6 Best Nasomatto Fragrances For Men

Nasomatto is a fantastic niche fragrance house with some incredible fragrances. Not only are their fragrances amazing, but they also have a very recognizable cap. But which fragrances from this house are the best for men?

The House Of Nasomatto And Its Fragrances

Nasomatto is a fragrance house based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The name ‘Nasomatto’ is actually Italian for ‘crazy nose’. Nasomatto is an interesting house, as it has only created 10 fragrances, and will no longer create more. They first introduced the world to their fragrances in 2007. They introduced 5 fragrances, and in the next couple of years, they released the other 5.

The thing that makes Nasomatto fragrances so interesting is their mystery. Many of their fragrances do not have the notes listed or have listed only a few of them. Added to this is that the scent of Nasomatto fragrances is really interesting. They have a rich, deep scent that evokes memories, as well as thoughts. But they do not only have great scents.

Niche houses similar to Nasomatto are Carner Barcelona, Penhaligon’s, Tiziana Terenzi, Nishane, and Xerjoff!

Nasomatto also has an incredible bottle design. Their bottle cap is basically a block of wood. This gives the fragrance a luxurious appearance, which fits perfectly with the scents. Below are listed some of the best Nasomatto fragrances for men!

1. Nasomatto Absinth

Scent: Nasomatto Absinth is a fantastic fragrance with a woody, sweet scent. In the opening of this fragrance, you mostly get this sweet, woody scent. However, there is also a very noticeable green scent. This creates a very nice combination. On one hand, you have a sweet, woody scent, but on the other, you have a fresh green scent. In the dry down, this fragrance, you can start to notice a smoky aspect. This goes perfectly with the woody note in there.

Notes: The notes of Nasomatto Absinth are vetiver, wormwood, and green notes.

Best for: Nasomatto Absinth is a very versatile fragrance. It would work perfectly during the fall and spring. The fresh and green scent makes it work during the spring, where the sweet woody side makes it work in the fall. Overall, you have a fantastic fragrance that you can really wear whenever you want. It works casually, but it works just as well formally. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

2. Nasomatto Black Afgano

Scent: Nasomatto Black Afgano is one of the more popular fragrances from Nasomatto. This one is well-known for its cannabis note. This note is most prevalent in the opening. In the opening, you’ll also be able to notice some other green notes. After a bit, this fragrance takes a whole different turn. Now, you have a woody fragrance with notes of tobacco as well. During the dry down, you can also notice the note of oud. Overall, this is a fragrance with a dark, rich scent.

Notes: The top notes of Nasomatto Black Afgano are cannabis and green notes. The middle notes are resins, wood notes, coffee, and tobacco. The base notes are incense and oud.

Best for: Nasomatto Black Afgano is a great fragrance to wear during the winter. However, this fragrance does have this bad boy vibe around it. It has a few notes that aren’t commonly used and that aren’t your usual note. This does create a very interesting fragrance, but it might not be for everyone. However, the general consensus is that it is a very pleasant fragrance. Due to this vibe around it, it won’t work well in every situation. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

3. Nasomatto Pardon

Scent: Nasomatto Pardon is a classy, luxurious, and successful smelling fragrance with a phenomenal scent. The opening of this fragrance is sweet with the main note being chocolate. Added to this chocolate scent are spices such as cinnamon. When combined together, you’re left with this incredible, masculine, seductive scent. The dry down of this fragrance leans more towards a mixture of woods and chocolate. Overall, this is a fantastic fragrance.

Notes: The top note of Nasomatto Pardon is magnolia. The middle notes are unsweetened chocolate, tonka bean, and cinnamon. The base note is sandalwood.

