find notes such as castoreum or civet in his fragrances. Ethically farmed ambergris is the furthest he’ll go.

This article, however, is a review of one of his fragrances, so let’s dive into one of his most talked-about fragrances, Sl*t.

The Scent Of ATH’s Sl*t

Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t is a gorgeous fragrance with a rather fresh scent of florals. This fragrance is officially classified as a unisex fragrance, so anyone can wear this one. But, in order to best understand this fragrance, let’s take a look at the note breakdown.

The top notes of Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t are apple, neroli, sweet orange, and bergamot. The middle notes are jasmine sambac and strawberry. The base notes are patchouli, ambergris, clean skin accord, and Aaron’s self-made Filth accord.

When you first spray on this fragrance, you’re greeted by a blast of freshness. You can immediately pick up a sweet scent of apple, as well as some fresh floral notes. These all come together to make a fantastic scent that smells fresh but also has some body to it.

Shortly after the opening, the scent of apple is accompanied by the note of neroli, which gives off a clean, white floral scent. Along with the neroli is a scent of sweet orange, once again sweetening the fragrance, but also keeping it fresh. Every now and then, you can also detect a hint of strawberry as well.

When this fragrance starts to dry down, a beautiful scent of jasmine sambac starts to present itself. This fragrance note has a sweet, slightly animalic scent that makes sure this fragrance lives up to its name. Along with the jasmine sambac are some warm amber accords, as well as Aaron’s signature Filth accord. The Filth accord adds a layer of dirtiness, making the fragrance more playful and more ‘naughty’.

Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t is an ever-changing fragrance that smells way different when its heating up. On warm skin, this fragrance projects much further, but also makes it smell a little different. Originally, I found Sl*t to smell rather clean, but when it’s heating up, you definitely get a more playful, sensual scent. In the perfumers words:

Sl*t dominates and gets stronger as you heat up making it suitable for sex, dates or when you want to impress and dominate a room

When Can You Best Wear ATH’s Sl*t

Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t is a rather interesting fragrance. With a name like that, you’d expect something massively sweet, however, this fragrance is more on the fresher side. Due to the freshness and the heavier, sweeter dry down, this is actually a fragrance that you can wear all year long.

The fresh opening of this fragrance allows it to be worn during the spring and summer, where the sweeter, heated-up dry down works great during the winter and fall.

Besides being able to wear this fragrance all year long, you can also wear it to pretty much any occasion. I find this fragrance to be clean enough to wear to the office, but playful enough for casual wear. And, of course, as the name suggests, this is also a fantastic fragrance to wear when you’re out clubbing, on a date, or just general nighttime wear.

Overall, this is an extremely versatile fragrance, and that’s quite rare for a fresher fragrance, and a versatile fragrance like this will simply never be out of place.

The Performance And Longevity Of ATH’s Sl*t

I know Aaron’s fragrances to be extremely long-lasting, and Sl*t is no exception! This fragrance has a 25% concentration, which means it will last you a long, long time. Personally, I get at least 8+ hours with this fragrance, and considering this is more of a fresh and clean fragrance, I’d say that’s amazing!

Besides just lasting you a very long while, this fragrance also projects fantastically. When you’re wearing this fragrance, the people around you will notice. Luckily, this fragrance isn’t overpowering or anything like that, so it can be a little stronger. But as Aaron himself said, this is the perfect fragrance when you want to impress and dominate a room, and I have to agree with that.

How Are The Packaging And Presentation

Aaron Terence Hughes’s fragrances come in very simple packaging. When I ordered my ATH fragrances, they came in a white cylinder box. Inside the cylinder was a nice stand where the fragrance rests in, serving as a nice display piece.

The bottle itself is a nice 50ml, glass bottle with a white label and black cap. You can also order 10ml bottles, which look relatively similar but come without a box and with a silver cap.

However, at the time of writing this, Aaron has rebranded his fragrances and they now come in a slick, black glass bottle with a magnetic cap. The magnetic cap makes the most satisfying sound when you put it back on the bottle and instead of a white label, there’s now a silver label. Unfortunately, I cannot comment much more on the new designs, as I do not have them yet. However, as cool as a bottle might look, the most important part is the juice itself!

Final Verdict; Is Aaron Terence Hughes Sl*t Worth It

As you might have expected, I highly recommend this fragrance to anyone. This fragrance has such a likable, fresh, clean, but also playful scent that you really won’t find anywhere else.¬†And on top of an amazing scent is also the utterly fantastic performance. This fragrance will last and last, always ensuring you smell truly fantastic.

In short, this fragrance is definitely worth purchasing, no question. You’ll get a unique fragrance with the most beautiful and versatile scent. If you’re interested in purchasing this fragrance, you can check it out over here on the official Aaron Terence Hughes website! And when you’re there, please make sure to check out his other creations as well, as Aaron has much to offer!

Please also make sure to check out Aarons Youtube channel, where you can enjoy his artistic vision on popular fragrances and receive updates about his own brand! Also, I’ve reviewed a few more Aaron Terence Hughes fragrances. You can find a full list of reviews by following this link!

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