6 Best Cinnamon Fragrances For Men

Cinnamon is not only one of the tastiest spices, but it is also a fantastic fragrance note. Cinnamon is often used in the sweeter, gourmand-like fragrances. But which cinnamon fragrances are the best for men?

What Makes Cinnamon Fragrances So Good

Cinnamon is a very interesting note. The scent of cinnamon can provoke many thoughts and memories. Most often, cinnamon is linked to the colder seasons. This is quite valid, as cinnamon is a sweet, wintery spice, often used during those colder months.

This connection to the colder months is not only found in the use of cinnamon during those months, but a cinnamon fragrance also has a very warm, spicy, sweet scent. This is exactly what you should be looking for during those colder months. However, the note of cinnamon is more often used as a supporting note, instead of as the main note. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to notice its influence on the fragrance.

The main things that make cinnamon fragrances so fantastic are the warm, comforting, and overall fantastic smelling scent, as well as the connection to e certain period of the year. Cinnamon fragrances just smell amazing and are perfect for the colder months. You really can’t go wrong with them, especially with the ones listed below.

1. Parfums De Marly Oajan

Scent: Parfums De Marly Oajan is a fantastic cinnamon fragrance with a nice gourmand scent. The opening of this fragrance immediately introduces the cinnamon, as well as some other sweet notes. Added to this are some sweet resins as well. This gives the gourmand vibe another boost. In the dry down, there are even more sweet, gourmand-like notes added. There is vanilla, which goes perfectly with cinnamon, but there are also musk and tonka beans. This creates a very nice, sweet, gourmand fragrance. However, there is a slight freshness noticeable throughout this fragrance to avoid it from becoming too sweet.

Notes: The top notes of Parfums De Marly Oajan are cinnamon, honey, and osmanthus. The middle notes are benzoin, labdanum, ambergris, and davana. The base notes are patchouli, musk, vanilla, and tonka beans.

Best for: Parfums De Marly Oajan is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the colder months. The warm, sweet, gourmand scent is perfect for those cold days. Another perfect time to wear such a fragrance is during Christmas. A fragrance with such a happy, sweet, and uplifting scent goes perfectly with those type of days. Other than that, you can also wear this fragrance casually, as it is just a delight to wear and smell it! If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

2. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Scent: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is, as the name suggests, a bomb of spices. One of them being, of course, cinnamon. The opening of this fragrance is actually quite fresh. This fresh opening balances out the fragrance, as it makes sure it is not too sweet or spicy. This fresh scent than turns into a more spicy version. This is also where you’ll start to notice some cinnamon and other sweet notes. In the dry down, you can get this sweet, tobacco, cinnamon scent which is what Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is known for. Truly a fantastic fragrance.

Notes: The top notes of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb are elemi, pink pepper, grapefruit, and bergamot. The middle notes are saffron and cinnamon. The base notes are leather, tobacco, and vetiver.

Best for: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is a lighter version of a cinnamon fragrance. This actually makes it a little more versatile. Of course, this fragrance is perfect for both the winter and fall, but you can also wear it during the spring, as long as the temperatures aren’t too high. Besides casual wear during those seasons, you can also wear it on nights out or even on a date. This fragrance is one of the more versatile on this list and is definitely worth picking up. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

3. Creed Original Santal

Scent: Creed Original Santal is an interesting take on a cinnamon fragrance. This fragrance has more of a fresh cinnamon scent to it. The opening of this fragrance is spicy, fresh, and has a cinnamon-like scent. This later gets accompanied by some more fresh notes, as well as some floral ones. The dry down goes more towards the sweet cinnamon scent. However, even the dry down is a little on the fresh side, despite there being a nice vanilla scent. Overall, you get a fresh, spicy scent with a nice influence of cinnamon. All the while, this fragrance has great performance.

Notes: The top notes of Creed Original Santal are orange tree absolute, Jamaican ginger, and cinnamon, and Sicilian lemon. The middle notes are lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and pink berries. The base notes are Mysore sandalwood, Virginian cedar, vanilla, benzoin, ambergris, and tonkin musk.

Best for: Creed Original Santal is the perfect cinnamon fragrance if you’re looking for a fresher cinnamon fragrance. Maybe you live in a hot area or you’re just looking for a fresher cinnamon fragrance, this would be the one. Because it has a sweet, spicy scent, as well as a fresh scent, this fragrance is perfect to wear during both the fall and spring. The only downside to this is that Creed fragrances are a little on the expensive side. If you’re interested, you can check out the current price over here on Amazon!

