7 Best Candles With An Orange Scent

Candles are a classic holiday gift to give, a safe choice that almost anyone can enjoy. But then there comes an issue: how do you know the candles you’re buying are the best kind of that smell available? With this list of orange-scented products, you can’t go wrong with any seven for the citrus lover in your life.

Orange scented candles are a very specific portion of the candle market. Citrus is a powerful scent used in many candles as a supportive note for other scents, but for these next seven designs, orange takes the front seat.

Citrus is a scent said to reduce stress and clear skin, making these candles the perfect addition to any space you want to relax in. Add some to an extra stressful area of your house like a home office or to a place you want to give more zen vibes to, like a living room.

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The orange scent is also perfect for putting in a room just cleaned and still smelling of the products used to do so. One powerful orange-scented candle and any smells that don’t pair well with it will be completely obliterated, sent running for the proverbial hills.

1. Trapp Orange Vanilla

A classic pairing of scents, this orange vanilla candle promises a wanton mix of sweet and citrusy. Packaged in a house-like box complete with a pointed roof, Trapp is a company with an eye for design.

This extends to the candle as well, a glamorous tumbler fits the orange wax squarely within itself, and embossed print details the name and origins of the candle. This soy blend candle weighs in at around seven ounces, with a burn time of fifty-five hours. An economic choice as well as an aesthetic one, this candle will delight the eyes as well as the nose.

This candle’s distinct scent combination of vanilla and orange may be a classic one, but no one does it quite like Trapp. The two duel each other with a fury, each battling for smell supremacy and to get to your nose first. Whoever wins their battle, you win the war, getting all the benefits from the two aroma’s persona vendetta against each other.

The citrus nature of orange opens up the tangy smells in the candle, while the sweetness of the vanilla unlocks a richness in the citrus that would not be possible without it. A great candle for your bathroom or any place that needs a cleansing odor.

2. Leigh And Scott Orange Spice

Made by a couple dedicated to providing their customers with a personal and fulfilling experience, this hand-poured candle is a holiday delight. Sure to remind one of a loved one baking cookies to celebrate those joyous winter days, the mix of citrus and spices is an unrepeatable delight. Fresh cracked peppercorn gives that edge to the orange peel used to make a citrusy main scent, while base notes of vanilla and tonka bean add a little subtle sweetness to the smelling experience.

A six ounce candle with a forty-two hour burn time, this little treasure is sure to light up those dark winter nights for a long while.

Promising a smell that will remind you of home, this candle is enclosed in a brown-tinted mason jar. A bright orange label adorns it, giving it a vintage and nostalgic look of candles made in the old days. A perfect candle to decorate a holiday party with, these will fill any gathering with the essence of baked goods made with a little orange. Imagine your guests swarming only to be comforted by these decadent aromas.

A scent that spreads without overwhelming, Orange Spice from Leigh and Scott makes for a great present for anyone you know who loves the smell of orange.

3. Jo Malone Orange Blossom

Jo Malone, a London based company with a good eye for luxury candles, has made a candle that is the dictionary definition of subtle. This gentle candle is perfect for anyone you know who loves candles but has a sensitivity to them, this will be sure to soothe and never exasperate their olfactory issues.

A classy container of silvery and frosted glass, this candle looks great on a mantlepiece or as the central focus of your dining room table. A perfect summer candle for relaxing the days away, Orange Blossom is named aptly, with a scent that reminds you of a fragile flower.

Using clementine instead of orange to get a gentler version of that same aroma, Jo Malone pairs this little citrus fruit with water lily and orris, with touches of orange peel to give it a little more citrus energy. These flavors play around like the gentlest of woodland creatures, straight out of a children’s cartoon.

The water lily and orris (made from the root of iris flowers) are what ground this candle in the world of softness, making for a nasal experience that is sure to be gentle and soothing. Orange Blossom makes for a great scent to spool throughout your house with an easy touch.

4. Materia Botanica Orange Clove

The only candle on this list to offer aromatherapy results directly on their website, this citrus creation is said to help with relaxation and centering oneself. Materia Botanica isn’t a big corporate entity, instead, it’s a self owned boutique that offers hand poured candles made in small batches.

