12 Best Lancome Perfumes For Women

Lancôme is a world-renowned French luxury cosmetics and perfume brand. Its high-end products are distributed internationally and are instantly synonymous with the peak of quality and luxury.

The House Of Lancome And Its Fragrances

Founded in 1935, Lancôme had its eyes set on fragrances at the very beginning. Lancôme takes much of its inspiration from the French outdoors. Its name was inspired by the forest of Lancosme that lies in the heart of France, while its signature golden rose label was inspired by the roses that grew in the region of La Brenne.

Lancôme’s first five perfumes, Tendre Nuit, Conquete, Kypre, Bocages, and Tropique were launched at the Brussels World’s fair in 1935, staking their claim as among the best fragrances for women in the perfume market.

Like the forests and roses they trace their origins from, Lancôme fragrances for women have grown to become synonymous with sophistication and grace for women of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a young woman looking for your own signature fragrance or a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants, you will surely find an instant favorite from this selection of the 12 best Lancôme fragrances for women.

1. Lancome Climat

This fragrance by Lancôme attempts to capture the essence of spring and all its warm, green freshness. It comes in a clear glass flacon, topped with a clear stopper, its vibrant liquid fragrance brightly yellow like bottled sunshine. 

The fragrance itself is strongly green, with a collection of vivacious fruits and florals. The top note are peach, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, rose, narcissus, violet, and jasmine. It then opens into fresh, herbal middle notes of rosemary, tuberose, and aldehydes.

These green middle notes transition into base notes of fresh bamboo, then warm amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, vetiver, then musk, and civet. It starts out as the scent of you walking right into a forest, with the bamboo notes helping transition the scent of greenery into a smokey musk as it dries.

This scent is ideal for women who prefer fresh, green fragrances that aren’t heavy on florals, fruits, or sweetness. It’s a wonderful casual perfume to wear on warmer days in spring or early summer, with a more subtle initial spray blooming into a creamy, intriguing fragrance as it transitions and dries throughout the day.

This fragrance isn’t overpowering in any way, making it a great daily fragrance to wear to school or work, perfect for a busy and focused woman who doesn’t always want to draw so much attention to herself.

2. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Since its release in 2012, La Vie est Belle has become among the best Lancôme fragrances for women. It comes in an elegant, clear flacon with a solid glass base and a playful silver scarf topper, the pink cologne itself providing a soft pop of color.

The fragrance opens with black currant and pear making their fruity introductions, before transitioning to its hearty middle notes of iris, orange blossom, and jasmine. It dries with warm and powdery-sweet base notes of patchouli, Tonka bean, vanilla, and praline.

The combination of praline, vanilla, and the gentle tartness of black currant and pear give this perfume a subtle candy scent that’s quite sweet. However, for most people, the sweetness isn’t that cloying, but rather a more enjoyable, soft sweetness.

La Vie est Belle is a perfect fragrance for women looking to make things interesting for date nights, outings, or special occasions. Add an instant dash of elegance to an outfit by gently spraying a bit of this fragrance over it, or lightly dab on strategic points of your skin for maximum effect.

Its vibrant collection of white blossoms, paired with the sweet gourmand base notes makes it an ideal fragrance to use in colder seasons like fall or winter. Here, it’s perfect for casual daytime wear or the earlier mentioned nighttime activities.

3. Lancome O De Lancome

This fragrance is an ode to spring mornings and its glistening dew. This reverence is visible in its beautiful crystal bottle, which is embossed by signature Lancôme roses and the trademark “O,” the clarity allowing the luminous wintergreen perfume inside to shine through.

Citrus takes precedence in this dazzling fragrance, with bright top notes of lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, sweetened with a touch of honeysuckle, transitioning into fresh herb middle notes of basil, coriander, rosemary, and jasmine.

The fragrance then dries down into a quiet glen in the woods, with base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and oakmoss. The scent of bergamot is quite dominant at the beginning––something citrus fans will love––but the woody oakmoss is what lasts long after the perfume dries out.

This fragrance is an instant favorite for women who adore citrus scents or have an innate love for greenery. Its blend of citrus and herbs make it a great option for women who aren’t partial to overly sweet, florid, and fruity fragrances, especially for teenage girls looking to create their own unique fragrance identity.

This is also a wonderful scent for women with a love for the outdoors, or who love to take the freshness of the outdoors with them wherever they go. Women looking to take a break from modern floral perfumes could also find this fragrance a happy addition to their daily roster––especially for spring, summer, and early autumn.

4. Lancome Idole

Idôle is a chypre fragrance from Lancôme that incorporates a surprise fruity twist. Its bottle is a vision of stately elegance: Tall and sleek, with a structured steel topper. The pink perfume inside can clearly be seen, giving the bottle a more aesthetic look.

Idôle opens with the rich and lively scent of pear, along with zesty bergamot. It then transitions to luxurious middle notes of Indian jasmine, Rose de Mai, and Turkish Rose that is created and available exclusively for Lancôme.

The fragrance then dries out with white musk and warm, sweet vanilla. The perfume immediately gives off a powdery scent of roses and citrus, softened by juicy pear notes. This is then accompanied by more of those sweet floral notes, making for a youthful and playful scent.

