Fragrance One Candles; Are They Any Good

Fragrance One is the brand of popular YouTuber Jeremy Fragrance. After releasing two men’s fragrances, the brand came out with two candles. But are these candles actually any good?

The Brand Of Fragrance One

Jeremy Fragrance is a popular fragrance YouTuber and influencer (you can find his YouTube channel over here!). With the largest subscriber-base in his space, he has gained a lot of knowledge over the years. Jeremy’s adventure in the fragrance world started in 2014, and only two years later, he decided that this was his life passion.

His passion for fragrances really shined through. Every day, he would smell 55 different fragrance oils, learn all about fragrance creation, and, of course, make video’s about it. Ever since 2014, Jeremy Fragrance’s YouTube channel grew rapidly, and today, he has over 1.000.000 subscribers!

After 4 years of making videos and being absorbed in the fragrance world, Jeremy took on a new journey, the creation of his own fragrance. With an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign and a bunch of encouragement, this journey would take off.

Jeremy released his first fragrance, Fragrance One Office For Men (find a full review here!) in 2019, and quickly after that release, his second fragrance would follow. The second one was called Fragrance One Date For Men (find a full review here!), and just like Office For Men, it was a huge success.

Along with the fragrances, Fragrance One now has scented candles in its assortment. Fragrance One Movie Night and Fragrance One Gentlemens Lounge are the two newest additions to the brand. Packaged in a beautiful way, the main question remains, are these new Fragrance One candles actually any good?

Fragrance One Movie Night

Fragrance One Movie Night was the candle used in all the marketing of Jeremy Fragrance. When he first announced the upcoming candles, he actually only showed this one, a candle made to set the mood during a movie night with someone special.

This candle, as you might expect, has a sensual and beautiful scent of sweet vanilla. The scent profile for this candle is quite simple. There’s vanilla on the top, and bergamot in the base. This simple scent profile, however, creates something truly beautiful.

Fragrance One describes the scent of this candle as a sweet, gourmand scent, evoking seductive vibes. This description perfectly sums up this candle.

Personally, when I smell Fragrance One Movie Night, I’m immediately reminded of a cold, winter night. This candle has a sweet and warm scent, a scent that I’d want to smell during a cold night. Besides the colder nights, this is actually the perfect candle to, in fact, set the mood for a movie night. Or a date night in general, to be honest. The sweet scent of vanilla, supported by a bright hint of bergamot creates such an alluring scent that’s unmistakably seductive. And even though this candle is mostly about the vanilla, it wouldn’t smell as nice as it does now without the bergamot.

Besides smelling nice, this candle will also last you quite a while. The burn time of this candle is around 30 hours, which is quite a while. Especially considering the fact that you don’t even need to light the candle in order to smell its scent. You can just leave this somewhere in the room and you’ll be sure to notice the sweet and seductive aroma.

To further improve the setting that this fragrance is made for, it comes with a wood wick. When you light this wood wick, not only will the candle disperse its aroma, but it will also make a crispy noise. Overall, this candle, made in Italy, is truly fantastic. It perfectly accomplishes the job its made for and will enhance all your movie nights. If you’re interested in this scented candle, you can find it over here on the official Fragrance One website!

Fragrance One Gentlemens Lounge

Fragrance One Gentlemens Lounge was the surprise candle that was released along with Fragrance One Movie Night. This candle, as the name suggests, is modeled after a gentlemen’s lounge.

This candle has a beautiful, rich scent of tobacco, that manages to be both subtle and noticeable. The scent profile for this candle is as follows: The top consists of cloves, the mid of tobacco, and the base of eucalyptus.

Fragrance One describes this candle as a candle that evokes strong vibes and enhances the sensuality and spirituality of everyone in the room. And this description is pretty accurate.

In my experience, this candle has a typical scent of sweet tobacco, creating that luxurious and rich scent. Added to this are the cloves, providing the candle with a spicy undertone. All the while, the eucalyptus balances it all out, leaving you with a soft and mellow scent of sweet tobacco. The eucalyptus, actually, plays a pretty important role here. When you smell the candle, either lit or unlit, you can smell it, ever so slightly. And together with the spicy, sweet scent of tobacco, you get a scent that truly enhances the sensuality.

Just like Fragrance One Movie Night, this candle has a burn-time of about 30 hours, ensuring you get to enjoy the scent for a long while. The best part is that you don’t even have to burn the candle in order to smell its scent. The unlit candle will already distribute a gorgeous aroma around the room.

This candle is also in Italy and is lit by a wood wick, which not only looks great, but also has a crisp noise to it. This leaves you with an overall fantastic scented candle. Not only does it smell nice, but it also lives up to its name. If you’re interested in this scented candle, you can find it over here on the official Fragrance One website!

Are The Fragrance One Candles Worth It

The brand of Fragrance One is often judged solely on the fact that it’s owned by Jeremy Fragrance. But, love or hate the guy, the fragrances, as well as the candles of Fragrance One are actually really good.

The candles themselves are high-quality and are packaged beautifully in black glass. This makes the candles fit in pretty much any room, regardless of the style of the room. Besides looking good, you’ll also be able to notice the beautiful scent all the time. Whether the candle is actually lit or not, the aroma makes its way throughout the room.

The only downside of these candles might be the price. The candles are quite expensive. This higher price might deter some people away, but in Jeremy’s words: ‘Fragrance is a form of art, and you don’t buy the ingredients that make the fragrance, you buy the piece of art that’s made out of it’. Luckily, though, Jeremy Fragrance often has a sale going on. These sales could be certain percentages off of the price, or a complete buy one get one free sale. To be kept up to date with these sales, you should head over to Jeremy’s YouTube channel, which you can find over here!

And even though the price is a little high, you do also get a luxurious, high-quality candle with a strong scent and a long burn time. This all makes the Fragrance One candles more than worth it!

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