16 Best Tom Ford Fragrances For Men

Tom Ford is a very interesting fragrance house. Besides their normal fragrance line, the also have a so-called Private Blend Collection. In this collection, Tom Ford creates fragrances that aren’t constrained by the mainstream scent-making conventions. Tom Ford fragrances are highly interesting and unique, but which ones are the best?

History Of Tom Ford And Its Fragrances

Thomas Carlyle Ford worked for brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent for a while, before launching his own brand, Tom Ford. He started producing lines of fragrances, the first one being Black Orchid, but also many more. These fragrances have been received as great and have won many awards.

Not long after creating these great fragrances like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and Tom Ford for Men, he started his Private Blend Collection. In this collection, he created fragrances based on a single note and creates a unique fragrance from there.

No matter what line Tom Ford is working on, he always makes sure that the fragrances are perfectly wearable for both men and women. Although some Tom Ford fragrances are classed as masculine or feminine, they can all be worn by all genders. Tom Ford created them this way, as an homage to the historic tradition, where all fragrances were unisex.

The reason Tom Ford started to create fragrances is that he finds them to be almost more important than clothes. He mentioned how you can be reminded of a certain time in your life, just by smelling the same scent you did back then.

Tom Ford fragrances always have this luxurious vibe to them. Paired with the fact that our nose is powerful, and by smelling fragrances, emotions and memories can be brought up, you’re not only smelling great but also feeling great.

1. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

Scent: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is part of the Private Blend Collection and is an amazingly masculine fragrance. This is basically Tom Ford himself in a bottle. It represents it all. The sweet tobacco. The oud. The masculinity. It can be a bit overpowering sometimes, so keep in mind to not overuse it!

Notes: The notes in Tobacco Oud are coriander, cistus, labdanum, oud, tobacco, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean, and castoreum.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is the perfect fragrance for when you’re feeling confident or dressed up occasions. Because of the masculine scent, you should make sure the rest of your appearance fits the masculinity. The only real downside to this fragrance is the high price tag.

2. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Scent: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is part of the Private Blend Collection. It is such an amazing, masculine leather scent. As you would expect, it has a leathery scent, however, when you get into the dry down, you start to get some sweetness from the raspberry. The combination of these two notes creates a very interesting dynamic which makes for a professional smelling fragrance.

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Tuscan Leather are saffron, raspberry, thyme, olibanum, night blooming jasmine, black suede, and amber wood.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is an amazing winter fragrance. It also works really well during the fall. But the best time to wear Tom Ford Tuscan Leather would be to important meetings. It is a great scent for businessmen, as it smells confident and masculine.

3. Tom Ford Fabulous

Scent: Tom Ford Fabulous is part of the Private Blend Collection and it is a very creative, mass-appealing fragrance. The scent is very unique, as it has a leather, floral, and gourmand vibe going on. The name is very fitting for such an amazing fragrance!

Notes: The notes for Tom Ford Fabulous are almond bitter oils, tonka resinoid, orris accord, cashmeran, leather accords, and clary sage oils.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Fabulous is the perfect fragrance for an outgoing event when you’re going somewhere exciting. The scent is so playful and mass-appealing, nobody would mind if it is a bit overpowering every now and then. However, the price of Tom Ford Fabulous is really high. This could deter many people away from this fragrance, sadly.

4. Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Scent: Tom Ford Amber Absolute is part of the Private Blend Collection. The scent you’re getting from this fragrance is a dark, deep vanilla and incense scent, along with a warm amber vibe. If you’re a fan of amber fragrances, Amber Absolute is one of the best you can go with!

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Amber Absolute are African incense, amber accord, labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Amber Absolute has a deep, rich sweetness and warmth. These type of fragrances go perfectly with cold seasons. Think of winter, maybe late fall. That’s where Tom Ford Amber Absolute will shine!

5. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Scent: Tom Ford Oud Wood is part of the Private Blend Collection and is a softer version of most oud fragrances. The soft oud is complemented by other woody notes, creating a subtle oud fragrance with amazing woody aspects to it. This scent gets softened a bit by a nice vanilla note, creating an even more interesting fragrance.

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Oud Wood are rosewood, cardamom, and Chinese pepper. The middle notes are oud, sandalwood, and vetiver. The base notes are tonka bean, vanilla, and amber.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Oud Wood is an amazing fragrance for the colder months. The warmth from the oud, vanilla, and amber makes it perfect for when the temperatures are down. It also works quite well with any formal event.

6. Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi

Scent: Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi is part of the Private Blend Collection. The scent you’re getting with this fragrance is the scent of oranges on an Italian coast. You will also get some floral hints every now and then. Overall, the scent is just very refreshing and reminiscent of being on the coast!

