How Often Should You Wear Perfume? We Asked 100 People

When we look at our ever-growing perfume collections, the same question always comes up. With this number of bottles, the only way to use it is to wear perfume every day. But how often should you wear perfume?

Perfume can be worn every day. Lighter perfumes should be reapplied throughout the day, as lighter perfumes tend to fade away after a few hours. The same goes for stronger perfumes, but these tend to last much longer, so there’s less need for reapplying.

Just to be sure of our answer, we asked 100 people about their perfume-wearing habits. How often do they think you should wear perfume? And do they apply multiple times a day?

How Often Should You Wear Perfume?

Perfume should be worn every day, and it isn’t uncommon to reapply throughout the day. As long as you apply an appropriate number of sprays, there isn’t really a setting where you should not wear perfume.

How often we should wear perfume depends on many factors. Firstly, it’s perfectly fine to wear perfume every day. In fact, it’s recommended as wearing perfume has many benefits. Just be mindful of what type of perfume you’re wearing. Is it a strong and sweet one or a fresh and citrusy one? Depending on the type of scent we have, we should wear more or less of it.

The main reason for this is the fact that the weather is of great influence on perfume. Sweet scents simply don’t pair well with high temperatures. The same goes for fresh scents, which are simply too light to pierce through the low winter temperatures. Naturally, you can apply more of your fresh perfumes, as they appear much lighter and less offensive.

Also, make sure to wear a perfume that fits the season. Tying back to the fresh and sweet scents; wearing a strong and sweet perfume during the summer just isn’t appreciated by many. Instead, go for a lighter citrus-based fragrance.

If you want to wear perfume all year long, which is recommended, it’s probably best to own at least two different ones. One for the warmer seasons and one for the colder seasons. This ensures you always have an appropriate fragrance to wear, allowing you to wear your perfumes all year long.

Furthermore, a lot of perfumes tend to fade away after a few hours. On average, you can expect a perfume to last around 4-8 hours (depending on what type of perfume you have!), which means that most perfumes will fade away throughout the day. Of course, the number of sprays you apply is also a factor in this.

To remedy this, you can reapply throughout the day. When you reapply, you basically apply the same fragrance again. This way, you start the same scent cycle, ensuring you smell good throughout the day!

Reapplying is usually done with the same perfume, but sometimes, we require a different scent. Maybe you spritzed on your office scent in the morning, and by the time you need to reapply, you’re getting ready for a night out. In this situation, it’s probably best to just apply a new perfume that’s more outgoing. Oftentimes, the original scent will still linger around, but the new one will just overpower it.

How Often Do We Actually Wear Perfume?

We can talk all day about how often we should wear perfume, but just to be sure, we asked 100 people how often they wear their perfume. These were the results:

How Often Do You Wear PerfumeTally
1x Per Week9%
2-3x Per Week17%
4-6x Per Week36%
7x Per Week38%

As we can clearly see, most people tend to wear perfume at least four times a week, with over a third of all participants wearing perfume every day of the week. Only 9 out of the 100 asked wears perfume once a week, and only 17 of them wear perfume 2 or 3 times a week.

When asked, the people that only wear perfume once a week tend to do that simply because they don’t really think about it. They wear it when they go somewhere special; a dinner, a night out, those types of settings, but for general daytime wear, they don’t always feel like wearing one.

The same goes for those that only wear perfume 2 or 3 times a week. However, the main difference is that this group does wear perfume throughout the week every now and then. They just don’t remember to apply one every day!

When we go to the group that wears perfume 4 to 6 times a week, we get the common answer that they really enjoy wearing perfume every day, but sometimes they forget to apply when they’re in a hurry. Some also said that they only have one or two bottles and don’t want to go through them too quickly.

The last category, which is also the largest, is those that wear perfume every day. Most people tend to wear perfume every day because it has become a part of their routine. Brush your teeth, shower, apply deodorant and perfume, and be ready for the day.

One common trend, though, is that no matter the category, everybody loves wearing perfume. Some want to save them for a special occasion, and others want to enjoy the benefits of perfume every day. There really is no right or wrong answer here, although I would personally recommend wearing perfume whenever you can!

Is It Bad To Wear Perfume Every Day?