Its rosy scent and bright, fruity notes make this scent an ideal one for women who are constantly active but want to smell mysterious and sweet, but also fresh at the same time.

Due to the mix of fresh florals and sweeter notes, you’re best off wearing this fragrance during the fall, spring, and summer. Here, you can wear this one either during the day or, better yet, at night. This fragrance contains some sensual, playful elements, making it great for dates or nights out.

5. Lancome Miracle

This fragrance looks cute and simple, with its sleek, clear blush glass bottle, but packs a lively zest of fragrance that is sure to surprise and enthrall. It opens with sweet and exotic lychee paired with fresh freesia in the top notes, followed by spicy pepper and invigorating ginger, jasmine, magnolia, and mandarin orange in its middle notes. The fragrance then dries out with more jasmine, then musk and amber.

It is said that there are miracles in every day; adding a spritz of this fragrance by Lancôme is sure to add a miraculous element to your day. Its inclusion of spices and exotic oriental fruit lends it a lively and fruity profile that is at the same time alluring and mysterious, especially once the fragrance settles into its musky base notes. 

This perfume is ideal for women who like their scents a touch fruity and also aquatic. Upon first application it comes off as bright and crisp, a great scent to start an early day. Miracle can also be a good perfume for women of any age: a young girl in her first foray into fragrances, a young woman with a peppy, lively countenance, or a mature woman who prefers a bit of spice in her life.

This fragrance is perfect for day and nighttime wear, especially when the temperatures are on the lower side. But in all honesty, this is a fragrance that will work great all year round.

6. Lancome Poeme

Launched in 1995, Poême has since become one of Lancôme’s classic fragrances. Like any great poem, it doesn’t adhere to a strict structure. Instead of top, middle, and base notes, it uses fragrance notes that waft alternately like a pleasant echo. The bottle itself is a marriage of contrasts, with curves and straight lines, frosted and clear glass, with the honey amber liquid peering from within. 

The fragrance weaves and interchanges between Himalayan blue poppy, datura, narcissus, peach, plum, black currant, bergamot, green notes, and mandarin orange. It also gently weaves in mimosa, vanilla flower, tuberose, mysterious ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, freesia, rose, heliotrope, and leather.

Then, in the background, the warmth of amber, musk, Tonka bean, and cedar make themselves quietly known. Despite the bounty of floral notes, this perfume smells surprisingly creamy and almost a little narcotic, with the musky base notes balancing out the flowers.

This fragrance is strong and willful, a great signature scent for older women who know exactly what they want and are not at all demure about it. With its many floral notes, this fragrance is almost akin to a spectacular garden filled over the years with an assortment of exotic flowers.

Its floral potency might make you think it’s not an ideal choice for the colder months, but it will actually work great all year round. Throughout the year, this fragrance is a great choice for the office or weddings and parties.

7. Lancome Tresor

Launched in 1990 as an oriental floral fragrance, Trésor has grown to become among the best Lancôme fragrances for women. Translating to “Treasure,” this fragrance comes in a beautifully ridged glass bottle reminiscent of a wild hive, with the amber honey visible from within. 

But what of the scent? It opens with vivacious fruits and florals: top notes of peach, bergamot, pineapple, apricot blossom, rose, lilac, and lily-of the-valley, into middle notes or more rose, iris, jasmine, and heliotrope. It dries down with the fruity, yet warm and sweet base notes of peach, apricot, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.

Its fruity intro gives it a comforting scent of stewed fruit upon the initial spray but evades gourmand territory right as it approaches the musky base notes. This prevents the scent from becoming overly sweet or cloying.

This treasure of a fragrance is known for its depth and complexity, making it an ideal scent for a woman who shares similar qualities. Its scent also evokes a sense of retro nostalgia, making it a great gift idea for women in your life who adore the mod sensibilities of yesteryears. The fragrance is also quite woodsy and bookish, which makes it a great gift for women in the academe.

This scent is a good one to wear for work or school, leaning more towards colder seasons, but can be pulled off in warm weather given that the conditions aren’t too sweltering.

8. Lancome Hypnose

This sultry fragrance was introduced in 2005, which moved Lancôme into the 21st century. The gorgeous bottle takes its inspiration from the curves of a woman’s body, with its distinct shape and deep color making it an instant standout on perfume shelves.

Hypnôse is oriental, sunny, and woodsy, with touches of gourmand sensibilities peppered throughout. It opens with a top note of passionflower, which is then followed by middle notes of garden-fresh jasmine and gardenia.

The scent is then rounded out by base notes of creamy-sweet vanilla and woodsy vetiver, giving it a deep and sensual finish. Despite the lack of lemon or citrus, this perfume comes off surprisingly lemony, but leaning more into creamy territory rather than exceedingly tart.

Best worn on cold, winter evenings, this fragrance can also work in nighttime events, provided that it isn’t amid sweltering heat. Older women looking to exude a sultry aura may find this perfume irresistible, with vanilla adding warmth to its passionate floral medley.

