7 Fragrances Similar To Calvin Klein CK One

Calvin Klein CK One is one of the most recognizable fragrances from the 90s and early 2000s. This was the very first unisex fragrance in the world, and after this one, many followed. So what are some fragrances similar to Calvin Klein CK One?

The Appeal Of Calvin Klein CK One

If you were a child of the 90s or early 2000s, or even just interested in the androgynous and grungy aesthetic of the fashion world during this time period, you are likely familiar with Calvin Klein CK One. It is far and away one of the most popular and immediately recognizable scents of that era.

CK One was the “it” fragrance of the 90s. Launched in 1994, it is a citrus aromatic scent that is made for both men and women. It was highly popular for its clean and simple scent, and also for its minimal yet aesthetically stunning advertisements featuring the “it” girl of the 90s: Kate Moss.

CK One opens with top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon, pineapple, cardamom, green notes, and papaya. The citrusy aromas definitely stand out initially, and are the star of this fragrance.

Following up this initial batch of notes is middle notes of violet, orris root, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, nutmeg, and freesia. Finally, this sweet scent is completed by grounding base notes of cedar, amber, musk, oakmoss, green accord, sandalwood, and green tea.

The result is a refreshing and sparkling fragrance that has been widely beloved for almost thirty years. If you’re interested in the original Calvin Klein CK One, you can find it here on Amazon!

Alternatively, you can purchase a decant first. A decant is a smaller bottle, filled up with the original fragrance. This way, you can try out a smaller amount without having to buy a full bottle. If you’d like to learn more about fragrance decants, where to purchase them, and how they’ll save you money, you can read this article here!

Many adults looking for a touch of nostalgia or CK One loyalists in general may be interested in other scents that are similar, whether it be in fragrance notes or in general vibe or appeal. This list will take you on a journey of lovely and unique scents that will remind you of CK One’s appealing and famous aura.

1. Acqua Di Parma Yuzu

Acqua di Parma has a fantastic and long-standing reputation for producing fabulous fragrances. With Yuzu, launched in 2019, they were successful in creating a beautiful smelling scent that can easily be worn by men and women alike.

Yuzu opens up with tantalizing top notes of Sichuan pepper, yuzu, and Calabrian bergamot. These unique notes are followed by the very natural middle notes of lotus, violet leaf, mimosa, and jasmine. These floral notes are followed by the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and the unexpected scent of licorice. 

Yuzu is a citrus aromatic fragrance, which is the main reason for its resemblance to CK One. Both fragrances will feel very natural and earthy. They are both noticeable, but not too overpowering to wear casually. Also, as mentioned before, both scents are unisex and highly versatile in most situations.

CK One and Yuzu will differ, however, with the sort of “vibe” each puts out. Yuzu will be better for a year-round scent. Even though many of the notes feel summer, there are grounding woody notes that make it appropriate for even fall and winter days. CK One definitely feels more like a light, spring and summer fragrance. If you’re interested in Acqua Di Parma Yuzu, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

2. Cartier Eau De Cartier

Just the name “Cartier” evokes images of sparkling sophistication and luxury. This sumptuous brand’s beloved Eau de Cartier, launched in 2001, is one of the most timeless and highly respected scents on today’s market.

Eau de Cartier’s top notes are a dazzling blend of coriander, yuzu, and bergamot. These are then followed by middle notes of delicate and lovely lavender, violet leaf, and violet.

This calming and addicting blend is completed by base notes of white amber, musk, cedar, and patchouli. The final product is a surprising but enjoyable blend of subtle citrus notes combined with simple floral beauty.

Both CK One and Eau de Cartier redefined the fragrance world by being unisex. In both scents, you will find fragrances that effortlessly marry the beautiful floral aspects of femininity with more traditional masculine aspects, particularly the woody and aromatic notes.

However, Eau de Cartier is a bit softer as a whole. Its lavender and aquatic notes make it feel lighter and less demanding of attention. CK one will stand out a bit more in its use, whereas Eau de Cartier feels a little bit more personal and reserved. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

3. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford has made quite a reputation for mysterious and norm-defying fragrances and the scent of Neroli Portofino is no exception. Launched in 2011, Neroli Portofino is another scent made for both men and women that is a fan favorite for its beauty and simplicity.

The top notes of Neroli Portofino are comprised of bitter orange, rosemary, mandarin orange, lemon, lavender, bergamot, lemon, and myrtle. This citrusy array is then followed by middle notes of jasmine, neroli, African orange flower, and pittosporum. Lastly, Neroli Portofino is completed by base notes of ambrette, amber, and angelica.

You will immediately see some of the obvious similarities between Neroli Portofino and CK one: primarily in the array of notes used by both scents. They are both classified as citrus aromatic fragrances and are clearly centered around these bright, fruity accords. Both of these fragrances are also genderless, and have an alluring and sophisticated androgynous appeal to them.