It is not bad to wear perfume every day, as it has many benefits. Perfume enhances your mood and makes you feel more attractive and confident. There is no reason not to wear perfume every day.

Some people swear that you shouldn’t wear perfume every single day. But I always fail to figure out why. Perfume knows many benefits, and on top of those benefits, what’s wrong with smelling great every single day?

If we look back at our poll results, most people who only wear perfume once a week do so because they want to keep it special. Just like wearing a special outfit, perfume should be reserved for special occasions.

Others purely forgot to apply their perfume every day, and others simply weren’t the biggest fan of it. We’re not the same, and whereas me personally, and many others, really enjoy perfume and would wear it every day, others aren’t such fans. For them, wearing perfume might be more of a hinder.

But the simple answer to the question is this; No, it is not bad to wear perfume every day.

There aren’t any health-related issues to wearing perfume every day either, which leaves you with just the positive effect. We mentioned a few already, but we also wrote a complete article about the benefits of wearing perfume. You can find the article by following this link!

How Many Perfumes Do You Need?

It is recommended that you own at least two perfumes—one for the colder seasons and one for the warmer seasons. One single perfume cannot cover all the occasions and seasons, so two is the foundation. From here, you can add as many perfumes as you like.

If you’re going to wear perfume every day, it is recommended to own at least a few different fragrances. Wearing the same one every day is fine, but it can become a little boring or repetitive. When you own multiple perfumes, you can switch things up, keep things fresh, and have a new and surprising scent every day.

I would personally recommend anyone to have at least two fragrances. One warm-weather fragrance and one cold-weather fragrance. This ensures you have a scent for every season. Of course, you can also go with one, but that would mean you have a minimal selection to choose from. You’ll need one perfume that does well in all scenarios during every season, and there aren’t that many out there that fit the description.

With two, you can go for one that’s purely for the warmer months and one that’s purely for the colder months. From here, you can expand your collection however you like. Maybe scale it up to two or three fragrances per season, maybe get one that’s perfect for nights out, maybe one that’s great for the office. You can really expand it however you like.

And by expanding your collection, you’ll always be smelling unique. You won’t have the same scent around you, but a unique one every time.

I’ve written a more extensive article on how many fragrances you should own, which you can find by following this link!

Are There Times When You Should Not Wear Perfume?

Despite the many benefits of wearing perfume, there are times where you’re better off not wearing one. Some settings include funerals, travel by plane, or any setting where you’re in a confined space. Or should not grab too much attention.

Throughout the article, it’s clear that there are basically no downsides to wearing perfume every day. There are many benefits of wearing perfume, and there is no reason not to benefit from them.

However, like most things, there are a few exceptions. The first one is when you’re traveling by plane. When you travel by plane, you’re really close to other people. When you wear perfume, especially a strong one, it could become very annoying for the people sitting next to you. And it’s even worse if you have a long flight. Overall, it’s best not to wear perfume when you’re traveling by plane. It’s a little inconsiderate to the people that have to sit next to you.

Another setting where perfume can feel a little out of place is funerals. These are sad and tough, and wearing perfume, especially a loud and strong one, feels out of place. This is a day of mourning, not a day of smelling good or attractive. You can, however, go with something subtle and clean, such as Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, as this is a fragrance that doesn’t really smell like a fragrance, ut overall, it’s best to avoid wearing any.

Lastly, it’s best to avoid wearing perfume when you know you will be in a confined space for a long time. Planes are a great example, but there could be other places and settings where you’re sitting next to someone for a long time. To not drown out anyone near you for a long time, it’s best to avoid wearing perfume when you know you’re close to many people for a long time.

Now, there is another setting where you might have to be careful with perfume, which is during weddings. Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t wear perfume during a wedding; weddings are the perfect time to spritz on your nicest scents. But it’s important to keep in mind that this day is not about you (unless it is, of course! If so, you can disregard this part!).

Now this might not be as big of a problem as I might describe it, but during a wedding, you should wear a perfume you love, but one that isn’t too loud. Don’t grab the attention by wearing a loud and strong perfume. This day is about the married couple, so leave all the attention for them!

Of course, you should definitely pick out your favorite perfume for this day, but just be sure that it isn’t too loud or attention-grabbing!

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