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi are tarragon, spearmint, blackcurrant, grapefruit, lemon, and basil. The middle notes are black pepper, coriander, orange blossom, clary sage, shiso leaves, and jasmine. The base notes are vetiver, amber, labdanum, musk, and civet

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi is a fresh fragrance. These fragrances go hand in hand with the summer, or maybe even late spring. The freshness of this fragrance is a welcome scent in the hot temperatures.

7. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Scent: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is part of the Private Blend Collection and it is one of the sweeter scents. As the name suggests, it is a sweet vanilla and tobacco fragrance. The scent of Tobacco Vanille is wonderful. It is truly a piece of art. The rich, deep scent along with the sweetness makes for a true masterpiece.

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille are tobacco leaves and spices. The middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla, and cocoa. The base notes are dry fruit accords and woods.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a very sweet and rich fragrance. These types of fragrances work better in the cold months, like during the winter. The warmth this fragrance provides works extremely well with the cold. It also works great as a general nighttime fragrance.

8. Tom Ford Noir De Noir

Scent: Tom Ford Noir De Noir is part of the Private Blend Collection. And as the name suggests, this is a dark, heavy fragrance with an incredible scent. This is truly a fragrance for a real fragrance lover. You got some amazing notes, all perfectly blended. It is a true work of art.

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Noir De Noir are saffron, black truffle, rose, patchouli, tree moss, oud wood, and vanilla.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Noir De Noir is a darker fragrance. This means that it is a great cold weather fragrance. It will also work great during the night. This is because of the heavy scent. It just wouldn’t work well with high temperatures.

9. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Scent: Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a sweet, oriental fragrance with the most amazing sweet and spicy notes. They all blend together to create an amazing, creative, gourmand scent. It also has a great performance!

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Noir Extreme are mandarin, neroli, saffron, nutmeg, and cardamom. The middle notes are mastic, rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. The base notes are woods, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Noir Extreme is one of the more affordable Tom Ford fragrances, as it is not part of the Private Blend Collection. The scent itself works amazing for more crowded events. Noir Extreme would even work fantastic on a young man in a club.

10. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Scent: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is a very clean take on a vetiver fragrance. Vetiver fragrances aren’t always done right. Many times, you get a dirty vetiver fragrance that doesn’t smell too good. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, however, is the exact opposite. It is a very clean, earthy vetiver fragrance.

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Grey Vetiver are vetiver, orange flower, grapefruit, aromatic sage, orris, nutmeg, pimento, amber woods, and oakmoss.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is a fresh scent that works great in warm weather. However, because of the clean vetiver scent, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver also works fantastic in the office. And luckily, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is not part of the Private Blend COllection, making it much more affordable.

11. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte

Scent: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte is part of the Private Blend Collection. It has a lot of similarities to an aquatic scent, which is a nice change of pace for the Private Blend Collection. This fragrance has a fresh, aquatic scent that is a little fuller than the original one, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

Notes: The top notes in Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Porte are neroli, bergamot, and blood orange. The base notes are lavender, basil, galbanum, and orange blossom. The base notes are leather, woods, and musk.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte is a great fragrance to wear during the summer or any other warm day. The fresh, aquatic scent is refreshing and well-fitting to the warm days.

12. Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre

Scent: Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre is part of the Private Blend Collection. It is an amazingly fresh fragrance with warm aspects, coming from the amber. The name does suggest this as well, ‘River Of Amber’. But you’re mostly getting a unique, fresh fragrance!

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre are bergamot, lemon, and bitter orange. The middle notes are tarragon, cardamom, and spearmint. The base notes are benzoin, pear wood, cognac, tolu balsam, and amber.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre is an amazing fragrance to wear during the spring or summer. The fresh notes really stand out during the warmer days. Even though it is an amazing fragrance, Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre is discontinued, so finding full bottles of this fragrance is pretty difficult. However, you can still find smaller bottles and decant every now and then. These are also much cheaper!

13. Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

Scent: Tom Ford Vanille Fatale is part of the Private Blend Collection. As you can imagine, this fragrance has a sweet, vanilla scent. It is a really sweet scent and the vanilla is unmistakenly the superstar of this fragrance. If you really like sweet fragrances, this is a fantastic one to go with.

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Vanille Fatale are saffron, coriander, frangipani, narcissus, coffee absolute, mahogany, roasted barley, vanilla, myrhh, and olibanum.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Vanille Fatale is very similar to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. However, this one is a little less sweet, making it more wearable for different times. It is a fantastic fragrance for the colder months and for nighttime events.

14. Tom Ford Champaca Absolute

Scent: Tom Ford Champaca Absolute is part of the Private Blend Collection. The scent you’re getting with Champaca Absolute is a combination of floral and sweet scents. It is very attractive, like all Tom Ford fragrances, and it, again, like all Tom Ford fragrances, has a mysterious vibe around it. It has an incredible scent to wear and intrigue others!