4. Hanae Mori Him

Scent: Hanae Mori Him is a beautiful cinnamon fragrance from a lesser-known house. The opening of this fragrance is a fantastic cinnamon scent, blended with a sweet, floral scent. This creates a gourmand-like scent that is truly stunning. This later dries down to a more woody, smoky version, which is still nothing short of beautiful. Overall, you get a sweet, spicy cinnamon fragrance with great performance as well.

Notes: The top notes of Hanae Mori Him are mandarin, violet leaves, grey pepper, bergamot, and cardamom. The middle notes are fig wood, cinnamon, and tonka beans. The base notes are white cedar, teak wood, amber, fir balsam, and musk.

Best for: Hanae Mori Him is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the fall. The cinnamon and woody combination is basically fall in a bottle. You get a nice and spicy scent, as well as a woody touch, reminiscent of the falling leaves. This fragrance also has a sensual side to it as well, especially in the opening. This makes it a fantastic choice to wear on a date as well. Hanae Mori Him is also the most affordable fragrance on this list. It is, in fact, really cheap. You can check out the current price over here on Amazon!

5. Parfums De Marly Herod

Scent: Parfums De Marly Herod is a phenomenal fragrance with a heavy emphasis on vanilla. However, there is also a nice and noticeable dose of cinnamon, which goes hand in hand with the vanilla. The opening of this fragrance introduces the cinnamon. Added to this are more sweet notes, as well as tobacco leaves. These provide a sweet tobacco scent as well. In the dry down, there is the vanilla which this fragrance is based around, as well as some woody notes. This woody, vanilla scent is what you’ll smell most of the time with this fragrance, however, there is this nice cinnamon opening as well.

Notes: The top notes of Parfums De Marly Herod are cinnamon and pepper wood. The middle notes are osmanthus, tobacco leaves, frankincense, and labdanum. The base notes are vanilla pods, woods, Atlas cedar, vetiver, patchouli, Iso E Super, cypriol, and musk.

Best for: Parfums De Marly Herod is another fantastic cold weather fragrance. The sweet, woody, vanilla scent feels like its made for those cold, snowy days. Just like most of these fragrances, Parfums De Marly Herod is a very uplifting fragrance. Wearing this will just make you feel good, cause you know for a fact that you smell amazing. These types of fragrances work perfectly with festive happenings. Think of weddings, Christmas, or maybe even New Years Eve. Parfums De Marly fragrances are usually a little more expensive than most fragrances, but you get your money’s worth. If you’re interested, you can check out the current price over here on Amazon!

6. Azzaro Pour Homme Intense

Scent: Azzaro Pour Homme Intense is an incredible cinnamon fragrance from the house of Azzaro. This fragrance opens with an immediate cinnamon note. This creates a slightly sweet scent, that later gets accompanied by a boozy scent. The combination between this spicy, sweet cinnamon and the boozy accord is truly fantastic. The dry down creates a very warm and comforting ending to this fragrance. Overall, this is a really nice, warm, and slightly sweet cinnamon fragrance.

Notes: The top note of Azzaro Pour Homme Intense is cinnamon. The middle notes are brandy accords and Haitian vetiver. The base notes are tonka beans and amber.

Best for: Azzaro Pour Homme Intense is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the fall. The cinnamon in this fragrance has this vibe around it that just fits in perfectly with the fall. However, due to the warm and comforting scent, you can just as easily wear this fragrance during the winter. The whole vibe around such a fragrance is just very nice to be around. It is warm, uplifting, comforting, basically everything you should look for in a cold-weather fragrance. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

Should You Get A Cinnamon Fragrance

Cinnamon fragrances are fantastic. They have such a nice scent, as well as general vibe around them that is just perfect. However, this same vibe can also be found in a bunch of vanilla fragrances. Nonetheless, I’d say a cinnamon fragrance is one of the nicest additions to any person’s collection. Cinnamon is a scent that mixes well with a whole bunch of notes. Most cinnamon fragrances don’t feature cinnamon as the baseline for the fragrance. Most of the time, it is a supporting note, but a fantastic one at that.

Adding a cinnamon fragrance to your collection is recommended. The warm, comforting, sweet, and spicy scent that they have is perfect for not only the cold seasons but also for nighttime wear all year long. The fragrances listed above are all fantastic and I’d recommend you check a few of them out and see how you and other like it!

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