The candle is contained within a mason jar with clear glass, allowing the natural hues of the wax to color the appearance of the candle by itself. Made entirely with vegan procedures, the wax is a combination of vegetable and soy and the wicks are pure cotton, making the whole package free of any unnatural synthetic ingredients.

Another spiced citrus candle, the Orange Clove creation from Materia Botanica mixes orange, clove, and cinnamon to make its distinct aroma. The spices back up the citrusy sweet aroma perfectly, creating a scent not unlike the baking of a holiday cookie infused with some fruit and spices.

Coming in two sizes of three and seven and a half ounces, with burn times of twenty and fifty hours respectively, buy a few little ones to decorate any surface in your home, or a larger size to make a centerpiece out of. These will be sure to fill your house with soothing, centering energy, as well as the lovely scent of citrus and spice.

5. Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange

Perhaps the most unique combination of smells on this list, this candle from Voluspa is sure to make heads turn and questions asked about the delectable aroma emanating from this chassis. Mixing mango and orange with the exotic goji berry, this scent is sweet and full bodied, a complex mix of different fruity flavors for your nose.

They also use a variety of orange known as the tarocco and also useblood oranges, which take the sweet notes a little further than your classic citrus ingredients. This is a perfect spring candle, full of scents that will make you want to enjoy the changing season.

Completely hand poured in the United States of America with no animal testing, this coconut wax blend offers one hundred percent natural wicks. The jar is a Japanese inspired design, with seashell patterns playfully embrinted on the glass. A container you’ll want to save when the wax is burnt out, this makes for a great storage device for any little curio.

An 18 ounce candle with an approximate hundred hour burn time, the Goji Tarocco Orange candle from Voluspa makes for a great gift for a loved one or yourself. Place one in the entryway to your home to give your guests an extra burst of nose sensation as they come inside your abode.

6. Origins Feel Good Pine, Spruce, And Orange

This candle is unique on this list as the orange aroma plays less of a central role. Paired here with woody smells of pine and spruce, this candle has the effect of being placed in a decadent orchard full of delightful fruits and powerfully smelling woods.

The pine and spruce work to give the notes of orange a strong supportive base, being more subtle smells than the powerhouse citrus fruit. Picture that magical world of odors, full of juicy oranges just waiting to be plucked from their aromatic trees. And as a company dedicated to sustainable practices, you can be sure this candle was made using only the finest of natural ingredients.

Made of soy wax and infused with a number of natural, essential oils, the Pine, Spruce, and Orange creation from Origins is just one of many in their fine line of Feel Good candles. Origins began in 1990 as primarily a skincare company that sought out to provide natural products that got the job done of the chemical-based ones.

When the company expanded into candles, this mission was still their primary goal, making these candles an economical and ecological purchase. With a recycled cardboard sleeve and brilliant green glass container, this product is hard to resist and even harder to stop sniffing once you’ve lightened it up.

7. Panier Des Sens Absolute Orange Blossom

This classy candle comes embossed in gold print, with packaging that is as decadent as the delicious aroma held inside. With a burn time of up to forty-five hours, this little concoction is sure to delight and amaze your guests or roommates.

A specific combination of different kinds of wax ensures an even and clean burn, and is part of what makes this candle last so long. A soothing candle that relaxes while intriguing with aromas only found here, this is the perfect candle for the classy person in your life. Impress the in-laws or delight a friend when you give them the Absolute Orange Blossom.

The mixes of orangey citrusy sweetness and flowery soft confection make this a powerfully beautiful candle. It is sweet through and through, but never to the point of cloyingly sweet smells. Offered in both a hand cream and body lotion as well as candle form, this product is made using the sweetest of perfume bases.

These make for perfect kitchen candles, giving the whole room the agreeable aroma of orange blossom. Panier Des Sens is dedicated to providing only the best in the world of candles, and this offering sets the bar high. Transport yourself to a world of unrestrained fruity aroma and relax, knowing this is a place to be at peace.

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