6 Best Grapefruit-Scented Candles For Your Home

A candle that smells like grapefruit is probably not the first type of scented candle that comes to mind. Still, a grapefruit-scented candle smells amazing and should definitely not be overlooked. But what are the best grapefruit-scented candles?

The Scent Of Grapefruit In A Candle

The smell of grapefruit is a sticky sweet one, full of promise and opportunity. But which candles really have that tropical fruit’s essences properly conveyed into burnable form? With any of the selections of this list, you are sure to have a house that recalls to mind a fruit orchard.

With the candles appearing here, there are options for even the most picky of candle lovers. There are more pure, fruit scents that give you grapefruit front and center, but also a few that pair it with supportive or even other dominant notes, creating unique experiences that are hard to find elsewhere.

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Each olfactory creation will be sure to delight, made with the most specific of candle making techniques. These candles are perfect for a summer time; whether that means for you relaxing by the pool or lounging in the heat with a good book, the experience will be enhanced by a healthy dose of savory-sweet grapefruit aromas. Don’t let next summer pass you by without experiencing the lovely, relaxing aura of a grapefruit based candle.

1. NEST New York Grapefruit Candle

In packaging luxurious enough for royalty with its smart black box with gold designs and contained within a glass structure with frosted stripes, the grapefruit candle from NEST New York certainly recalls that city that never sleeps. With an over fifty hour burn time for an 8 ounce product size, this candle not only looks classy, but it’s also made to last.

Using only propriety premium wax, you can be sure this candle is going to please you and even your pickiest house guests. Its citrusy aroma extends throughout your abode without ever being overpowering, a rare feat for a candle of this much power.

The smell itself is something to behold. The dominant note of grapefruit is combined with lily of the valley and coriander blossom to add more flowery scents to the mix. These natural smells mixing together create the reality of an enchanted garden, full of aromatic secrets and delights to discover.

Make any place you go into that magic garden with this candle from NEST New York, the name an almost ironic comparison between that city’s smells and the ones of this candle. You’ll be further from the city than ever when you light up this concoction, transporting you to a world full of natural wonders.

2. LAFCO Penthouse Champagne

This candle, made by a company that works to maintain sustainable practices, promises a combination between high luxury and the natural world. LAFCO is dedicated to protecting that world, using no toxic chemicals and keeping everything biodegradable. They keep the quality high as well, however, and these candles can easily go head to head with any major distributor with less environmentally-conscious practices.

The Penthouse Champagne’s clean white packaging and sleek, simple design free of stickers or labels certainly makes a statement. This candle is available in multiple sizes as well, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The citrus combination used to make this aroma is a powerful wafting spray, full of sweet secrets and gentle aromas. Using mandarin, raspberry, orange, neroli, ginger, and rose in addition to the grapefruit, the Penthouse Champagne candle is a powerhouse of fruity and sweet smells. Too many combinations to be any kind of place found in nature, instead, this candle recalls a decadent fruit buffet, full of exotic delicacies from the world over.

Sure to bring you peace of mind, this candle is perfect for the stressed-out person you know. LAFCO recommends you use this candle’s container as a bit of decoration when it’s burned out.

3. AURA Clairvoyant

A delightful mix of scents, this candle by AURA is one of the smaller on this list, but it makes up for it with the beauty and ability of its aroma. A ten ounce candle with a seventy hour burn time, this product mixes grapefruit with cassis, orange, and rose geranium in order to create its unique smell and presence.

An unassuming scent that plays on the nose delightfully, Clairvoyant lives up to the name by making for an easy prediction that anyone will love it. An easy gift for anyone who needs a break from the overbearing and often clinging smells of the world, Clairvoyant by AURA will bring a little extra spice to their life.

Hand-poured in the United States of America, this candle is made with soy wax and a cotton wick to promote clean and even burning. The packaging is quirky and cute, a purple label and cleanly emblazoned with the company logo top make for a candle that is hard to mistake for any other.

This is the only candle on this list to use the yuzu variant of the grapefruit, making it have a slightly different sweet base than the others. Perfect for you if the regular aroma of grapefruit has gotten a little stale, the addition of the yuzu variety makes for a fresh and interesting scent.

4. Barr-Co Fir And Grapefruit Parfait

The only candle on this list to include more woody smells with the fruity sweet grapefruit, this addition from Barr-Co is a simple pleasure. Hand-poured in small batches, the Fir and Grapefruit Parfait is a delightful mix of aromas. A burn time of eighty hours is included in this 10 ounce package, getting the consumer a lot of bang for their buck.

It’s packaging almost recalls a Christmas tree, tall and skinny with red and green print on the white label. The company uses a mix of vegetable and soy wax to manufacture this delight, sure to bring to mind the winter season.

The zesty grapefruit pools with the woody fir oils to make a uniquely holiday smelling candle. The two different worlds of aromas do not duel with each other, instead becoming partners in the dance of making an odor. The fir brings to mind the world of pine trees, crusted in a light dusting of snow, while the grapefruit brings in the world of decadent sweets, creating a winter wonderland all to itself.

Place a few around your home to host a holiday party, or enjoy one by yourself to get you in the spirits of the times.

5. Williams Sonoma Pink Grapefruit

The Pink Grapefruit candle created by Williams Sonoma is a perfect simple aroma. Based on grapefruit with small hints of orange and other natural odors, this candle is perfect for putting in a room after you’ve done a deep clean to give it a clean scent that matches the clean room.

It is a subtle smell to be sure, but after a bit of exposure, seeps into the room in a powerful way that plays at the back of the nose but never quite lets you forget it is there. Gentle without being forgettable is the best way to describe this smell.

The candle comes in boxed form or a larger version with three wicks. It’s soft pink color is a subtle splash of color to add to your kitchen or bathroom. Williams Sonoma is unique among the companies on this list as they offer their scents in a variety of products. If you’re a fan of this one, it also comes in lotion, soaps, diffusers, potpourri, or a combination back of all of these.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the grapefruit devotee you know, this grouping is hard to beat. They’re sure to have their house smelling entirely of grapefruit within a week.

6. Aquiesse Grapefruit Acai

The product on this list that best exemplifies the tart nature of grapefruits, Grapefruit Acai is a candle made for a relaxation aid in the study/home office or to add to a comfy library space. The playful combination of grapefruit with acai berries and black currant makes for a narrative of smells, each different fruit playing a very different role.

The acai berries are the extra bit of tartness, while the black currants work to add a bit of spice to the experience. Grapefruit ties the whole thing together, uniting the two more disparate fruit aromas with itself to make a powerful and pleasing olfactory encounter.

Offering a hundred hour burn time in just an 11 ounce package, Aquiesse is a company that wants to create a classy product that still works as well as one designed for the money-conscious consumer. The thick, brown smoked glass adds to the qualities that make this a candle for the buyer with an eye for professionalism, as does the embossed crest-like logo of the company.

Mixing tartness and sweetness creates a candle that is an intriguing addition to anyone’s collection. A great gift for anyone, including yourself.

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