Why Should You Wear A Fragrance?

You’ve probably heard someone mention a fragrance and wondered if you should get one as well. But why would you? I’m going to explain why having a fragrance is a must!

Why should you own and wear a fragrance? Having a fragrance that smells really nice boosts your confidence and adds to your overall impression. It just finishes that look of a well put together man, who is ready to take on the world at any moment. Certain fragrances can even make you smell a certain way, that gets people to have a positive opinion about you, even without them knowing you. It also makes you appear more attractive to other people.

Having and wearing a fragrance has a lot of benefits, some of them might even surprise you. I’ll be covering all of them and explain why should wear a fragrance.

Main Benefits Of A Fragrance, Why You Should Wear One

Smell is the most powerful sense. We can smell about 150.000 times better than we can see. We can detect millions of different scents. Now, you can probably imagine what an amazing fragrance can do for you. Below, I’ll be going over some of the best benefits and reasons why you should wear a fragrance.

A fragrance will boost your confidence. Whenever you put on a fragrance, you’ll almost instantly start to feel better about yourself. You may not notice this, but trust me, you do. Having a fragrance on just takes you to the next level. You just know that whenever someone is close to you, the thing they smell is amazing. And, when you smell amazing, compliments will follow. Compliments are always nice to receive. Having confidence boosts like that is something that everyone likes. More confidence is never a bad thing. You might even try things you otherwise wouldn’t have done. More confidence can help you get really far in life, because you know who you are and that you shouldn’t be messed with.

A fragrance will make you more attractive. Women value smell really high. Where we as men are mostly attracted to the visuals, women are mostly attracted to scent. It is the most powerful factor when they choose a man. Starting from birth, women have a way better-developed sense of smell. So, smelling good is a huge upside when it comes to women. In more general words, smelling good is something women really appreciate. Wearing a great fragrance can really catch their attention and makes you stand out among a crowd. They might not tell you, but they noticed. And when they do tell you that you smell great, you’ll feel really good. It works the other way around too. When a girl smells really good, you see here in a more attractive way. Even other guys can be more attractive in your eyes, even when you’re into girls. When another guy smells great, don’t be afraid to ask what fragrance they use.

A fragrance can trigger memories. You know how some songs just take you back to a certain moment. A fragrance can do the same. Certain smells just take me back to awesome memories. I purchased my bottle of Valentino Uomo on a holiday in Spain. Whenever I spray it on, it takes me back to the place I bought it, the place where I had a lot of fun and good times. Another example is when I went on a trip with some friends. I only took one fragrance with me, and every time I use it now, I get a quick flashback from the great times there. The reason a fragrance can trigger these memories is as following. Our olfactory bulb, a neural structure of our sense of smell, is directly connected to our limbic system, our so-called emotional brain. Therefore, certain scents can trigger your emotional brain to see those memories associated with them.

A fragrance makes you stand out. As I said, a fragrance can make you more noticeable. But, this does not only apply to getting noticed by women. A fragrance is a product that can really elevate you to the next level. Wearing one will give of the impression that you are a sharp, put-together man. Wearing a stylish outfit or a suit will boost your confidence and make you appear that way. A fragrance enhances that feeling even more. You not only look great, but you smell great as well. And not only looking great, but also smelling great makes you stand out, and can even help you with job interviews, dates or other important meetings.

Other Reasons You Might Want To Start Wearing A Fragrance

The reasons listed above are obviously some core benefits, but they are not the only ones. Fragrances have a lot more small benefits, some that might surprise you.

A fragrance can enhance your mood. Because of the little confidence boost, you get when wearing one, your mood will get better. Fragrances are also proven to lift your spirits. Because of the vast variety of fragrances, you can play around with them a bit. Wear one that displays your current mood. Wear an appropriate fragrance for the occasion and you’ll be in the right mood. A fragrance can also impact your mood. Pay attention to how you feel when wearing a fragrance.

When your mood gets enhanced, your less likely to be stressed. This is one of the health benefits a fragrance has. It really is just a by-product, but it is related to wearing a fragrance. Less stress means you’ll feel better. A fragrance can not only keep stress at bay, but it can also help when you have a headache. Scents can have a therapeutic feature, which can relieve some of your headache pains. Some fragrances can even help you sleep better at night. Again, because if the therapeutic feature they possess.

All these benefits of a fragrance don’t directly improve your health, but they get you in a healthy mindstate, making you feel confident and good about yourself. It makes you happier and being happy is one of the best things in the world. You’ll start smelling great, and gradually, you’ll realize how important your scent will be, in all possible scenarios. Just make sure to properly use it.

Jasper Pieterse

Hi, my name is Jasper and I've been a long time fragrance fan. Ever since 2014, I started to get a huge interest in fragrances and I've had my nose on countless of different fragrances. I'm excited to share my experiences!

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