Younger women looking to try new, more adventurous scents may also find themselves attracted to this perfume, as it also makes a great lifelong addition to a daily perfume roster. With such a timeless fragrance, you can’t really go wrong, no matter who you are.

9. Lancome Magie Noire

Translating to “Black Magic,” Magie Noire’s irresistible fragrance will cast a spell over anyone who is daring enough to spritz it on. This bewitching concoction comes in a clear glass bottle with “Magie Noire” laid out in gold type. 

This golden elixir, like anything truly magical, doesn’t follow the conventional formula of top, middle, and base note development. Instead, its fragrance follows the figure eight, also an eternity symbol, moving and swaying opposite itself before coming back to the beginning.

This intoxicating brew opens with galbanum, cassis, hyacinth, sultry Bulgarian rose, tart raspberry, and bergamot, before swerving into rich honey, narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, onto woodsy cedar, orris root, mysterious ylang-ylang, jasmine, and tuberose.

It then makes a turn into an enchanted forest of oakmoss and spices, with musky civet, incense, patchouli, mystical amber, sandalwood, vetiver, and myrrh. Its green scent isn’t so fresh as it is more heavy and earthy, with a bittersweet note reminiscent of dark honey.

This enchantingly fragrant potion is perfect for women looking to incorporate some magic into their lives. Young women may be drawn to its earthy green notes that are so markedly different from the cloyingly floral scents of modern perfumes for women. Meanwhile, older women might find a strange familiarity with this mysterious fragrance with its woodsy balsam notes.

This lovely scent is perfect for cooler seasons like autumn and winter and is best appreciated for night time use. Of course, it will also be great during the day as well, but it just has that little something to it that makes it feel at home during the night.

10. Lancome La Nuit Tresor

Lancome La Nuit Tresor is the nighttime version of the earlier mentioned Tresor. This perfume was introduced in 2015 and managed to capture the hearts of anyone who smelled it.

The top notes are pear, tangerine, and bergamot. The middle notes are vanilla orchid, strawberry, black rose, and passionfruit. The base notes are praline, caramel, litchi, patchouli, vanilla, incense, coffee, licorice, coumarin, and papyrus.

The opening of La Nuit Tresor is a sweet one. Hints of sweet fruits, paired with the many gourmand notes found in the base create a truly addictive and sensual scent. These sweet notes are balanced out a bit by some fresher florals. However, these florals only add to the sensual feel of this fragrance.

When this fragrance starts to dry down, some of the fruity notes start to fade away, leaving you with a scent of vanilla, praline, and caramel. These are sweet and soft, managing to be strong, but not cloying.

Due to the sweet scent of this fragrance, you’re best off wearing it during the fall and winter. Here, it’s perfect for casual daytime wear, but it works even better at night. Maybe wear this one on a date or night out.

11. Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose

Trésor Midnight Rose is a Parisian romance encapsulated in a bottle, itself a monument to late-night romance with its sleek countenance, dark purple ombre base, and purple satin rose perched upon the topper. 

This romantic fragrance begins its story with passionate top notes of rose and raspberry, and crescendos into middle notes of spicy pink pepper, cassis, jasmine, and peony. Sweet vanilla leads the base notes, followed by warm musk and refreshing Virginia cedar.

The combination of sweet and tart, followed by fragrant, woodsy warmth evoke a dash of excitement followed by tranquil comfort. The pink pepper dominates upon the first whiff with its pleasant smokey warmth, but juicy rose and raspberry begin to emerge after the heat dries down. 

Trésor Midnight Rose is clearly a fantastic date night fragrance for a romantic woman, but its versatility and lasting fragrance also makes it ideal for any woman who likes a touch of romantic aura. While the depth and woodsy notes of this fragrance may not make it very appealing to teenage girls, more mature and adventurous women can be drawn to its complexity.

The peppery notes are what gives this perfume a unique boost of smokiness, making it a great night time or cold season scent. Whether you’re just looking for a sensual and romantic nighttime fragrance, or signature fragrance for the colder months, this could be the one.

12. Lancome Tresor In Love

Lancome Tresor In Love is yet another flanker of the popular Lancome Tresor. This time, it’s much more fruit-forward with only some floral notes in the background.

The top notes of Lancome Tresor In Love are nectarine, pear, pink pepper, and bergamot. The middle notes are rose, peach, violet, and jasmine. The base notes are musk and cedar.

The opening of this fragrance immediately introduces you to a sweet scent of fruits. Hints of nectarine and pear are on the forefront, balanced out by a slightly fresher scent of bergamot.

Shortly thereafter, you can start to pick up some very faint floral notes. These floral notes add a nice layer of freshness to the fragrance without overtaking the fruity aspects. The fruits will always be at the forefront, but there are a few nice undertones present, making for a dynamic and complex scent.

With such a fruit-forward scent, this fragrance can really be worn all the time. It’s sweet enough to pierce through the lower temperatures and it’s fruity enough to not be cloying in the warmer temperatures.

Throughout the year, there really is no going wrong with this one. However, the sweet scent does tend to be even nicer in more romantic settings such as dates.

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