Best for: Nasomatto Pardon has an incredible scent of chocolate. This chocolaty scent has a very luxurious vibe. The masculinity and the seductiveness allow this fragrance to be worn in many situations. It could be a fantastic fragrance to wear to a date. But, you can just as easily wear this fragrance formally. The scent if this fragrance has a very professional and successful vibe to it as well. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

4. Nasomatto Duro

Scent: Nasomatto Duro is a fantastic fragrance with an interesting scent. This fragrance is a combination of woods, spices, and a little bit of oud. The opening of this fragrance is mainly warm and spicy with a slight smoky scent. This opening can be a bit strong in the beginning, but it refines after a few minutes. This then dries down to this woody, spicy scent. Added to this is a subtle touch of oud and you can also notice some musk. Overall, an extremely masculine fragrance.

Notes: The notes of Nasomatto Duro are woods, spices, and leather.

Best for: Nasomatto Duro is an extremely masculine and nice fragrance. The scent of this fragrance is quite strong with a spicy, woody scent. These types of fragrances are best worn during the colder months. This fragrance would be a perfect formal fragrance. You could also wear this fragrance to some first dates to make a great first impression. Overall, an amazing fragrance and it is definitely worth the high price. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

5. Nasomatto Silver Musk

Scent: Nasomatto Silver Musk is a very fresh fragrance form the house of Nasomatto. This fragrance is kind of unique, as it only has one note listed. However, there is certainly much more to this fragrance than just that one note. The opening of this fragrance is really clean, citrusy, and fresh, with an almost soapy-like scent. In the dry down, this soapy fresh scent gets a nice base of musk. Overall, this is a very interesting, unique and almost mysterious smelling fragrance.

Notes: The only listed note for Nasomatto Silver Musk is the note of musk.

Best for: Nasomatto Silver Musk is a great fragrance to wear during the warmer months. The fresh, soapy opening is perfect for warm temperatures. Wearing this fragrance is a true joy, thanks to the mysterious nature around it. It almost feels like you’re in a fantasy forest like you’d see in The Lord Of The Rings. Truly a beautiful fragrance and definitely worth the high price. If you’re interested, you can check out the current price over here on Amazon!

6. Nasomatto Blamage

Scent: Nasomatto Blamage is a fantastic fragrance form the house of Nasomatto with an interesting scent. The opening of this fragrance is quite strong with a noticeable influence of woods. Along with the woody scent, you can also notice a soapy scent as well. This is a great combination. After a little while, this soapy, woody scent dries down to a musky, sweeter version. In this sweeter version, you can still notice the woody and soapy background, but there is a strong vanilla-like influence.

Notes: The notes of Nasomatto Blamage are musk, birch, leather, and white woods.

Best for: Nasomatto Blamage is a fantastic cold weather fragrance. The opening is woody and soapy and the dry down is sweet and woody. These are all scents that would work wonders with lower temperatures. The scent itself has a pretty high price tag to it, so you might not want to use this as a casual wear fragrance. However, you most certainly can. The overall scent is pretty versatile. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

Are Nasomatto Fragrances Worth It

The fragrances of the house of Nasomatto are fantastic. They are of high quality and they have fantastic scents. That goes for the ones not mentioned in this article as well. Not only is their scent fantastic, but they also have some really innovative and unique bottle caps. They are basically just a block of wood. However, there is one large downside to Nasomatto fragrances.

A fragrance from the house of Nasomatto is quite expensive. Nasomatto has 30ml bottles with prices that are quite high. This could deter many people away from these fantastic scents. Keeping that in mind, I’d still say Nasomatto fragrances are worth it. They smell fantastic and they can fill up some specific roles in your collection. Besides that, you do get a fragrance of high quality. Therefore, Nasomatto fragrances are worth it. Just make sure you choose the right ones so you’re not left with an expensive fragrance you don’t like.

However, there is also a way to get your hands on these fragrances for a little cheaper. You can also purchase decants of Nasomatto fragrances. A decant is a smaller bottle, usually, 5ml or 10ml filled up with the original fragrance. This way, you can purchase a Nasomatto fragrance for a little cheaper. This way, you do not get the original bottle, but you do get the original fragrance, only for a little cheaper. If you’d like to read more about decants and see the best places to purchase these decants, you can check out this other article I wrote about decants!

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