Complete Review Of Fragrance One Office For Men

Fragrance One Office For Men might be one of the most anticipated fragrances of the year. This is the first fragrance of the brand of popular YouTuber and influencer Jeremy Fragrance. Despite all the hype, though, is this fragrance actually any good?

The Brand Of Fragrance One

The brand of Fragrance One is the brand of popular YouTuber Jeremy Fragrance. Jeremy Fragrance started his fragrance adventure in 2014 with the launch of his YouTube channel. Jeremy devoted much of his time to the world of fragrances. He attended many different events, smelled multiple fragrance oils every day, and dove into the creation of perfumers. It was his true passion.

For me, fragrances started being associated with simply easily improving yourself and finding your signature style. When understanding that I dedicate most of my life to this goal I felt the inspiration to leave something extraordinary with this pleasant intriguing scent venture.

On this YouTube channel, Jeremy Fragrance mainly reviewed the vast ocean of different fragrances the market had to offer. However, in 2018, Jeremy decided to treat the fragrance world even more by creating his own fragrance brand. With an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign, lots of encouragement, and, of course, lots of passion, Fragrance One was born. Nowadays, there are many creations, including scented candles!

The goal of Fragrance One is to create fragrances that are designed to excel in certain situations. Fragrance One Office For Men, for example, was created with the thought that this had to be the best office, CEO-like fragrance on the market. An added benefit of this creation-process is that these fragrances will save you time. There’s no longer the need to go through your collection to pick out the right one.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s no longer a need for a fragrance collection. Fragrance One fragrances merely specialize themselves in certain fields of life.

How Was Fragrance One Office For Men Created

Fragrance One Office For Men is the first offering of Fragrance One. Currently, the brand has a few more fragrances in the pipeline, however, at the moment of writing this, Fragrance One Office For Men is the only one released.

Jeremy Fragrance is the face behind this brand. He decides most things, however, he himself does not create the fragrances. Fragrances are made by perfumers, people who are specialized and experts in the field of fragrance creation. Fragrance One has the honor of working with one of the best perfumers, Alberto Morillas.

Alberto Morillas is known for creating fantastic fragrances. Fragrances like Calvin Klein CK One, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and the best selling men’s fragrance Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio are only a small portion of the creations of Alberto Morillas.

With Jeremy’s guidance and Alberto’s expertise, Fragrance One Office For Men was born. A fragrance to bring out your inner CEO.

How Are The Packaging And Presentation Of Fragrance One

Fragrance One Office For Men has gone through a couple of batch differences. As of the time of writing this, there are 3 different, limited batches. The bottle in the picture above is the third batch, which is also the most current batch (at the time of writing this review). The second batch had a transparent bottle, similar to this third batch bottle, however, the first batch had a square, transparent bottle.

According to Jeremy Fragrance, the actual juice inside hasn’t changed. The first and second batches are currently no longer sold through Fragrance One’s official website, however, they can be found on eBay or any other online marketplace. Due to the limited amount of bottles, the resellers can ask a much higher price. It’s up to you if these earlier batches are worth it.

The current bottle, shown in the image above, is the most recent and finalized bottle design. Of course, Jeremy Fragrance can revamp the bottle design whenever he’d like, but I believe this bottle is close to the end product.

Overall, the bottle itself is very sleek and simple. It has a somewhat oval shape and black color. There is not much going on with the bottle itself and it has a modern look. I personally really like this type of bottle design, especially when Fragrance One releases more fragrances, because they’re all uniform. On the other hand, the cap of this fragrance is very cheap. You can easily crush it without too much force.

Another important factor about the bottle is the atomizer. Fragrance One Office For Men has a really nice atomizer. When you spray this fragrance, you get a nice, even distribution with an appropriate amount of fragrance.

What Is The Actual Scent Like

The most important part of a fragrance is the actual scent itself. With Fragrance One Office For Men, I can confidently say that this smells really good. The overall scent of this fragrance is very clean, fresh, modern, and extremely likable.

In order to best understand the scent of this fragrance, its important to know the notes used in this creation. The top notes of Fragrance One Office For Men are bergamot, ambrox, and orris. The middle notes are pink pepper, cachalox, and paradisone. The base notes are musk, patchouli, and intense modern woods.

Fragrance One Office For Men opens with a very fresh and clean scent. You can immediately notice a blast of ambroxan, as well as the fresh and bright touch of bergamot. Right from the start, you can also notice a very subtle scent of woods, however, the opening mainly consists of ambroxan and bergamot. Overall, you get a very powerful, clean, and overall really likable scent in the opening.

When this fragrance starts to dry down, you can start to notice some spicy, peppery notes. This spicy scent is done in a very clean and fresh way, which makes it blend perfectly with the opening. Still, though, the ambroxan scent is the main player here. Even in the dry down, I still mainly get this ambroxan-like scent. However, there are definitely some accompanying notes all throughout the scent. The opening has a supporting note of bergamot, the middle has a supporting note of pink pepper, and the base has a most noticeable supporting note of woods.

Although this might sound a bit linear, it actually smells really, really good and is definitely a compliment getter. Saying that a fragrance is ambroxan heavy is in no way a bad thing. For example, Dior Sauvage is considered to be a fresh, ambroxan-heavy fragrance, and Dior Sauvage is one of the, if not the most popular, current men’s fragrance.

The use of synthetic notes like ambroxan and cachalox really make this fragrance project strong, right from the get-go. It also ensures that this fragrance will last you a good while. And that’s a huge positive. There aren’t really that many fresh fragrances with longevity and performance like this one. This is actually something Jeremy Fragrance wanted to achieve. A long-lasting, compliment getting fragrance that works great in an office environment, and he did a great job.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth Purchasing Or Not?

Fragrance One Office For Men is an overall compliment getting, long-lasting, and extremely likable fragrance. When you solely base this decision on the scent, this fragrance is definitely worth it. You most certainly get your money’s worth. Although the name and thought behind this fragrance is that its the perfect office fragrance, you can actually wear this fragrance on many other occasions as well.

The freshness in this fragrance makes it an overall solid choice for a casual, warm weather fragrance. It will also work great when you wear this fragrance to school and I even received many compliments when wearing this fragrance at night. And, of course, it truly shines in an office environment. It was designed to bring out your inner CEO. Wearing this fragrance will instantly boost your confidence because you know you smell great, like a CEO. You might not be one, but you can most certainly smell and feel like one.

Overall, this fragrance has a lot of positive things going for it. However, on its own, a bottle of Fragrance One Office For Men is quite pricey. Luckily, Jeremy Fragrance often has sales and promotions going on, ranging from a certain percentage off to a complete Buy One Get One Free sale. Therefore, I highly recommend checking out Jeremy Fragrance‘s YouTube channel and see if there’s any sale going on. If not, you can always stick around and watch his content. He’s always producing great content for all of us to enjoy.

So, the final verdict for Fragrance One Office For Men. Is it worth it? In my eyes, this fragrance is definitely worth owning. It smells great, it lasts fantastically long, it projects well, it will get you compliments, and it’s versatile. And with an often ongoing sale or promotion, the price is actually reasonable. If you’re interested in purchasing Fragrance One Office For Men, you can do so here!

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