12 Best Chloe Fragrances For Women

Chloe has become somewhat of a household name in the perfume world. But what actually are the best Chloe fragrances for women?

The House Of Chloe And Its Fragrances

Chloe is a beloved brand that offers women gorgeous designs that are sensual, flirty, and exciting. Further, Chloe has been extremely successful in crafting stunning fragrances that are a staple of many women’s everyday routines.

When fashion legend Gaby Aghion founded Chloe in Paris in 1952, she envisioned a fashion house that would embody femininity, class and an air of soft romanticism. Today, it is clear that Aghion’s vision has endured, as Chloe is one of the most well respected and consistent brands in today’s fashion landscape.

Many of Chloe’s most popular fragrances are known for their beautiful, soft, and fruity notes, making them perfect for wear in warmer months and during the daytime. However, the Chloe fragrance offerings are diverse and extensive, which means that there are many different fragrances for Chloe fans to enjoy that maintain the House’s core personality.

Nowadays, Chloe is known for making approachable fragrances that are extremely easy to wear. They make you smell wonderful, but are not overpowering or offensive. In this article, we’ll list some of the best Chloe fragrances for women, in no particular order!

1. Chloe Fleur De Parfum

Chloe’s Fleur De Parfum, introduced in 2016, is the perfect fragrance for floral lovers. Lovers of Fleur note that wearing this fragrance feels like being engulfed by a bouquet of gorgeous, fresh flowers. The effect is invigorating and relaxing and leaves the wearer with an air of class and timelessness.

Fleur De Parfum’s top notes are verbena, bergamot, and grapefruit. This blend gives off an initial fresh and natural aroma, and acts as an exciting start to this lovely fragrance. The middle notes of this scent are rose, black currant, peach, and cherry blossom. This is where the floral aspects really bloom, giving the illusion of walking through a well-tended garden on a warm, May afternoon.

Although the rose scent in Fleur’s middle notes are the most prominent in this fragrance, the base notes of white musk, rice, and cedar really work to ground and complete the fragrance, providing a natural and sensual foundation.

This blend was mainly created to evoke the natural beauty of the warmer spring and summer months, and it definitely succeeds. For those looking for a floral, sweet, and light fragrance that will not feel too intense or heavy for warm weather, Fleur will be the perfect fit.

However, it could serve as a pick me up for colder months, for a fragrance lover who is looking to experience the sensations of a spring garden when there is snow on the ground.

This fragrance will serve as a great signature scent for most people because of its versatility. It is light and casual enough to be worn during daily tasks, or even for a casual night at home. Because roses are so timeless and classic, you will find this scent can also be dressed up and worn to a formal event or a fancy night out.

Chloe’s Fleur De Parfum is an embodiment of what Chloe has always done best: capture the beauty of simple femininity while highlighting the natural beauty we encounter every day.

2. Chloe Love Story

Chloe Love Story was blended with pure romance in mind, imagining an afternoon exploring the streets of  Paris with a lover. This fragrance, introduced in 2014, is meant to highlight the beauty and adventure of falling in love, and it definitely succeeds in this mission.

Love Story is a floral fragrance but separates itself from some of Chloe’s other offerings by highlighting gorgeous white florals, as well. These white florals produce a fresh, clean feel, leaving the wearer with a sense of gorgeous simplicity.

Love Story opens with top notes of lemon, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, and pear, which produce an initial fruity and sweet air. The middle notes are black currant, rose, stephanotis, peach, and orange blossom, which produce the bloom of florals that the scent is known for. Finally, this fragrance has base notes of cedar, musk, patchouli, and cashmirwood. These base notes add a final layer of richness that makes this fragrance sumptuous and stunning.

This fragrance will be most gorgeous during warmer months, particularly in the springtime when the air is just warming up in many places. Love Story will also be a great scent for every day wear as well, mostly because it is such a light and clean, not too intense fragrance. It is definitely a staple scent that can be adaptable for any situation that arises.

3. Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Rosa Damascena

Chloe’s Rosa Damascena is also one of Chloe’s newer offerings, debuting in 2019. As you can guess, this scent focuses heavily on a floral and rose scent. There have been many attempts at creating gorgeous rose fragrances, and Rosa Damascena is yet another successful offerings.

For those looking for a classic, almost vintage style floral perfume, Rosa Damascena will be a perfect fit. It also comes in a gorgeous bottle that’s a little different from the typical Chloe bottles, producing a very glamorous feel. 

Those looking for a slight twist on floral scents will also love Rosa Damascena, as the note of rose isn’t the only noticeable scent here. Although rose is the clearest and most overpowering note in this fragrance, the wearer will also detect slight notes of citrus and spice.

It is obvious to say that floral and rosy scents are perfect for spring and summer months, which is true for Rosa Damascena as well. However, this scent will also be fabulous for fall and winter, as the lightly spiced aspect of this scent will add a slight air of mystery that is perfect for the darker and colder months.