However, there are some aspects between these two scents that make them distinctly different. CK one tends to have more of a focus on a woody and powdery aroma, while Neroli Portofino is more bright and floral in its scent. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

4. Diptyque Eau Des Sens

It feels like nowadays everyone is trying to get their hands on a Diptyque fragrance. They have crafted unique and sensual scents that are sensational and awe-inspiring. With their unisex fragrance Eau des Sens, they have blended a fragrance that is a classic citrusy scent while also bringing something new to the offerings on today’s market.

Eau des Sens opens with orangey top notes of orange blossom and bitter orange. After this initial surge of citrusy aromas, it is followed by a simple but lovely middle note of juniper berries. Finally, Eau des Sens is rounded out by base notes of angelica and patchouli, creating an earthy and sweet finish to the airy and fruity fragrance.

Fragrance lovers will immediately see the comparison between CK One and Eau des Sens in the citrusy aromatic notes as well as the androgynous unisex aspect of both. They are both clean and simple scents that can be worn in nearly any situation, and they both make fabulous signature scents for anyone.

Eau des Sens, however, differs from CK One in that it feels a little more musky and earthy than CK One. Therefore, Eau des Sens will feel a little bit heavier or more mature than CK One’s light and airy scent. Eau des Sens also leans a little bit more towards the masculine side, whereas CK One is a little bit more in the middle of the classic gender fragrances.

This is not to say that a woman can not wear Diptyque Eau Des Sens. This is a fragrance that works amazingly on all genders. It’s just a little heavier and maybe a bit more formal. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

5. Giorgio Armani Eau De Jade

Giorgi Armani is many people’s go-to house for fragrances. Known for elegant and luxurious scents, Armani has more than earned its well-regarded reputation. With Eau de Jade, launched in 2004, Armani has crafted a fragrance that is lowkey, but gorgeous and rich in its composition.

The initial top notes of Eau de Jade are Sicilian bergamot and pepper, which make for a unique start to this mysterious scent. It is then followed by a singular middle note of Tunisian neroli, adding the fresh citrus to the mix. Finally, the base note of bourbon Vanilla makes for a composition that is delicious and sumptuous in its wear.

Eau de Jade will be lovely for CK One fans because of the citrusy appeal of both scents. They are both clean, fresh, and simple in their wear. Both Eau de Jade and CK One are perfect for someone who likes their fragrances to be pretty and comforting, but aren’t too overwhelming or intense.

However, Eau de Jade is a little bit more of a gourmand scent, primarily due to the vanilla base note. Whereas CK One will be more reminiscent of light and fruity scents, Eau de Jade feels a touch heavier and richer in its composition due to some of its more heavy base notes.

Still, CK One and Eau De Jade are fairly similar in scent and use, making them pretty much interchangable. Maybe lean more towards CK One when it’s warmer and to Eau De Jade when it’s getting colder. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

6. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Vert

Bvlgari, long associated with luxury and class, launched Eau Parfumee au The Vert in 1992. It has been widely popular and admired since, mainly for its aromatic and dynamic scent profile and effortless aura.

The Vert is introduced by top notes of lemon, mandarin orange, cardamom, bergamot, coriander, and orange blossom. This citrus bouquet is then followed by middle notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

These delicate notes are then completed by earthy base notes of musk, amber, green tea, cedar, precious woods, and sandalwood. Together, it is a woody and citrusy scent that is sweet and timeless.

Again, you will see the obvious similarities between The Vert and CK One in the citrusy notes, as well as the androgynous unisex marketing used for both fragrances. They are both perfect scents for daytime wear in the warmer, spring and summer months.

Where these two fragrances differ, however, is that the floral aspects are a bit more distinct and obvious in The Vert than they are in CK One. Also, while both scents have spicy elements, this will be a little bit more noticeable in The Vert than it is in CK One. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

7. Chanel Cristalle

There is no shortage of fantastic scents by Chanel, and the one that will be most similar to CK one is Cristalle. It is a classic scent launched in 1974 that has captured the hearts of fragrance lovers since its initial release.

Cristalle begins with fresh top notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon. It is then followed by sweet middle notes of honeysuckle, Brazilian rosewood, hyacinth, and jasmine. It is completed by classic base notes of oakmoss and vetiver. Ultimately, Cristalle is a dazzling and feminine scent that feels very old fashioned in a glamorous but not outdated way.

The most obvious connection between Cristalle and CK One will be the citrusy notes, which will make both fragrances very reminiscent of one another. They were both fragrances that were staples for teenagers in the 90s which will cause both scents to have a very nostalgic feel to them.

However, Cristalle is not designated as a unisex scent. This is not to say that men can not wear Cristalle but it is definitely a more feminine scent. Cristalle is meant to celebrate womanhood, while CK one goes for a very intentional androgynous feel. Still, both these fragrances share a bunch of similarities. If you’re interested in Chanel Cristalle, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

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