How To Fix A Broken Perfume Nozzle (6 Methods)

Perfume nozzles can be tricky, fiddly and unbelievably frustrating. They can stop working for several reasons including mechanical fault, residue build-up or if the bottle has been dropped one too many times… I think we’re all guilty of this!

We all love to apply our gorgeous scents, which keep us feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead. So, there is always a feeling of disappointment when you push down on the nozzle and nothing happens. I know you may be tempted to just throw it out – please don’t! Below are 5 things you can try to fix your broken perfume nozzle.

Method 1 – Put Your Finger Against The Sprayer And Spray

A common reason why your nozzle won’t spray again is that the resistance and pressure are gone. One simple fix is to place your finger against the sprayer and press it down a few times. Another thing you can do is turn the bottle upside down and spray it a few times

Doing this could get the pressure and resistance to come back, ensuring your nozzle will spray normally again! If your nozzle no longer sprays your fragrance, this is the first method you should try. It’s the least impactful and there is no need to take your bottle apart or anything like that.

Method 2 – Soak The Nozzle In Warm Water

The most common reason for a nozzle not working is a build-up of perfume residue, which happens over time. The residue is often caught within the nozzle itself, which is why nothing comes out when you press down.

To clear the build-up, remove the nozzle and soak in warm water with some washing-up liquid for around 30 minutes. Then remove, pat down with a tea towel and let it air dry before re-attaching.

Method 3 – Rubbing Alcohol

If you had no luck with the first method, soapy water may not be strong enough to dislodge the residue lurking in the nozzle. Instead, soak a cotton ball (or cotton swab in the nozzle cap is small) in rubbing alcohol and apply this to the inside of the cap.

Rub it everywhere inside the cap especially around the nozzle exit hole so it gets into all the crevices. Leave the cotton inside the cap for about 20 – 30 minutes then rinse in warm water, pat down with a towel, and air dry.

Method 4 – Remove Build Up With A Pin

Still no success? If there is residue in there, it’s being particularly stubborn, so you’ll have to break out the big guns!

Get a pin and gently push a hole through the nozzle opening to clean it out fully. You can also run this pin a little way down the little plastic tube that connects the nozzle to the bottle in case the build-up is further down.

Method 5 – Check The Bottom Of The Straw

If nothing has worked so far, you may be facing a mechanical problem. However, one final thing to check is the straw; if it’s too low in the bottle, this will stop any perfume from coming out. When you spray perfume, the liquid is sucked up through the straw but if the bottom of the bottle is blocking the entrance to the straw, then you will only get a dribble… if you’re lucky!

Some perfume bottles are see-through, so it’s easy enough to see if the straw is sat too low down. However, if it’s not transparent then you’ll have to remove the whole top section to see if the straw is attached to the bottle. If not, then simply use tweezers to pop the tube back in its place.

Method 6 – Replace The Nozzle

If you still have had no luck, then there is probably a mechanical issue, or you have a faulty bottle. There is not a huge amount that can be done to fix these issues, it’s better to simply replace your bottle of perfume.

Just before you run to the shop to exchange a new bottle, you can just replace the nozzle if you happen to have a spare lying around, which is the same size. You can purchase them online, just be sure to get the right size. Simply take the nozzle off your bottle and pop the new one on – it’s as easy as that!

How To Take Apart A Perfume Bottle

Some of these methods will require you to take apart your perfume bottle, so it’s important for you to know how to do that before we get engrossed in the methods themselves. This is a nice and simple step by step guide to take you through this process:

  • Step 1: Hold the bottle upright and gently pull up on the nozzle to detach it from the bottle.
  • Step 2: Use scissors or a pocketknife to carefully cut away the plastic surrounding the neck of the bottle. Sometimes, the plastic ring will just pop off if you place the scissors underneath the plastic ring and pry it upwards. It depends on how the bottle is made.
  • Step 3: Once the plastic is off, you’ll notice a piece of metal clipped on to the bottle neck as well. This can be a bit stubborn and you do have to be extra careful not to break the bottle. Use the tip of your scissors or pocketknife and gently insert under the metal and pry it up and away from the bottle. You’ll need to work your way around, prying different sections out and it will eventually pop off – it’s a bit like trying to remove a bottle cap with something other than a bottle opener!
  • Step 4: Once the metal has been released from the base of the bottle neck, use a pair of pliers to hold onto the metal securely then gently pull straight up and off the bottle. Just be careful not to spill the contents.

There you go – It sounds daunting but it’s a lot easier than it sounds, I promise! Now you know how to dismantle your perfume bottle, have a read below about the different ways of fixing the nozzle.

What If None Of These Methods Work?

Nothing has worked? Okay, so you’ve been stuck with a faulty bottle, which is frustrating but does happen. The easiest thing to do is go back to the store and ask for an exchange or refund (the exchange/refund terms will depend on the store you bought it from).

You can also just remove the entire mechanical section and dab the perfume onto your skin rather than spray. How well this will work will depend on the perfume you’re using but if you do try this, just remember to put a cork or stopper in the bottle so it doesn’t leak.

You can also decant the perfume into another bottle; simply remove the mechanical section again and just pour into a brand-new bottle. You can purchase small, travel-sized spray containers online or in stores, which makes storing and carrying perfumes much easier. It also means you can take your favorites anywhere in the world without being stopped by customs for having too much liquid in your luggage!

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