Rosa Damascena can be lovely worn in any situation, but it is best worn for glamorous or romantic settings. Think of a candlelit restaurant with a lover, or a long walk exploring a garden on a spring morning.

4. Chloe Chloe Eau De Parfum

Chloe Eau de Parfum, launched in 2008, is perhaps Chloe’s most versatile fragrance, aimed at providing an everyday, constant, and widely loved scent that will become a staple in many women’s lives.

Eau de Parfum is a floral scent that is light and not too overwhelming, which is what many women look for in a signature scent. The additional benefit is that it’s also strong and long-lasting, which is surprising for a scent that is as subtle as Chloe Eau de Parfum.

The top notes of this scent are freesia, litchi, and peony, giving an initial soft, floral aroma. The middle notes will be magnolia, rose, and lily of the valley, with the rose having the strongest effect. These middle notes enhance the already floral, and slightly fruity scent. Finally, the fragrance is grounded by the very subtle, yet gorgeous base notes of amber and Virginia cedar.

Chloe Eau de Parfum is a perfect fragrance for the modern woman. When you are getting ready for a busy day, this scent will be the perfect companion, because it can be relied on to provide not only its stunning and sensual scent but also to maintain that scent during whatever needs to be completed during the day.

Because it is a versatile scent meant for everyday wear, Chloe Eau de Parfum is not necessarily suited to any one season specifically. This fragrance will be gorgeous in both warm weather and cooler weather and will shine and provide beauty in any situation it is worn in.

5. Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Magnolia Alba

Chloe Magnolia Alba is one of the House’s newer fragrances, debuting in 2019. Even though it is rather new, this fragrance has been a huge hit. It is simultaneously one of Chloe’s typical floral scents that highlights softness, femininity, and beauty, but it differs from some of Chloe’s other offerings in that it focuses on magnolia (which should be obvious based on its name!) and also some light, fresh citrus notes.

While the scent is simple and straightforward, it also feels very ahead of the curve, as there are not many offerings anywhere quite like it. It opens with citrus notes, creating a refreshing air. This fragrance will then fully bloom into the magnolia scent that is the star of the show, and an apt namesake for Chloe Magnolia Alba.

As a side note, the bottle for this fragrance is much different from the standard Chloe designs. It is packaged in a tall ribbed bottle, with a white and light pink pearly color to it. It gives the elegance of old Hollywood glamour, and will look stunning on any woman’s dressing table.

Magnolia Alba is another perfume best worn in the spring and summer months, as the warmer temperatures will highlight the citrus and floral aromas. This fragrance is another versatile scent, as it is not too overpowering and can definitely be a perfect fit for casual or more formal events.

6. Chloe Tuberosa 1974

Tuberosa 1974 is a rerelease of Chloe’s first-ever fragrance release. Fashion icon and legend Karl Lagerfield was the artistic director at the time of the creation of this original scent, released in 1974. Tuberosa is emblematic to the Chloe brand, and fans will be very pleased to see this scent as an offering in 2020.

The notes of Tuberosa are, of course, tuberose and spices. Keeping in line with many other Chloe scents, there are also strong white floral notes in this fragrance, creating a classic and stunning aroma. 

The scent of Tuberosa 1974 will remind any fragrance lover of Chloe’s French roots, as it is very timeless in its Parisian elegance. This scent will exude a rich sense of beauty and makes its wearer appear self-assured and confident. 

Tuberosa can be worn in any season, as its floral notes are not too overwhelming and sweet for winter months. Since Tuberosa is a little more on the intense side than some of Chloe’s other offerings, this fragrance would be best in more formal settings, as the scent has the potential to be a little heavy for casual wear.

7. Chloe Cedrus

While Chloe as a brand is iconic and very well known for its feminine, floral, and sweet scents, those notes may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Chloe Cedrus, introduced in 2019, aims to present an offering for people who may prefer an earthier or darker scent.

The first notes identified in Cedrus will be green and earthy: vetivier and moss will combine to create a woody scent. Sandalwood and spicy cardamom notes will then slowly mingle in, to create a very green and mysterious scent that is perfect for anyone who wants to feel connected to the more grounded parts of the earth, such as roots and trees. These kind of natural connections can be very calming and stable in a fragrance.

Because Cedrus is more of a woody scent, it tends to be worn better in the fall and winter months, where the natural aspects of those seasons focus more on nature’s less floral attributes. This fragrance is also great for more casual wear, as it will smell very natural and alluring during everyday tasks.

8. Chloe Atelier Des Fleurs Vanilla Planifolia

Chloe has long taken inspiration from natural and simple scents, creating numerous fragrances that evoke the beauty and consistency of nature. However, Chloe has crafted a unique scent in their Atelier Des Fleurs Vanilla Planifolia.

While Vanilla Planifolia is floral like many of Chloe’s fragrances, the wearer will also detect top notes of citrus and spice, and a middle note of orchid. The base notes in Vanilla Planifolia will be the fragrance’s namesake, and will evoke the scent of vanilla and coumarin.

