6 Fragrances Similar To Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

There are few names in the fashion industry that exude an air of classic timelessness quite like Chanel. Coco Chanel’s fashion empire is often associated with French sophistication while maintaining a minimalism that makes their pieces and fragrances well suited for every day use. This reputation has made the Chanel name a brand with a long-enduring legacy of grace and style.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is a fragrance that is often associated with springtime. It is described as “soft”, meaning the scent is not too overwhelming, and has notes of jasmine and rose.

Fans of the fragrance describe it as airy and playful, and the perfect scent for a “throwing on a sundress and going on a stroll in the park” type of day.

Chanel has a reputation for crafting flawless fragrances, and Chance Eau Tendre is further proof of this. For many women, Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre is a versatile, everyday perfume that is a gateway to sunny skies, warm spring breezes, and a blooming garden.

This scent also carries with it an air of class and grace, without coming off as snobby or unrelatable. It can be worn to a black-tie event as well as while running errands. Chance Eau Tendre can heighten and beautify even the most mundane tasks, making the wearer feel gorgeous every time it is worn.

You can find Chanel Chance Eau Tendre over here on Amazon, but you can also purchase a decant first. A decant is basically a smaller bottle, filled up with the original fragrance. This way, you can try out a smaller amount before going for a full-sized bottle. If you’d like to learn more about decants, where to purchase them, and how they’ll save you money, you can read this article here!

Alternatively, many perfume lovers are often curious about fragrances that are similar, but perhaps at a different price point, or with slightly different notes. If you’re a fan of Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre, you’ll love these fragrances that evoke that light, breezy, springtime vibe.

1. Clean Reserve White Fig & Bourbon

Clean Reserve’s White Fig & Bourbon Eau de Parfum is light and pretty, with many natural notes that create a spicy, sensual scent.

The top notes of Clean Reserve White Fig & Bourbon are black pepper, dried fruits, and bergamot. The middle notes are fig, red tea, and magnolia. The base notes are vetiver, cedar, and papyrus.

All these notes combined create a light scent that will remind its wearer of the beauty and amazing ways the natural world can come together in surprising ways and create something unexpected.

For those who love the light, airy, carefree aspects of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, White Fig & Bourbon will have a similar sense of sweet, easy beauty that can be worn in any situation.

Where these two scents differ will be the memories and associations evoked. Chance Eau Tendre will give the wearer the feeling of carrying around a bouquet of flowers all day long, while White Fig & Bourbon will give the sensation of strong scented fruits, and gives the wearer an air of a more earthy scent rather than Chance Eau Tendre’s ethereal floral trail.

Still, both of these fragrances serve a similar purpose and can easily be interchanged. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

2. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia

Giorgi Armani’s Acqua di Gioia is known for its fresh and citrusy scent. This particular line of Armani fragrances is meant to be a “tribute to nature,” and Acqua di Gioia aims to emulate the Mediterranean Sea, a feat that Armani succeeds at.

The base notes of Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia are lemon and mint. The middle notes are jasmine, peony, and pink pepper. The base notes are cedar, labdanum, and brown sugar.

This scent immediately evokes a coastal breeze and can make the wearer feel truly connected and grounded to the beauty of nature that surrounds us every day.

Wearers of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre will love the slight floral notes in both fragrances, particularly the notes of jasmine. They will also find Acqua di Gioia to have the same air of lightness to it, a feeling of carefree and easily accessible beauty.

Both of these perfumes will be versatile and will bring joy and sweetness to pretty much any situation it is worn in. If you like the “everyday use” aspect of Chance Eau Tendre, you will find that Acqua di Gioia will also be useful in this way.

Where these two scents differ is that Acqua di Gioia will evoke more of a sea breeze memory as opposed to Chance Eau Tendre’s springtime garden environment. Still, both these fragrances have very similar use. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

3. Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim

Louis Vuitton’s Afternoon Swim is another favorite for the spring and summer months. It is somewhat rare to describe perfume as “fun”, but Afternoon Swim will have you second-guessing.

The notes of Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim are mandarin, orange, and bergamot.

It is another fragrance that can best be described as citrusy, but focuses heavily on intense notes of mandarin as well. Afternoon Swim’s light, airy feel is fresh, with notes of bergamot dancing lightly behind the more powerful orange scent.

