6 Best Violet Fragrances For Men

Violet fragrances are fairly interesting fragrances, especially when worn by men. Floral fragrances are often associated with women’s perfumes, but there are so many nice ones for men. Here are the best violet fragrances for men!

What Is The Note Of Violet And How Does It Smell

The note of violet is a floral fragrance note, often used as a supporting note. When we’re talking about the note of violet, it is important to know that there are two different violet notes. First, you have the note of the violet flower, which has a somewhat earthy, powdery, and fresh scent. Second, there is the note of violet leaves, which has a green and even somewhat metallic scent.

Both these notes come from the violet flower, but both provide a fragrance with a different scent. Unlike what most people think, floral fragrances, or floral notes in a fragrance, don’t have to be for women only. There are many, many different men’s fragrances that perfectly utilize a floral note. And that’s also the case for the note of violet. Below are some of the best violet fragrances for men, in no particular order!

1. Byredo Mojave Ghost

Scent: Byredo Mojave Ghost is a beautiful and somewhat mysterious fragrance with a light, floral scent. This fragrance opens with a soft and fruity scent of what seems to be pear. Added to this is a floral undertone, consisting of violet and magnolia. These florals add a light and fresh scent to the fruity opening, providing you with an airy, mysterious, and overall gorgeous scent. The base of this fragrance adds some woods, however, these go quite unnoticeable. You mainly get this soft, floral scent.

Notes: The top notes of Byredo Mojave Ghost are sapodilla and ambrette. The middle notes are magnolia, violet, and sandalwood. The base notes are cedar and ambergris.

Best for: Byredo Mojave Ghost is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the spring and summer. This fragrance has an airy, light vibe to it, which could be a little too weak for the colder months. However, during those warmer months, this is such a fantastic fragrance to wear to pretty much any occasion. It’s great for casual wear, it’s subtle and safe enough to wear it to the office, and it’s mysterious enough to wear to a festive event.

2. Christian Dior Fahrenheit

Scent: Christian Dior Fahrenheit is a very interesting and bold fragrance. This fragrance opens with a scent of gasoline, mixed with a fresh, aromatic scent of violet leaves. Shortly after this opening, hints of leather can be detected, adding to the boldness of this fragrance. Every now and then, you can also notice a faint hint of cucumber. Overall, this is a very polarizing fragrance. You either love it, or you hate it. But if you do love it, this is a fantastic fragrance with a subtle hint of violet.

Notes: The top notes of Christian Dior Fahrenheit are cedar, nutmeg, lemon, hawthorn, chamomile, bergamot, mandarin, and lavender. The middle notes are violet leaves, sandalwood, cedar, carnation, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, jasmine, and nutmeg. The base notes are musk, patchouli, amber, vetiver, tonka bean, and leather.

Best for: Christian Dior Fahrenheit is a great fragrance to wear during the fall and winter. The scent of this fragrance is quite strong and would be way too overpowering when worn during the warmer months. Due to the boldness of this fragrance, it might not work during ta formal occasion, however, this makes for a great casual fragrance, perfect for both the day and the night. Just make sure you don’t overspray this one.

3. Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel

Scent: Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel is a fantastic fragrance with a woody, musky, and floral scent. This fragrance opens with an immediate blast of juicy violet. This scent of violet sets the tone for the remainder of the fragrance, being fresh, but strong. After a little while, some woody notes come into play, blending perfectly with the violet from the opening. When this fragrance starts to dry down, you mainly get a very pleasant scent of musk, which will linger around you for a very long time.

Notes: The top notes of Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel are lemon, bergamot, petitgrain, neroli, and galbanum. The middle notes are rose, sage, narcissus, violet, geranium, iris, and mimosa. The base notes are cedar, vetiver, oakmoss, almond, and tonka bean.

Best for: Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the fall, spring, and winter. This fragrance, although somewhat fresh, does have a strong scent to it. This makes it a little too strong for the summer. But, during the other months, this makes for a great everyday casual fragrance. This is also a great fragrance to wear to the office, as it has this slightly formal vibe to it as well. Besides being versatile and smelling great, this is also an insanely inexpensive fragrance.

4. Narciso Rodrigues For Him

Scent: Narciso Rodrigues For Him is a fantastic fragrance with a beautiful scent of musk and violet. This fragrance opens with a strong, green scent, along with a musky influence. This creates an interesting, but very nice scent. After a little while, you can really start to notice the violet in this fragrance, which, combined with the musk, makes for the majority of this fragrance. Besides the violet and musk, there’s also a strong influence of patchouli, which mainly attributes to the green opening.

Notes: The notes of Narciso Rodrigues For Him are musk, amber, patchouli, and violet leaves.

Best for: Narciso Rodrigues For Him is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the spring, fall, and winter. This fragrance has a heaviness to it, which makes it a little too strong for the warm, summer days. However, when it’s a bit cooler outside, this fragrance works perfectly. The strong, somewhat heavy scent works perfectly as a casual fragrance, during both the day and night.

5. Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Scent: Hugo Boss Bottled Night is a flanker of the original Hugo Boss Bottled, this time, with a more woody, floral scent. This fragrance opens with a scent of lavender, paired with birch, which creates a pleasant, but somewhat simple scent. After a little while, the note of violet is added, as well as some more woody notes. There’s also a little musk in the base, however, you mainly get this pleasant, although a bit linear scent of woods and florals.

Notes: The top notes of Hugo Boss Bottled Night are lavender and birch. The middle note is violet and the base notes are musk and woody notes.

Best for: Hugo Boss Bottled Night is a great fragrance that can easily be worn all year long. This is a fantastic fragrance for the relaxed, laid-back guy who wants to smell good but doesn’t want to attract any attention. It’s great for casual daytime wear, and, as the name suggests, this is also a fragrance that works extremely nicely during the night as well. You could even wear this fragrance to a date as well.

6. Burberry Touch For Men

Scent: Burberry Touch For Men is a great fragrance with a fresh, spicy scent. This fragrance opens with a somewhat minty, but mostly peppery scent of violet. When this fragrance starts to dry down, the minty aspect fades away, but the peppery violet becomes a bit stronger. At this point, some more spices become noticeable as well and there’s even a touch of white musk. This leaves you with an overall fresh, spicy scent of violet, supported by a nice base of white musk.

Notes: The top notes of Burberry Touch For Men are mandarin, violet leaves, and artemisia. The middle notes are cedar, white pepper, and nutmeg. The base notes are white musk, vetiver, and tonka bean.

Best for: Burberry Touch For Men is a fantastic fragrance that you can wear all year long. This fragrance is both fresh and spicy, making it work great during any season of the year. Besides being able to wear it all year long, it’s also great for pretty much every occasion. It’s great for casual daytime wear, but this fragrance truly shines as a solid office fragrance. Overall, you get a fragrance that smells incredible and has great versatility.

Should You Have A Violet Fragrance

Owning a violet fragrance is not a necessity. However, it would also be a shame to not give them a try. Like the fragrances listed above, there are many masterpieces that utilize the note of violet perfectly.

Violet fragrances can also be quite versatile as well. Many of the fragrances above, for example, work well in pretty much every season of the year. This instantly boosts the versatility of the fragrance, meaning you can have more use out of it. On top of that, violet fragrances aren’t worn by men too often, which will make you smell unique.

All in all, violet fragrances are fantastic. They smell great and unique and they’re pretty versatile as well. I’d recommend you take a look at your current collection and see which of these fragrances above would fit in perfectly!

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