Should You Buy Eau De Toilette Or Eau De Parfum

When I bought my first fragrance, I was overwhelmed with all the different types you can buy. Now that I know a lot more, I wanted to explain the differences between all the different types.

Should you buy eau de toilette or eau de parfum? The main difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum is the concentration of scented oils. The higher the concentration, the longer the fragrance lasts. Eau de toilette usually has a concentration of between 5% and 15% scented oils. Eau de Parfum usually has somewhere around 15% and 20%. This difference in percentage is also seen in the price. Usually, the higher percentage fragrances are also more expensive. The upside is that you also need less of it. 

But these two aren’t the only types of fragrance. There are a few more, all with their upsides and downsides.

All Different Fragrance Types

A fragrance is no more than a mix of alcohol, water, and scented oils. Sometimes not even with water. The more of the scented oils, the longer the fragrance will last. But coming with that is a higher price. However, you will also need way less of the fragrance. The four most common types of fragrance are; eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and perfume.

  • Eau de Cologne. This type of fragrance has the lowest concentration, usually between 2% and 5%. This means that it will last around two hours. The low concentration does mean that it won’t be overwhelming, making this a great option in those very hot summer days. eau de cologne will have to be reapplied throughout the day if you want to keep the scent going, otherwise, it will fade away after about two hours. Eau de cologne is usually sold in larger bottles, like 200ml. If you don’t live in really hot areas where the temperatures can rise really high, this might not be your best option.
  • Eau de Toilette. This is the number one most sold type of fragrance. It has a concentration of somewhere between 5% and 15% and usually lasts about two to four hours. Eau de toilette is often referred to cologne as well. The top notes in an eau de toilette are most prevalent, making it most noticeable right after it is applied. This makes this type of fragrance go very well with summer-like weather. Because of its lightness, you can spray this type of fragrance more heavily. Even if you use a bit too much, it will disappear shortly after. This type of fragrance is my go to when I have to go to school or work. It works perfectly when you want to smell amazing, but not noticeable and out there. I’d definitely recommend having an eau de toilette. Two amazing options and my personal recommendations, from Amazon, are Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De l’homme for around and Versace Eros for around.
  • Eau de Parfum. Having a concentration of around 15% to 20%, this type of fragrance usually lasts well over four hours, often up to six hours. It is my personal favorite, mainly because of its versatility. You can lightly spray it on and be good for the main portion of the day, but you can also use it more generously when dressing up or going to a party. The main focus of eau de parfum lies in the middle notes, meaning that after the top notes, you’ll get a lot of whiffs from your middle notes, often for a good few hours. I personally really like getting these whiffs, mostly because they come unexpectedly. When you get that whiff, you’re reminded of how amazing you smell and I really like that. Having a winter scent as an eau de parfum is a great combination. Spraying this on your clothes or hair is a great option. I usually want a warm-feeling scent as my winter fragrance, and a stronger type of fragrance, like eau de parfum, really compliments that. Some great examples of eau de parfums are Allure Homme Sport and the woody, spicy Viktor And Rolf Spicebomb.
  • Perfume. A perfume has the highest concentration of scented oils, usually anywhere from 20% to 40%. Because of this high concentration, the perfume version of any fragrance is usually the most expensive. These types of fragrances can last anywhere from six hours to the next day. Perfumes aren’t really your everyday fragrance, but best used for special occasions like parties or weddings. These perfumes usually come in small bottles, that don’t have a spray cap. You have to dab your perfume on your skin, preferably on your pulse spots. Pulse spots are warm points on your body. An easy rule to follow is; where you can feel a heartbeat, there is a pulse spot. Perfume is the longest lasting of all types and arguably the most beautiful. This is because a perfume releases all notes, top, heart, and base, over a period of time. Perfumes usually come in a small bottle, which is okay, because you only need to use a little bit.

How To Use These Different Types During The Year

We went over all these different types of fragrances, but which type fits which time? During summer or hot weather climates, you want to wear a fragrance that isn’t offensive. Wearing an eau de parfum or perfume is a bad idea. It will be really overpowering and that isn’t something people like. Instead, go for something like eau de toilette. This is your best bet in warm weather. It will be noticeable, but not make you stand out and have this haze of fragrance around you. Eau de toilette is usually light and because of that a great choice for hot weather.

If the weather is extremely hot, even an eau de toilette can be overpowering. Instead, go with an eau de cologne. Take it with you if you’re away for a longer period, so you can reapply throughout the day. This will keep you smelling amazing, but it will respect other peoples noses by being a very light and subtle scent. This is the most sold fragrance type for a reason after all.

Eau de Parfum is pretty much a great option all year round. Because of the high concentration, you don’t need to spray too much on, and because there are so many different fragrances, you can mix and match them throughout the year. During summer, go for a fresh scent, during winter, go for a warmer, spicy or woody scent. There are endless options, so don’t limit yourself. Smelling amazing is an incredible confidence booster.

As for perfume, I’d recommend having one bottle if you often go to parties, weddings or important meetings. Otherwise, a perfume isn’t really a necessity. It is a fragrance type to really make you stand out during these events, but an amazing eau de parfum can do this job as well. If you have a perfume or consider buying one, just make sure to use it wisely and not drown yourself in it. Remember, if you already feel like your drowning in your fragrance, other people are definitely feeling the same.

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