Everything about this scent, even down to its bright blue bottle, is meant to evoke blue skies, blue waters, and bright, beautiful natural flora and fauna.

Fans of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre will love the airy lightness of Afternoon Swim. Both scents also are playful, not taking themselves too seriously. This is great for people who love fragrances that do not feel haughty or out of touch.

On a similar note, fragrance fans that appreciate simplicity in both scent and ingredients will find that both Afternoon Swim and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre are the perfect balance between elegant and simple.

However, these two scents differ in ways similar to Acqua di Gioia. Afternoon Swim will evoke more of a seaside, citrus memory as opposed to the cottage garden environment that Chance Eau Tendre tends to remind people of. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

4. Bvlgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel

Bvlgari’s Splendida Magnolia Sensuel is an exquisite floral fragrance that is widely loved for its soft beauty and oneness with nature. Introduced in 2018, Splendida Magnolia is a tribute to feminine beauty and the symbolic magnolia flower.

Its base notes of musk, vanilla, and patchouli create a sweet and earthy aroma that blends both childhood memories with mature womanhood. Its center notes include jasmine, magnolia, and citrus, followed by the gorgeous top notes of mandarin orange.

These natural notes come together to create a unique blend of fruity and grounding scents. Splendida Magnolia will remind fragrance lovers of Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre with its notes of jasmine and connection to the sweet aspects of the natural world.

Splendida Magnolia will, however, provide a more grounding, earthy aroma as compared to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre’s light, breezy, floral air.

While both fragrances will have the wearer feel at one with the beauty of nature that surrounds us all, the effect of the two fragrances will vary, as well as the mood that is evoked in its wearers.

Splendida Magnolia will produce a more serious and mature feeling when worn while maintaining a sweet and calming aura, while Chanel Chance Eau Tendre will feel delicate and soft. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

5. Le Labo Patchouli 24

Le Labo’s Patchouli 24 Eau de Parfum is a gorgeous, smoky, and bold fragrance that is a favorite for the colder months. This fragrance was made by Annick Menardo and was launched in 2006.

The top note of Le Labo Patchouli 24 is patchouli. The middle notes are birch and styrax and the base note is vanilla.

Le Labo Patchouli 24 opens with a scent of patchouli that is incredibly subtle, and the focus tends to be more on the leathery and smoky notes in the fragrance.

This scent is said to evoke feelings of peace, sensuality, and lightness. It is a great option for those who are looking for a dark and heavier fragrance, while also liking intense and more seductive fragrances.

Patchouli 24 is similar to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre in the ways that it evokes warmth and an admiration for the natural world. However, the aspects of nature featured in these two fragrances will vary greatly. Chance tends to highlight the beauty of sunshine and roses, while Patchouli 24 emphasizes the parts of nature that are more smoky and woody.

These two fragrances can almost be compared in a “day to night” type of way. Chance Eau Tendre will be the scent of a picnic in the grass among flowers, where Patchouli 24 will be the scent of a warm afternoon among the trees, feeling connected to one’s roots with nature. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

6. Fendi Theorema Esprit d’Ete

Fendi’s Theorema Esprit D’Ete is a classic, timeless scent that highlights fruity notes and evokes a strong connection to the natural word, all while highlighting the wearer’s beauty and grace.

Theorema’s fans note that the scent is very grounding, while also maintaining the sweet, innocent, lightness that can be compared to a quiet, empty beach just as the sun is rising.

The woody base notes are amber, musk, vera wood, and sandalwood. At the fragrance’s center, is a more spicy group of notes: jasmine, osmanthus, pink peppercorn, and exotic spices. Finally, Theorema’s top notes are more citrusy in tone, with sweet orange being the most prominent scent detected.

Altogether, these various notes create a scent that is both spicy and fruity, sweet and sensual. Lovers of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre will note the subtle jasmine scent in both fragrances and will love the sweet and subtle connection to the natural world.

However, these scents differ in intensity. Theorema is more direct, and confronting in its scent, while Chance Eau Tendre will be a little less conspicuous. If you are looking for your fragrance to come to the forefront, Theorema will be more effective in accomplishing that, than Chance Eau Tendre’s more background beauty. If you’re interested in this fragrance, you can check it out over here on Amazon!

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