6 Best New Years Eve Fragrances For Men

New Years Eve. One of the most fantastic times, at least for me. Nothing better than ending off the year with your loved ones, only to start a brand new year, ready to be taken on. During this festive night, there is a good chance you’ll be around many people. It’s just great to end of the year with them. Wearing a fragrance as well will make this even better, both for you and the other people around you!

What To Look For In A New Years Eve Fragrance

New Year’s Eve is a happy, festive night. During this night, you want a fragrance that has this same happy, festive vibe. This could either be a playful scent, but a youthful scent works great as well. You don’t want to take it too seriously, and neither should you take the fragrance. You can go with whatever wild fragrance you want.

Sweet and spicy fragrances work particularly well during this night. Fragrances with a sweet, maybe gourmand scent just have this nice, approachable and playful vibe around them. That’s what you’re looking for in a New Years Eve fragrance. The fragrances listed below are in no particular order. They are all fantastic to wear during New Year’s Eve!

1. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

Scent: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme is one of the best cold weather fragrances. The scent you’re getting with this fragrance is such an incredibly nice, sweet, and spicy mixture. Everything about this fragrance just falls right into its place. The sweet, spicy scent with this amazing vibe around it. You really can’t go wrong with this fragrance.

Notes: The notes in Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme are lavender, cumin, black pepper, vanilla, and tobacco.

Why it works so great: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme is such a great fragrance for New Year’s Eve thanks to its sweet, spicy, attention-grabbing scent. The scent itself works perfectly during the colder months, as well as during the night. The outgoing, festive scent is just great to wear during the night. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme is just an overall fantastic scent.

2. Emporio Armani Stronger With You

Scent: Emporio Armani Stronger With You is an extremely sweet fragrance. In fact, it might be a little too much for some people. However, most people will really like this fragrance. The sweet scent has a nice gourmand aspect to it, making it very appealing and easy to wear during the cold months and during the night. This gourmand vibe is mainly coming from the vanilla and chestnut, which is a fantastic combination.

Notes: The top notes of Emporio Armani Stronger With You are cardamom, pink pepper, and violet leaves. The middle note is sage. The base notes are chestnut and vanilla.

Why it works so great: Emporio Armani Stronger With You is a really good gourmand fragrance. These type of fragrances are perfect for outgoing nights like New Years Eve. An attention-grabbing, head-turning fragrance like Emporio Armani Stronger With You is just perfect for New Year’s Eve. It is also easy to wear by almost any man.

3. Versace Eros

Scent: Versace Eros is a very loud, attention-grabbing fragrance. The scent itself is an incredibly sweet one. It starts if with a fresh, fruity scent which dries down to an even nicer, sweeter, scent. The opening is already quite sweet, but when the vanilla in this fragrance starts to show itself, it becomes an even more beautiful sweet scent.

Notes: The top notes of Versace Eros are mint, green apple, and lemon. The middle notes are tonka bean, geranium, and ambroxan. The base notes are vanilla, vetiver, oakmoss, Virginian cedar, and Atlas cedar.

Why it works so great: Versace Eros is a fantastic fragrance with a playful, youthful scent. This scent is crowd-pleasing and attention-grabbing at the same time. It is very strong an noticeable, making it perfect for crowded environments. This could be at a club, but it is just a nice during a New Year’s Eve party. The youthful and playful scent just fits in with this time. It is slightly more youthful, making it fit better with younger guys.

4. Valentino Uomo

Scent: Valentino Uomo is a fantastic fragrance with a very sweet, gourmand-like scent. When you look at the notes below, you can see chocolate, hazelnut, and roasted coffee beans. These type of notes create a very nice, gourmand-like scent. It almost feels like you can actually eat it. The scent itself is a very nice, sweet scent with a soft leathery dry down. Overall a fantastic fragrance.

Notes: The top notes of Valentino Uomo are bergamot and myrtle. The middle notes are roasted coffee beans, chocolate, and hazelnut. The base notes are leather and cedarwood.

Why it works so great: Valentino Uomo fits so perfectly with the New Year’s Eve thanks to the gourmand scent. This gourmand scent is very outgoing and overall happy smelling. And whats better than smelling happy during such a fantastic night. The overall vibe that Valentino Uomo gives off is just perfect for New Year’s Eve. It is also quite an affordable fragrance.

5. Tom Ford Fabulous

Scent: Tom Ford Fabulous is a very nice fragrance with an interesting scent. The scent you’re getting with this fragrance is a mix between oriental and freshness. The opening is somewhat fresh, but it quickly turns into an oriental, gourmand fragrance. The gourmand vibe comes from the almond that is in the fragrance. This gives it a nutty sweetness. Furthermore, there is a soft touch of leather in there as well.

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Fabulous are almond bitter oils, tonka resinoid, orris accord, cashmeran, leather, and clary sage oil.

Why it works so great: Tom Ford Fabulous is a very nice, playful fragrance with a scent that just fits fantastically with a festive night like New Year’s Eve. The gourmand and leathery scent are just perfect for night time wear in general. Luckily, this fragrance is also festive enough for such a festive night. This fragrance is the most expensive one on this list.

6. Paco Rabanne One Million

Scent: Paco Rabanne One Million has a fantastically sweet scent. This sweet scent isn’t too overpowering, but it is definitely strong and noticeable. Besides the sweet scent, you can also detect a nice spiciness added to the fragrance. Paco Rabanne One Million is a very popular fragrance and has a mass-appealing scent. Just make sure not to overspray it.

Notes: The top notes of Paco Rabanne One Million are grapefruit, mint, and blood orange. The middle notes are rose, cinnamon, spice notes, and leather. The base notes are white woods, amber, and patchouli.

Why it works so great: Paco Rabanne One Million is a very festive and playful fragrance. The sweet scent goes perfectly with a festive time like New Year’s Eve. Such a playful, youthful scent can set the tone for such a night. This fragrance works especially well with younger guys. Maybe to a New Year’s Eve party with your friends.


New Year’s Eve is a fantastic night for most. Ending the year off with your friends and loved ones, only to take the next year head on! During this night, you can wear an appropriate fragrance to set the festive tone even more.

The best fragrances for a night as this are the sweeter, more playful fragrances. These are outgoing, festive, noticeable, but shouldn’t be overpowering. The fragrances above are all fantastic for a night such as this. Of course, these are not the only ones that would work great. The ones above are in no particular order, they all work fantastic. Some are better for older men, others for younger. I suggest you give some of these a try and see how you like them!

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