6 Fragrances Similar To Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez For Her is an amazing perfume with a huge fan base. Many thoroughly enjoy the scent, but some wonder if there actually are fragrances that are similar to Narciso Rodriguez For Her.

The Scent Of Narciso Rodriguez For Her

You may be wondering, what is it about this fragrance that makes it so popular and long-lived? The secret lies in that it is floral, giving it an aroma of classic beauty and femininity, while also carrying a strong and sensual musky and woody air to it as well. The scent beautifully combines the delicate and seductive aspects of womanhood and the multifaceted ways that this can be displayed.

For Her opens with sensational top notes of bergamot, African orange flower, and osmanthus. It is then followed by classic and grounding middle notes of amber and musk before finally being rounded out by sweet base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla.

This scent, with all of its woody and musky accords, lends itself a little bit better in the cooler weather months. It may feel too intense or earthy for the summer, however, some of the floral notes are very nicely worn during the springtime.

Part of the appeal of For Her is that it is incredibly versatile. Many women consider this fragrance their signature scent because it can easily be spritzed on and worn wherever. It is not too intense or dramatic to be worn during the day in casual circumstances, but it also can be dressed up to be worn in more formal settings.

If you’re already a fan of this scent, you may be wondering where you can find similar scents in today’s fragrance market. In this article, we’ll look at some of these options and consider the ways in which they are similar to For Her, while also bringing something different to the table as well.

1. Tom Ford White Suede

Tom Ford’s fragrance offerings very rarely ever miss. This fashion house is so particular and focused on the scent profiles of each of its fragrances, which is why so many of these scents are wildly memorable and popular. With White Suede, launched in 2009, Tom Ford has successfully crafted a warm woody scent that is captivating and calming.

White Suede has a pretty classic and simple note composition. It begins with top notes of tea and thyme and is immediately followed by more pronounced middle notes of rose, lily of the valley, and saffron. Finally, White Suede is completed by the most prominent part of the scent which is the base notes of sandalwood, suede, amber, musk, and olibanum.

This fragrance is similar to For Her in that both scents are aptly classified as floral woody musk fragrances. Both scents walk that fine line between overly feminine and overly musky very well, making you feel luxurious and also earthy at the same time. They also both feel very powdery, making the wearer feel exceptionally clean and pure when wearing it.

Where White Suede differs, however, is that some of the more masculine notes are more noticeable rather than the floral notes. This scent feels much more leathery and spicy in its aroma, with the florals taking more of a back seat. The overall outcome is that it may not be as feminine a scent as For Her, but only by a small margin.

2. The Body Shop White Musk

The Body Shop is mostly well known for crafting consistent and effective skincare and cosmetic products, but its fragrances are also very successful and have a very strong following. Their scent White Musk is somewhat of a classic, as it was initially launched in 1981. Its aroma is eerily similar to For Her, with just a few key differences in its composition.

White Musk opens with an initial surging of top notes of ylang ylang, musk, galbanum, lily, and basil. Its floral middle notes are jasmine, lily, rose, and more musk. The fragrance is closed out by scene-stealing base notes of jasmine, amber, patchouli, iris, rose, vetiver, oakmoss, vanilla, peach, and even more musk.

Both White Musk and For Her are scents that give an initial aroma of musk that is then followed by delicate floral undertones. Like For Her, White Musk toes the line between deeply and natural sensuality and floral purity and innocence.

There are pretty subtle differences in the scent composition of these two fragrances, however. The most noticeable is that For Her highlights some citrus and fruity notes, even though they are more subtle. However, in White Musk there are sweet notes, but they are not necessarily as fruity as they are in For Her.

3. Maison Martin Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

Margiela has long been viewed as a pillar of the modern fashion world, and lately, it seems like their fragrance offerings have been more popular than ever. One of the most popular in this line is Lazy Sunday Morning, a floral woody musk fragrance that was launched in 2013.

Lazy Sunday Morning is an incredibly clean and fresh scent. It opens with top notes of pear, aldehydes, and lily of the valley. The simple and sweet middle notes that follow are orange blossom, rose, and iris. The scent is then rounded out by some classically beautiful base notes: Indonesian patchouli leaf, white musk, and ambrette.

The two most clear similarities between Lazy Sunday Morning and For Her is the musky aspects as well as the clean, powdery aspects. For those who love the fresh feeling of spritzing on For Her, Lazy Sunday Morning will also be a great choice.

While both of these scents are very floral, For Her tends to showcase a full bouquet of flowers with some variety. Lazy Sunday Morning does this to some extent, however, it highlights a rose aroma more than anything. The other floral aspects are present, but rose is definitely the most prominent floral scent in Lazy Sunday Morning.

4. Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic

Sometimes a fragrance’s name really says it all about the scent before you even smell it, which is definitely the case with Modern Muse Chic by Estee Lauder. It was launched in 2014 and is another floral woody musk fragrance that is sophisticated and sensual.

Modern Muse Chic opens with unique top notes of artemisia and plum. The middle notes are tuberose, jasmine sambac, and lily. However, the base notes really take over center stage in this fragrance and they are agarwood, ebony tree, musk, patchouli, labdanum, cashmere wood, suede, and Madagascar vanilla.

As with many of the fragrances on the list, Modern Muse Chic is similar to For Her because they both highlight the white floral and musk notes in each scent. They are both also woody and powdery, a unique but lovely combination.

However, For Her differs from Modern Muse Chic because it is a little more of a complex and diverse scent. Modern Muse Chic is a little more linear in that the floral and musky aroma does not change at all during wear. For Her is a bit more diverse in that it highlights some citrusy and sweet notes as well as the floral and musky accords.

5. Burberry Hawthorn Bloom

Burberry tends to evoke a sense of sophistication and class and many of their fragrance offerings reflect these same ideals. With Hawthorn Bloom, launched in 2017, they have crafted a scent that is muskier than their typical offerings, but still fresh and classic as always.

Hawthorn Bloom opens with a simple top note of violet, but it is pretty prominent throughout the scent. This is then followed by middle notes of green notes, jasmine, and lily of the valley. Finally, Hawthorn Bloom is rounded out by base notes of patchouli, orris, musk, and carrot.

As with nearly all of the scents on this list, Hawthorn Bloom is similar to For Her in that they both emphasize the musk and white floral notes wonderfully. They are also both very clean and fresh scents, with a powdery aroma being present in both fragrances.

The differences in Hawthorn Bloom, however, lie in which other notes are noticeable in the scent. For example, violet is one of the most prominent notes in the fragrance, which gives it somewhat of a different vibe than For Her. Hawthorn Bloom also smells a little bit more green and earthy than For Her. But it’s still an amazing alternative.

6. Bvlgari Rose Goldea

Many fashion houses make attempts at a classic rose perfume and it is not always as easy as it may appear. Bvlgari’s submission, Rose Goldea, has been a fan favorite in this category since its launch in 2016.

Rose Goldea is introduced by top notes of pomegranate, rose, bergamot, and musk. This is then followed by middle notes of jasmine, peony, Damask rose, and peach. Finally, this lovely scent is completed by base notes of olibanum, sandalwood, more musk, and vanilla.

This fragrance is similar to the aroma of For Her because of the musky and floral aspects of it. Both Rose Goldea and For Her are also very fresh and powdery, leaving its wearer with a feeling of a very clean and simple beauty.

Where these two scents differ, however, is pretty obviously in the florals it highlights. Rose Goldea is firmly a rose scent, where For Her offers more variety in its floral notes. Rose Goldea is also a bit more woody and even a little spicy, whereas those aspects in For Her are much more understated.

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