This scent, while remaining light and floral, is also somewhat spicy and mysterious. This would be perfect as a gorgeous, light winter scent. The scent would bring joy to otherwise bleak skies or cold temperatures, while not feeling too sweet or fruity for the winter months.

Vanilla Planifolia is also a versatile scent that is appropriate and lovely in any situation and can be worn for most events and social settings.

9. Chloe Nomade

Chloe Nomade is one of the House’s most popular scents. Launched in 2018, it is one of Chloe’s newer fragrances. Despite that, it has been approved by Chloe loyalists and has been a fan favorite for fragrance lovers of all types.

It is a warm, woody, and floral fragrance that is somehow able to balance between intensity and softness. Nomade is also a scent that feels very classic, but at the same time new and exciting. This fragrance keeps you guessing, which is great for anyone who may desire a signature scent that doesn’t feel too stagnant.

Chloe Nomade’s top notes are mirabelle, bergamot, orange, and lemon, which gives the scent an initial citrusy sweetness when it is applied. When its middle notes emerge, the wearer will encounter the aromas of freesia, peach, rose, and jasmine, highlighting the floral aspects of this blend. Finally, the base notes are oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, white musk, and amber, finishing this fragrance with its woody, earthy tones.

You may be used to hearing fragrances described in more or less the same kind of ways, but that simply is not the case with Chloe Nomade. This fragrance can be described as having an air of freedom and exhilaration, giving the wearer a sense of confidence and ease. This fragrance can be worn in nearly any situation, letting the wearer exercise their sense of adventure as they go about their day.

Chloe Nomade is incredibly versatile and can be lovely during any season. It can also be perfect for classy, formal events, as well as running to the grocery store, or getting coffee with a friend. Nomade provides the wearer endless possibilities for use, which is why it is already such a beloved fragrance.

10. Chloe Lavanda

There has been much discussion about the way scents can truly provide a calming and peaceful feeling, and perhaps the most well-known scent that does this is lavender. It should be no surprise then that Chloe’s Lavanda, launched in 2019, does just this.

Lavanda is a gorgeous floral fragrance meant to bring about visions of freshly cut lavender on the first warm spring day of the season. Although there are other minor notes in the fragrance, such as spice and herb blends, the main note will be the lavender, of course. 

Chloe’s Lavanda will produce all the fabulous aspects of fresh lavender. Many lavender scented products tend to feel a bit artificial, this fragrance will feel as though you have actual lavender in your handbag. The wearer will exude a sense of serenity and natural beauty, and will definitely improve their mood and confidence.

This fragrance is definitely better suited for the spring and summer months, as the warm temperatures and sunshine will enhance the scent’s effect. However, Lavanda will improve the mood and calm the soul of anyone looking for a pick me up during bleak winter weather.

Lavanda will be a great everyday fragrance. The scent is definitely not too overwhelming, which means it can be worn to the grocery store, or to a wedding, without seeming out of place in either circumstance.

11. Chloe Jasminum Sambac

Chloe’s fragrance Jasminum Sambac is best described as delicate and elegant. While retaining many of the floral aspects of Chloe’s other offerings, Jasminum Sambac tends to evoke a feeling that is very rich and sensual. Since its introduction in 2019, it has been popular among many looking for very soft and subtle beauty.

Many of Chloe’s fragrances feature white florals, and that is also one of the main notes in this fragrance. Jasmine is the star of Jasminum Sambac, and the effect of the jasmine petals are both subtle and intense. The inherent beauty of jasmine shines through in this scent, and it is both exquisite and natural at the same time.

Jasminum Sambac can be a fragrance for any season, as the floral aspects are soft enough that they will be suitable for any temperature. The beauty of the jasmine scent, paired with the intense nature of jasmine sambac, will be nice in the winter months when floral scents are often underrepresented.

This scent can be worn during most circumstances, as it is subtle enough for any event or setting. It can also be layered with other floral scents to create a stunning and diverse bouquet.

12. Chloe Rose Tangerine

Chloe’s Rose Tangerine is a very new fragrance, having only been launched in 2020. It is a very fresh twist on some of Chloe’s classic themes, particularly the feminine, floral, and rosy nature of many of their scents. Rose Tangerine uses the standard aspects of Chloe’s brand while adding a fun new twist.

The top notes of Rose Tangerine are black currant and tangerine, producing a citrusy initial aspect to the fragrance. The middle notes will be rose, Chloe’s tried and true scent, and the one that holds this fragrance together. Finally, the base notes of white amber and cedar finish off this scent and create a fragrance that is both floral and citrusy, adding a tangy new edition to Chloe’s classic floral offerings.

This is definitely a fragrance that would be best worn in the warmer months, particularly in the summer. The citrus and floral aspects of this scent will be perfect for a barbecue or an afternoon by the pool, getting some sun with friends.

Additionally, this scent would also be best worn for casual, carefree circumstances. The scent exudes an air of youth and lightness, which is why it is best for fun and easy social events.

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