Should You Reapply A Cologne?

Not every fragrance lasts as long, which makes you wonder if you should reapply it after it has worn off.

Should you reapply a cologne? Reapplying a cologne is not necessary for every type of fragrance. However, you can certainly reapply your fragrance throughout the day to prevent your fragrance from fading away. Just make sure you don’t overapply your fragrance.

Reapplying your fragrance isn’t always necessary. There are ways to make sure you’re fragrance will last a little longer. In those situations, it might be better to not reapply your fragrance.

When You Should Reapply Your Fragrance

There are a lot of different types of fragrances. You’ve got eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume. All of these have a different concentration of scented oils, which dictates how strong and long lasting they are. Eau de cologne has the lowest concentration of them all. After that comes eau de toilette, then eau the parfum, and lastly, perfume. This basically means that an eau de cologne won’t last very long, whereas a perfume lasts a lot longer. An eau de cologne will probably last around two hours. An eau de toilette can last up to two to four hours. An eau de parfum can last four to six hours and a perfume can last longer than six hours.

You can probably see that when you wear an eau de toilette, somewhere during the day, your fragrance will start to fade away. When this happens, you can choose to reapply the fragrance. This is a very easy process, you just spray your fragrance again. Just make sure you don’t spray on too much, as this will be offensive to some.

You can kind of calculate if you even need to reapply your fragrance throughout the day. Like I said above, all the different fragrance types have a certain period in which you can smell them. If you’re away for say eight hours, and you use an eau de toilette, it might be a good idea to reapply it halfway through. But if you’re only away for three hours, there is no need to take your fragrance with you to reapply it. I basically recommend you use your own judgment. If you’re away for a long period of time, take some with you to reapply.

That said, having to carry your bottle of cologne with you can be quite annoying. If you’re going to school, it won’t be too big a problem, you can just throw it in your bag. But in other situations, you might not have the space to carry a big bottle of cologne. Something I used to do, and still do sometimes, is buy a really small, travel sized bottle of the fragrance. You can easily store this and you’ll have your fragrance available whenever you need to reapply it.

My routine is as follows; I wake up at around 5-6 A.M. I usually make a little plan for the day, do some work, and at around 7 A.M. I’ll hit the gym. After the gym, I’ll take a shower and get ready for school. This is also the time when I apply my fragrance. Most of the time I don’t reapply my fragrance. This is mainly because my school hours are very short, and by the time my fragrance starts to fade away, I’m usually already back home. Whenever I go out of the house again, meet with some friends, go to work, whatever, I reapply my fragrance or use a completely different one that suits the occasion.

Because of this, I can really play around with them. In a way, I reapply my fragrance almost every day. But most of the time it’s just a different fragrance than the one I’ve worn before. Not constantly reapplying during the day gives you the freedom to play around with different fragrances, and gives you the opportunity to wear one that really suits the occasion.

Make Sure Your Fragrance Is Actually Gone

Every fragrance fades away over time. There are no exceptions. Some last really long and others really short. However, sometimes we think the fragrance has faded away when in reality, it is still there. Your nose can filter out the scent of your fragrance, but other people will still be able to smell it. This is called olfactory fatigue, which can lead to you thinking your fragrance is gone, but it isn’t. It can also make you think your fragrance is underperforming while it actually works great.

This ‘noseblindness’ usually happens when you’ve been exposed to a certain scent for a long time. A simple example could be when you enter a restaurant. At first, you smell all the different kinds of food, but after a while, you don’t smell it anymore. The same can happen with a fragrance. We need to prevent you from thinking that your fragrance is gone and that you should reapply when in reality your fragrance is still there. The easiest way to do this is to just ask a friend or family member. No shame in wanting to smell great, right!

How To Make It Last A Little Longer

Making your fragrance last longer is something you should always try to do. It increases your fragrances lifespan, as you will be using fewer sprays. This way, you won’t be spending as much on new bottles as you would otherwise. Now, the difference might be little, but if you use a fragrance every day for the next years, it will all add up. So how do you make your fragrance last a bit longer?

First, when applying your fragrance, make sure you spray it on your pulse points. These points are your wrists and your neck. I usually spray my fragrance behind my ears, on my neck and a spray on my hairbrush. This way I can incorporate my fragrance into my hair without the alcohol drying it out like it would when applied directly. If you spray your fragrance on your wrists, make sure to use an individual spray for both wrists. Never rub your wrists together, as this will cause your top notes to fade away quicker, making your fragrance fade away quicker.

The best time to apply your fragrance is right out of the shower. Damp skin locks in your fragrance. But be careful to not get dressed immediately. Dressing up right after applying can rub off the fragrance. Also, make sure to have your bottle stored somewhere outside of direct daylight. Direct daylight can break down the scented oils. You can store your fragrances somewhere safe or even inside the little box you got it in. When you apply it, make sure to never shake your bottle beforehand. Fragrances are designed to stand still. Shaking it will allow air to go in, reducing the quality of your fragrance.

Related Questions

Should you spray your fragrance on your clothes or skin? Spraying you fragrance on your skin is the better way to go. When spraying it on your skin, the fragrance starts mixing in with your body oils, making it project the notes in the right order. Spraying it on your clothes isn’t bad either, but it can leave stains on your clothes.

How many sprays of cologne should I use? This depends on your fragrance and it’s concentration of scented oils. If you have a high concentration, you have to use fewer sprays than when your cologne has a low concentration. Typically, you should use two to five sprays of your cologne.


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