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Champaca Absolute are Tokaji wine, cognac, bergamot, and broom. The middle notes are magnolia champaca, orchid, violet, and jasmine. The base notes are vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and Marron glacé.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Champaca Absolute is the perfect fragrance to wear to intimate events. Maybe on a date, a nice dinner, whatever. The seductive, attractive scent fits very well in those situations.

15. Tom Ford Plum Japonais

Scent: Tom Ford Plum Japonais is part of the Private Blend Collection. The scent you’re getting with this fragrance is an exotic one. A rich, luxurious Asian-style fragrance with great depth.

Notes: The top notes of Tom Ford Plum Japonais are saffron and cinnamon. The middle notes are everlasting flower, sawara cypress, ume plum, plum liqueur, camelia japonica. The base notes are agarbois, amber, benzoin, fir balsam, and vanilla.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Plum Japonais is a great fragrance to wear during colder months. This is mainly because of the rich scent, which is somewhat of a staple in the Private Blend Collection.

16. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Scent: Tom Ford Ombre Leather used to be part of the Private Blend Collection. However, it isn’t anymore, while still containing the amazing leather scent. It is often compared to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, however, Ombre Leather is a bit smoother and less sweet. What you’re getting with this fragrance is a really nice, smooth, and easily wearable leather fragrance.

Notes: The notes in Tom Ford Ombre Leather 16 are leather, white moss, patchouli, amber, cardamom, and jasmine.

Appropriate for: Tom Ford Ombre Leather is basically an easier version of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. You can wear it dressed up, or to formal events, but Ombre Leather can also be worn casually. And because it is no longer part of the Private Blend Collection, you can actually pick it up for a much more affordable price.

What Is The Private Blend Collection

Quite a few of the fragrances listed above are from the Private Blend Collection. But what is the Private Blend Collection? And what makes it special?

“Private Blend is my own scent laboratory; it’s where I have the ability to create very special, original fragrances that are unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making. Private Blend is designed with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind.” —Tom Ford

Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances are all very unique fragrances. The main concept for them is to highlight one main note. This note is often found in the name as well. ‘Vanille Fatale’ is a fragrance based on vanilla, ‘Tuscan Leather’ is a fragrance based on leather, and ‘Amber Absolute’ is a fragrance based on amber.

These highlighted notes are picked right at the start of creating a new fragrance. From there, other notes get added to create an interesting, unique, luxurious, and classy scent, which is what you get from these Private Blend fragrances.

The Private Blend Collection is a collection in and of itself. However, within this collection, there are other smaller collections. For example, you have the blue bottles, which are all fresh fragrances. But there are also the black bottles with a gray description. These are the oud fragrances. And, of course, the black and gold bottles.

The bottles of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection are easily recognizable. they all look the same, only some color differences every now and then. They all have this classy, rectangular bottle. Most of them are the black and gold, however, the smaller collections within the Private Blend Collection can have different bottle colors.

Another thing to note about the Private Blend Collection is that they are all unisex fragrances. Although some definitely lean more towards either the masculine or feminine side, they are all classed as unisex. And they definitely are. You can wear these Private Blend fragrances as a man or woman, as long as you wear them with confidence!

Should You Get Tom Ford Fragrances

Tom Ford has some extraordinary fragrances. However, some can be really expensive. Especially the Private Blend Collection, and those are generally the best Tom Ford fragrances.

Fragrances like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Tom Ford Noir Extreme, and Tom Ford Ombre Leather are great fragrances to pick up. They are more in line with the average cost of a fragrance. Those shouldn’t really be a problem to purchase.

However, the Private Blend Collection can raise some questions as to buying them or not. Admittedly, the scents of the Private Blend Collection are amazing. They really are some of the best ones on the market. However, the price tag is so high, it will scare many people away, which is a shame.

But are these fragrances worth it? That depends on you. Just like with any expensive fragrance, the main question is, is it worth the high price to you?

If it is, I’d say go for it. The fragrance you’ll receive is nothing shy of incredible. However, if you find the price to be, understandably, too high, you might want to go with other Tom Ford fragrances or fragrances from other houses.


Tom Ford has an incredible collection of fragrances. From the extremely well done Private Blend Collection to the more affordable, mainstream fragrances. They are all nothing but great.

However, the high prices might scare some people away. If it doesn’t though, you’re in for a whole new world of fragrances. The level of depth in these Tom Ford fragrances are on another level.

All these Tom Ford fragrances are incredible and definitely worth a try. The list above is not in any order, so choose a fragrance that fits your needs and be ready to be amazed!

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